Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall is here! Only 1 day left for challenge

YES….ONE MORE DAY LEFT TO JOIN MY CHALLENGE…so far there are 43 wonderful bloggers who joined.
Their stories of how they began their blog and came up with their names are so fun to read.  Some are the obvious and some we would never guess how they came about. 
On Saturday the 29th when I post the name of the WINNER – or it could be 2 WINNERS…I will also put a list of blog links to all the blogs who participated. 
This has been a fun challenge and I so appreciate all who joined in. BUT THERE’S STILL TIME….you could be a winner of something or some things…who knows what this girl will do or how many names I will draw…keep you guessing huh?
Here’s the link if you want to join in….
There are no rules to follow…just simply post how you got your blog name and then send me the link to THAT POST.
So on with my Fall decorating.  Still waiting until Sunday to find something to put the flowers in for the brick area at the back entrance – for now I just have it all sitting on the wicker chair and ground..not bad but not what I want either.  So wish me luck at the flea market on Sunday.  It’s the last one for the year so if I don’t find it there it won’t happen.
On with the pictures…
I still need to put the Witch sign on the twig wreath on the house – and put the tall can of dried flowers someplace. Not sure where they will land as of yet.
(click on photos to enlarge them)
back porch
This area WILL NOT stay this way – just need something for height hereback porch 1
See the Pumpkin in the corn stalks…he’s on a very long stake but Doug wouldn’t let me display him any place (didn’t even want me to buy it!) so I stuffed in down in the stalks and I guess I actually like it where it is rather than just stuck in the ground. Thanks Doug!!!back light post  
I ordered some Bittersweet on E-Bay last week…3+ lbs. for $24.00 and is it wonderful.  They don’t cut it until they are ready to ship…very good quality too.  They give you a couple long vines, a few twisted ones and several small bunches. I’d order from them again.
Remember the Gooseneck Gourds from last week…I added some Bittersweet and now I like them so will keep them on the fireplace. Not sure what I’m going to do on top of the mantle…maybe nothing.See how plain they look here…Fireplace NO  Bittersweet
Much better now aren’t they?Fireplace with Bittersweet
I took double photos of some things showing the Bittersweet right after I put it out and then the next morning – all popped out!
I left some of the leaves on for some of my displays– I like it that way.

Bowl Box 1
Bowl Box 2 
The grain box is on my coffee table with the gourds from last weeks show
Grain box with gourds
Small crocks 1
Areas in the kitchenKitchen counter
I so love my fabric Turkey from last weeks show…and the corn – probably one of my most favorite purchases this yearTurkey in tin
Turkey in tin closeup
Don’t care for this but not going to change itTop of Pantry
Random pictures of the dining roomold cupboard 1 
Trencher 2
table riser 1
pie safe crow
dining room 1 
 dining room 5
dining room 4 
dining room 3
 Pewter Pumpkin table 1
 Pumpkins on pewter

That’s it for me today – hope you are having as much fun getting ready for Fall as I am. I’m finished I think (well, except for the outside thingy I want to find – but if not I’m not going to stress over it.)
The weekend is coming up fast and so is the end of September – didn’t it just start???
Enjoy and blessings



  1. Morning Karen, love the decorating of Fall inside and out of your beautiful Colonial home. The Bittersweet does add the Fall touch to everything, love the dried gourds on the fireplace to. Thanks for letting us come on in and see your wonderful cozy home, enjoyed. Blessings Francine.

  2. Everything look so Fall! I'm waiting for my 3lbs. of bittersweet to arrive...hopefully today. I wanted to join your challenge but the reason for the name of my blog is right in my blog header...and I'm computer illiterate and have no idea how to link back. Still might give it a try. Great pictures!

  3. Wow Karen...everything looks so nice. I love the curtains in your dining room. I haven't put out any fall decorations yet, I'm so far behind...but your pictures have given me the inspiration to start! ~jeanne~

  4. Love all your Fall displays Karen!
    You have a Beautiful home! Love the Bittersweet with the gourds! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Absolutely Gorgeous, As Always, Karen!
    Hummm, think Im going to have to head back up and look again. Fabulous inspiration.

