Saturday, September 15, 2012

The makings of Fall displays

It’s going to take me some time before I can bring my Fall things all together but it will happen – believe me!
I’m getting so tired of looking at all the Summer colors and Geraniums – enough is enough, right???  Being our Summer started so early it has been a longer one than normal…SO COME ON FALLL – get here soon.

Friday my brother/wife came over for the day so I used my ‘charm’ and e-mailed Dan DiPaolo to see if we could come over to the barn shop as my brother had never been out there and I so wanted him to see Dan’s place.  Being the sweetheart Dan is he said yes – so just to cover my tracks I baked him a pan of Apple Crisp…it works every time!
Dan is only open Sat. and Sun so this was extremely generous of him.

I was hoping he had his Mums and Pumpkins and sure enough he did! Lots of them, and silly me with no camera!  His place was all decked out with Fall everywhere – inside and out.
I bought what I set out to buy and now just waiting to get rid of Summer ‘stuff’ so I can get it all arranged.
Oh to have an old wooden wagon or wheel barrow for my courtyard to put them in – anyone got one to spare!!!
I got one Yellow, 2 Brick Red and a Bronze/Gold Mums along with these Pumpkins.

I loooove the blue-green one. He named it but it went right out my head the second he said what it was
(remember you can click on the photos to make them larger)
Pumpkins and Mums 

Pretty isn’t it…the bumpy one is similar in color but such a strange shape.
Blue Pumpkin 

Dan gave this one a name too but it slipped my mind…something to do with drunken or bloodshot…because of the veins
Bloodshot Pumpkin

Today we bought the peachy/green one (on the right) at a Farmer’s Market.
The boy said it’s a squash so after displaying it we can eat it.
Peach and Green Pumpkin

We also stopped at our favorite shop in Rochester – Finder’s Keepers. 
I never ‘DON’T’ find anything there and Friday was no different.
Like I said in my other post – this is the year of Pumpkin’s for me it seems because I bought a hugie there.  It’s not real but looks very much so.

My poor dining room table is beginning to get over run with Fall – I have been buying it and placing it all in one place until I am ready to decorate with it – so I really, really do want to get going on it.
I also bought a faux Bittersweet vine and a large crow – had one years ago and it ‘died’ – just got too old…
Oh and the boxes the Crow is on – they were from a garage sale we stopped at first. Got 4 boxes $1 each.
Large Pumpkin 1

So then if that wasn’t enough running around today Doug and I headed north of Milwaukee to Holy Hill for their annual craft show. 
Now I will say this for the record…I have been wanting to go to this show for YEARS…but after getting in there I won’t bother again.  A very, very nice show but it was 80% fine art, jewelry and shawls/hats.

Denise who has some of my products in her shop had a booth so I bought some little Pumpkins (there I go again!) from her and then some fabric Candy Corn from another vendor…that’s it!  Wasn’t worth the hours drive and the crowds but it was a beautiful setting I will say that.
But after yesterday I really over did my discs/sciatica and tonight I am paying the price. So tomorrow we’re laying low.
Pumpkins candy corn

Candy corn
I was trying to find a place to put them to take a picture of the Candy Corn but nothing would make them show up nicely or show the size.
Candy corn on table 1 

And I totally forgot I bought this dried bundle
.I want to put it in a large crock when the time comes
Dried bundle

Holy Hill  -  quite the site from a distance
Holy Hill 1

They had constant shuttle service from the parking areas
Holy Hill 2

Holy Hill 5

Holy Hill 4

Holy Hill 3 

My basket from last weeks show ended up on top of my hutch
Wasn’t where it was to go but looks fine for now…I’ll put some Fall with it soon.
Basket on hutch 

So there’s my weekend…and like I said I’m so ready to stay at home tomorrow, cook a pot roast, sew on my orders and relax.
No running around, no decorating just staying in.

Remember my CHALLENGE…you have only a few days left to enter. There are 33 so far and I posted a picture of one of the drawing prized…ore will come.
Thanks too, to my new followers – so nice to see you…come on back and visit.



  1. Oh, my! You were a busy gal! I can see why your back hurts! Aww, I am praying for your back. Make sure you do rest then!

    The Holy Hill is beautiful! What a view! What a beautiful view!

    Yeah. I have the same pumpkin problem too. I am addicted. I have not gotten any real ones. Yours are beautiful!

    I had to laugh also. My dining room table is suffering the same fate as yours. I pulled out all of my decorations. I even have a laundry basket of them! Every day afterschool, I want to do fall decorating, but the couch persuades me otherwise...

