Monday, July 30, 2012

Coupon, Met a Blogger and more Winnings!

Hi all…for anyone coming to the Lititz Craft Show on August 11th
I hope to see you and also I’m offering this coupon worth 20% off your purchase!

As a reminder I’m in space D-54, in the 200 block of
Main Street by Sturgis Pretzel and Linden Hall School.

 coupon for show 1

Right click, save and print out…then fill out the information needed.

Hope to see you there even it’s just to say HI !

So what did I do today….I met a fellow blogger.
You all know her as Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan

I offered to take some of her gals/guys and some wonderful Fall prims to sell them at the Lititz show and we met up today so I could get them.
We had a wonderful lunch, visit and an exchange of gifts.
Marie is just as sweet and fun as her blog and her products are fantastic and fun.
We met half way for each of us in Crystal Lake, Il.
We decided on Applebee’s but I got a call from her at about the time we were to meet saying the Applebee’s was no longer there and luck had it that I was in the same mall parking lot as her and I saw a Chili’s and said meet me there….and it was a great choice because the food was perfect.
So after chatting a bit we both exchanged gifts and then the talking never stopped.  A great hour and a half and now I have a new wonderful blog friend!

Marie gave me an adorable Pumpkin with the cutest smile and in the bag was a beautiful tin candle sconce that hangs on a cupboard door and a battery candle (one with a timer!)

Marie in car 

Karen Marie 

In Chilis 

Could this Pumpkin be any more adorable?


Candle sconce


Last week when I was visiting blogs I saw I won Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm’s giveaway…am I a lucky gal or what…meeting blog friend and winning great things from another blog friend.
You can find her here:
You must visit Carol’s blog if you haven’t already.  She is one fantastic creator and I will honestly say she is way too modest about her work – CAROL….your work is wonderful.  If anyone has received any of her work you would be able to attest to that too.
Her work is so meticulous – all details so perfect.
I received my package on Saturday and was soooo in love with it all…it’s time to be envious guys!


In the box was a set of 3 Gingerbread men – all decked out with Red checked Gingham and a bell.
And the aroma so yummy – you could almost taste them!
And…a bag of vintage Candy Canes – oh they are so sweet!

candy canes and gingers

candy cane closeup


And then the ‘glory gift’ – a beautiful hand made Santa.
He’s sporting a pure wool coat and that is a real sheep’s wool beard.
Santa from carol

santa closeup

Could I have had a better few days???  I think not!
Thanks so much Carol – I don’t want to put the Santa away ‘till Christmas.

Thanks for visiting and for all your wonderful comments.

And please, I hope some of you take advantage of my coupon or at least stop in to say hi…



  1. Well I am glad you have had something to make you smile,after all the pain you have been in. What wonderful gifts you won.Anyone would love those. Your pumpkin is too cute. Hope your show is a huge success. Isn't it so neat to meet a fellow blogger? The rapport is instant.

  2. Karen ~
    What fun meeting up with OLM! Great little pumpkin and that Santa is WONDERFUL! Lucky you (but you deserve it!).
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Hi Karen, wonderful to meet a blog friend, so neat. I agree that pumpkin is so cute and you are lucky to win Carol`s giveaway. She is so talented,love her goodies. Blessings Francine.

  4. Karen I am jealous!

    I bought a Uncle Sam on a spool from Marie aka OLM and I love it. I still have it displayed and will keep it out till Labor Day.
    chilis is a great place to eat.
    You two look so cute.

  5. What wonderful goodies, Karen! Wish I could come to your show! I hope it does very well for you! And I know it's fun meeting a fellow blogger!


  6. Hi Karen,
    SO glad you got to meet Marie/olm. She does seem like the nicest and oh my she is very talented! Glad things are going well and take care.

  7. Karen,
    Lucky you are!! To meet Marie and win some wonderful hand made items! That Santa is awesome! That pumkin by Marie......oooohhhh! I need one!
    Have fun with all your goodies! ( btw... you and Marie Look FABULOUS!)
    Cathy G

  8. First of all ~ old lady Morgan is anything but old!! How great that you two could meet! I'd love to have a bloggers' convention or some such thing so we could all meet each other! Wouldn't that be fun?

