Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trying something new...

Normally I publish my posts through Windows Live Write and have NO PROBLEMS at all...not a single one...but...so many of my friends are having problems posting through Blogger so I thought I'd give it a try this morning.
So hang in there with me if this post is a jumbled up mess - frustration is not my friend...I give up too easily in some areas if it's a problem.

If some of you remember my last living aunt is very ill...well, she's ill, but not in a nursing home or hospital - she's living at home and my brother and sister in-law are her caregivers and basically pulled up stakes and moved in with her until her time her is done.
The hospice nurse said possibly a month - but being around Aunt Eve you would think longer.

Doug and I try and go there a couple times a week and relieve them so they can get some alone time as she can't be left alone so they are at the house either one at a time or together.

Yesterday we went for a visit and we all had a pizza supper and a good time chatting.
Normally Aunt Eve talks about old times.

Last night when we were on our way home my sil called us and said Aunt Eve said after we left that 'Ruth took the paper plates outside" - we had a laugh at that but it's really not so funny because Ruth was my mother and she has been gone for 44 years now  - the two of them were very close - the nurse said things like this are a sign of the end...relating to family members that have gone before them, actually thinking it is them there.
But we had a good time as always.

So far composing this beast of a post my line brakes did not cooperate with me I see....

That's all I'm going to post today as this is just a test.
For sure I'm using Windows Live Writer after this test as I had a difficult time getting photos to land in the correct spot.