    I will continue to pray for you! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pictures! Your blog looks gorgeous too! A feast for the eyes!


  2. So sorry to hear your back is hurting. Hopefully, a restful day tomorrow will give you relief.
    I so enjoyed all your photos. Such lovely and unique items. You'll have so much fun arranging things. Praying you soon feel better.

  3. Hi Karen, That's me...overdo it (the back) and then lay low for 1 or 2 days. I enjoy seeing the things that you pick up at these craft shows. And won't you have fun decorating your house. Yes, you are very busy but I know you like it that way. I do, too.

    Bless you, my dear!

  4. Holy cow are those pumpkins gorgeous! Have a peaceful Sunday of rest.

  5. Hi Karen, praying that your back feels much better after you lay low tomorrow. I have been to Holy Hill, not for the craft show but it is a pretty place. I have relatives in Milwaukee. Love all of your fall things and neat that you got different kinds of pumpkins. Have a good day of rest tomorrow.
    Be blessed,

  6. Hi Karen

    I hope you feel better after a restful day! I love the pumpkins you bought. I had that green one too one year, but I can't remember the name. Sounds familiar? :-) I still have to decorate for Fall. It was too hot last weekend. It feels strange to decorate for Fall when it's 30°C outside, don't you think?


  7. You are definitely on a pumpkin theme. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  8. I hope you feel better soon..
    Darling pictures..thank you for sharing xxx

  9. Love those pumpkins! My daughter and I have been hitting the markets looking, but so far, no pumpkins! So sorry you are hurting, put your feet up and relax today! Thanks for taking us to the show!

  10. Great pictures Karen. You have really found some unusual pumpkins.
    I have only found basic orange so far. My husband is supposed to get some corn stalks from up the road today.

  11. I am as green as that pumpkin of yours with envy. For some reason, pumpkins here are few and far between this year. Love your gatherings from Dan's - gee, you're making me think I have to make a special road trip down to see you and beg you to use your charm to get Dan to say "yes" to another guest....Hope you get to feeling better....I'm gearing up for some long driving....not looking forward to knowing what that will bring....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Hi Karen, loving all those beautuful pumpkins you bought, so neat. Such great Fall goodies, love the big crow. Sorry to hear about your back, nothing worse then the back hurting. Blessings Francine.

  13. Hi Karen! Sorry to hear of your back pain - just hope you get plenty of rest.
    You Fall displays are off to a fab start with so many wonderful pumpkins
    and with the wonderful dried florals it seems Fall has really arrived!

  14. I am the same way when it comes to pumpkins, I just tried to downsize my decor and got rid of a whole box of decorations only to purchase more pumpkins. I just love them!
    I love the bittersweet vine!!

  15. Hi Karen~

    So sorrry to hear the Holy Hill show was a bust for you. I love the show, but dropped out this year. Just not enough time. There are usually a bunch of prim booths there. I can't wait to see your Fall decorating.

    Have a great day. I'm off to work now.


  16. Laying low sounds like a great thing to do on a Monday. I think I might try it. What neat, neat pumpkins. I am glad you got to go to Dan's. It sounds like an amazing place. Your fall decor is perfect. I really like the candy corn you found. The craft show you went to sounds just like all the ones around here and even they are few and very far between. It's been years since I have been to a decent one. That's why I just have to figure out how to make my own stuff or buy online. Have a great day. -Steph-

  17. You had a busy weekend, huh? I have never seen such unique pumpkins. I love them!

  18. karen,

    I got 3 of the blue/green pumpkins today myself, LOVE THEM! Ed and I were driving around looking at a few houses, really not moving, just looking, on a back road, self serve pumpkins CHEAP! I got 15 pumpkins for 23 bucks! I was pulling out putunia's all afternoon, need mums now! OLM

  19. Karen you have collected some wonderful fall goodies. Love all the pumpkins. Can't wait to see your house all decorated - I know it will be beautiful.

  20. loving All your Fall!!! {and the picture of Washington is awesome! ;}

    m ^..^

  21. Oh how fun to be so close to Dan's house, he sounds like such a sweetheart! I love the blue-green pumpkins also but have never bought any. You picked up some real beauties from him!

    Don't you just get so aggravated at shows like that?! Especially when you've been wanting to go for a long time. But at least you picked up a few nice goodies so it wasn't a total bust. It looks like a beautiful place.

    Sorry to hear that you over-did. Hope you are doing better now!


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