  9. How fun for you both! The pumpkin and lantern are wonderful!
    Carol's creations are always the best. Congrats on the win. Blessings~Sara

  10. Oh My, I sure do take a crappy picture! LOL! Karen, I had such a gret time meeting you & a great lunch.. Gifts such a fun bonus! I love my wonderful box of goodies! you bet to a post!
    I so love that Santa! he is wondeful!!!! Thanks again for taking some of my girls on a road trip to find new homes! OLM

  11. What a wonderful time you had meeting Old Lady Morgan! And your goodies are so wonderful :)

  12. Congrats on your winnings! Isn't it fun to meet other bloggers--I just love Marie's pumpkins..they are so expressive. I wish I could visit you at Lititz! Best of luck there!--Jan

  13. Hello Karen ~ wish I could go to the show ~ but wishing you much success!!!
    Oh what fun meeting up with OLM and so sweet that she gave you some wonderful goodies ~ love the pumpkin so cute!!!
    Congrats on your win ~ Love that Santa ~ You lucky girl!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Prim Blessings

  14. Oh Karen I so wish I could come to your show, it is a wee bit far for me though. So neat that you and Marie met, isn't it fun to meet internet friends face to face? The pumpkin is really cite.
    Love the things from Carol. How blessed you are to win that. She does do fantastic work.
    Have a great week.
    Be blessed,

  15. Wonderful post filled with bloggie friends love!
    I love your pumpkin from Marie and what a sweet win from Carol.
    We sure have alot of talented friends.
    Hugs & Joy to you

  16. What fun you have been having. I am so happy for you that you got to meet Marie. She is such a neat person to blog with. The pumpkin and sconce she gave you are fun:) Congrats on your win. I was happy to see that it was you. -Steph-

  17. Santa is so wonderful...lucky you! Have a great show!

  18. I just can't believe you are coming to my hometown and I am so excited to meet you! I will definitely be looking for you and your stand. I know exactly where you will be. I grew up riding my bicycle on those streets and the very street you will be on. My little sister was married 2 1/2 years ago at the Linden Hall Chapel which will be all but right behind your stand. My dad is president of the Lititz Historical Foundation which is located at the Lititz Museum across the street from where you will be and he is also a member of the Lititz Rotary that is sponsoring the craft show. I can't wait to meet you and see all of your wares in person! (Do I sound excxited? I AM!)

  19. neat that you and Marie got to meet. L ove the pumpkin and the candle holder. And your giveaway win was prim perfect. Love it all especially the Santa.One never gets too old to love Santa. Good luck with your show. Sure wish I lived close enough to attend. Have a great week

  20. Sure would like to make it to Lititz but don't know whether it will work out. Great giveaway goodies.


  21. Karen - what a lucky gal you are indeed to receive such goodies and also meet new friends.
    BTW, can you tell me why when I receive your blog via my email the lines are run together? I notice this happens w/other blogs that are sent to me. Any suggestions as to why this happens? Makes it very difficult to read. Have a great day!

    I want to thank you for such a nice comment...and as for the lines running together in an e-mail I'm not sure about that as I don't receive blog posts through and e-mail to know how to correct it.
    Maybe someone reading this will have a suggestion.

  23. Karen, sure wish I lived close enough to come to the Lititz Show. How great that you got to meet Marie & enjoy lunch with her - love the goodies she shared with you. And, WOW, what a wonderful give away you won! That Santa is awesome!

  24. hi, Karen~
    Meeting blogging buddies~ getting goodies~ what fun~
    Love Marie's pumpkins~
    Best of luck at the show~

  25. Karen: What fun to meet a fellow blogger! I have had the same experience recently but unfortunately they are not "Prim" bloggers. But i love them all anyway. Wish I could get to Lititz but that won't happen this year. you will have wonderful stuff and will probably sell out the first day! Good luck and enjoy it. And you can send me that Santa ASAP as I really love it! LOL You are so lucky. Take good care of yourself. {{HUGS}} Joy

  26. Karen:
    now how come you win and win and I just never win anything.. could it be that I don't enter to win !!!
    you better send in my name instead of yours next time and see who wins/
    what kind of a friend wims all and I win none !!

  27. Oh I wished I could meet all my blogfriends. Impossible since most of them don't live close. Have fun in Lititz and the candycanes are cute!


  28. Hope you have a great show Karen. Isn't Marie a hoot?? Glad you guys met up & had a good time.

    Enjoy your weekend~Becky

  29. Woohoo! Have a great show in Lititz. Sure wish I could be there to see all the goodes and meet you too! Blessings!

  30. Karen ~~
    Have a Great Show !!! I'm sending you a Cyber Hug I was just in Lititz today what a Cute town, we have plans for Sat or I would have Loved to stop by and see you and all your Wonderful Creations. Fingers Crossed for Sun Shine and a tiny bit cooler weather.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  31. Karen, Wish I could come to your show! Love all the things you shared with us..OMG! Christmas will be here before we know it......

  32. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon Karen!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Lititz! I'm officially done (it's 10pm Thursday evening) trying to finish things up! I'm exhausted and ready for bed!
    Good luck at Lititz!

  33. Oh my...yikes....I've fallen dreadfully behind here I see. :o( Hope the show went well (guess I'll see as I play catch up....) in PA??? Oh, how I WISH!!! And so fun to have met up with OLM!! Love her works....And congrats on your sweet win from the Mousemaker Extraordinaire....She does amazing things....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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