    I agree, this has been a really FuN challange. I have so enjoyed reading the enteries.
    Thanks so much for hosting.


  6. Karen,

    Everything looks great! I love the touches of bittersweet everywhere! I think it makes such a fall statement. I just LOVE your dining room....every picture I see of it! Just love it!

    Enjoy your day! :)

  7. wow everything is just so lovely..
    i love fall so much..
    have a lovely day xxx

  8. Your home looks absolutely beautiful Karen! Love all your fall decor!


  9. Your home looks beautiful, love all the touches of bittersweet. Hope you find what you're looking for at the flea market.

  10. Hi Karen - It has been fun visiting each of the blog and learning more about. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do so.
    Lovin' all your Fall decorations...simply gorgeous.
    Anxious to hear the winners' announced. Enjoy your day.

  11. Your home looks very nice. I'm glad I stopped by.

  12. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! I agree with your love for the turkey and corn, they're great!! If you get a chance take a peak at pictures I have posted of my little prim apartment...can't wait to decorate it for fall soon too!! it's been fun reading everyone's entries. ~Kriss~

  13. Karen love that table setting!!!
    Everything looks Fall prim perfect.

  14. Your Fall decorating is fabulous and inspiring! I want to come visit ~ today! Wish you were close by ~ I'd even bring an apple crisp!!

  15. Karen everything looks wonderful. The bittersweet is gorgeous and adds the perfect touch of color everywhere you used it. I like the way you did two displays on your table instead of just one in the center - beautiful!

  16. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your decorations!!! I just bought some bittersweet at the garden center I work at last week. It goes so quickly around here and I made sure they let me know as soon as it came in. I have actually thought of growing it myself.

  17. Well, one thing about being a day late in getting to this post of yours is that I get to wish you a very HAPPY 49th Wedding Anniversary!!! Congratulations to you and Doug! Wow....what an achievement - and blessing! Hope you make it a point to celebrate.

    And your home and decorating are GORGEOUS! You have an amazing gift lady...How I wish you were my neighbor....I'd lure you over with chocolate and make you work some of your magic here. Not that it would be the same as working with your beautiful home, but I bet it would still be something to behold....

    Seriously doubting that I'll get much decorating done for fall - and even if I do manage some, not sure I'll manage to get it put away again. Somehow, the days are just shaping up all kinds of crazy here...So, I'll live vicariously through talented and gifted folk like you....(Should have put a drool warning on this post though...)

    Smiles & Best Hugs ~ Robin

  18. I love the bittersweet everywhere. I'm not sure if I'm familiar with bittersweet. I'll have to look it up.
    It's so kind of you to post a list of blog links this weekend.


  19. How creative you your decor...Pam

  20. Hi Karen, just completed your challenge, hope I done it right and not too late. Sometimes this computer stuff is a challenge in itself!!!

  21. Love all of your Autumn goodies! Got under the wire with your challenge. Again Happy Anniversary to you. Take care, Janice

  22. Your Fall decorating looks so wonderful, warm and inviting Karen. Love it all!

  23. it has been so much fun learning about everyone and how they got their names..can't wait to see who the winners are..I love love your fall decor..hey did you still want me to make a hat for you? its been so long..just wondering and what color etc.)take care and have a great weekend..I am always up for trading too.)

  24. As usual your home looks absolutely stunning...come decorate mine ???? I have missed you soooo much and am glad to finally be back in blogland ! Hugs to you my dear friend !

  25. I just love your home!! It is so beautiful, warm, and inviting.

    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary today!


  26. I just love your home!! It is so beautiful, warm, and inviting.

    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary today!


  27. Sorry, don't know why that posted twice! and then it just emphasized my mistake on your anniversary :P Hopefully you are still celebrating today!!! I swear, I grow a year older and lose a few more brain cells.


  28. Congrats to the winners! Wonderful fall mat! Karen, Love your decorating, I can look at fall all year long, love it so! OLM


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