Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Wool and Spring just may be here!

Thursday and Friday we were at my brother and sister in-laws up north for a little R & R, but it seems when we go there it really isn’t resting at all because we seem to be in the car more than not going from place to place…not much different than where we live…have to drive far to get to anything worthwhile.

My goal was to go to
COUNTRY FRECKLES ( ) in Wisconsin Rapids…Joni has the most wonderful shop.  She has so many beautiful things ( not junky things ). 
I always seem to walk out of there with a bag of ‘something’.
This time it was Wool (
but then again, when isn’t it Wool when I go there! ).
Oh and she had the rug hooking gals in too – one of the reasons I went there on a Thursday so I could get a few pointers on some of the problem areas when I do my hooking.  The girls there were so nice and some even knew me from my blog and I have to apologize for not remembering their names…something I’m terrible at.
Wool 3

Wool 1

The brown plaid on the bottom is not showing up as dark as it is – took a lot of shots but I think I got it now. It’s a dark Chocolate plaid.
Wool 9

I did get a chance to snap a couple pictures of the hookers!

This lady is making a most beautiful Owl hooking -
owl hook
Owl hooking

And this lady is almost finished with this beautiful sheep rug
Sheep hook

Country Freckles hooking class  

Joni is having a Coffee shop added to her shop – and she’s hoping also to have treats available as well.  The opening should be in a week or two. 
So please go and visit her shop, roam the huge store and then go back and enjoy her offerings in the Coffee Shop – it’s fantastic and you will see many, many wonderful treasures you will just have to come home with!

The gals were all wondering when I was going to be bringing in some of my products but I just haven’t had a chance and they also mentioned something like a Penny Rug workshop so I told them to go on my site and find a special design they like and we will have a workshop at Joni’s sometime in the winter - or sooner if I can manage it.  Sounds like lots of fun.
If I do decide to do this I will post the date and the cost on my blog and anyone who wants to join in can do so.

I finished up a special order for one of my wonderful faithful customers and got them shipped last week.  She has an Americana theme in her house and she asked for these items.
A long oversized runner
Long Americana Runner
And a scalloped edge runner
Flag scalloped edge runner
And a little tree skirt
Flag Tree Skirt

Okay…it’s a done deal…I put the door box back on and changed out the White Poppies with some little Yellow flowers.  Still not good but it is what it is.
door box final
And I put the floppy wreath on the family room window.  No more changes!

(A note:  I had this on my blog awhile back but took it off  almost immediately because I had soooo much going on – and saved it for a future post – but some of you may have seen it already. )
A few weeks ago we went to St. Charles, IL to a Primitive Folk Art show.  We found some beautiful dining room chairs, although we didn’t come home with them.  They need to be made.
When we were there for the Fall show this gentleman was there and we were going to order the chairs then but didn’t – well he was there again this time so we got to talking to him and ordered 2.  Not sure when they will be ready – he said approx. 4 months.

The Windsor chairs and accessories are built using the skills developed by the 18th century craftsmen, constructed by hand with tools long ago forgotten.

We have been looking for Comb Back Windsor’s for ages.  The finish will be Red undercoat with Black on top – it’s very subtle – barely know there’s Red underneath….and the seats, wow…they are scooped to fit you perfectly.
Don’t have any ‘real’ pictures of it.  We will put them at each end of the table.

Here he is doing his work:  Check out his site and read how he makes his chairs…all very primitive.

And the chairs we ordered

Oh my…I did mention something about Spring didn’t I????
Well remember the empty nest from my last post?  I thought mama Robin had abandoned it but on Monday she came back and laid 4 beautiful eggs.
But it puts us in a huge bind because it’s right at the back entrance and when we even come onto the porch she leaves.
We need to power wash the porch – stain…go in and out of the screen room.  I guess we may have to change the door we use.
Wish the mama good luck!
Robins nest 1

That’s it for this week…thanks to all my wonderful friends who visit regularly, and to those who like to read but not comment…All are welcome!

Blessings to all


  1. You busy gal Karen! Love the chairs, I have seen them at the show before! I didn't make to the Spring show, did you like it? I heard it was real small this time around. OLM

  2. Love your wool! We are doing rug hooking at our shop every Wednesday afternoon and it is SOOO much fun! I'm going to try to make all of our grown kids a rug for Christmas this year. Your chairs are also fabulous! Can't wait to see pictures of them around your table! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  3. Afternoon Karen, love the colors of your wool too, so wonderful are those chairs, love them......Sure hope Mama Robin is ok with her eggs there, what a place to call home.....gotta watch those kitties of yours, :) Francine.

  4. Do you ever sit still??? Hope this means your back is better. I would love a blazer from any of those wools - fabulous. Wonderful chairs and my favorite style, but my dining room is too small. Can't wait to see them!

  5. Hi Karen, what a beautiful bunch of wool you have. What wonderful rug hookers. And I love your Americana penny rugs, they are beautiful.
    Your chairs are so pretty, love your door box. Hope you are feeling better, hugs, Lecia

  6. Hi Karen. Wow your chairs will be beautiful. Seems like the birds always build at the most inopportune spots.


  7. Oh, my! So much to see! Love the wool! I wish I could come do a class and have coffee. Learning, crafting, and drinking coffee! What's not to like!?

    I really like the box on the door! I know I said that back when you were still wrestling about it! I do so like it- to me it is colonial.

    Ok, so the chairs rock! I had to add that too.

    As to the robin, we have the same issues with robins building nests in awkward places. One on the light right above our front door, so don't look up. And, one underneath the deck, so I can't powerwash the porch until she is gone. Not to mention, she drives the dogs nuts. I made the mistake of putting my carpet down early one year on the deck, came out, Bailey had scratched right through it! Ugh!

    Love and hugs to you, Karen! I am praying for you!


  8. Love the wool Karen. I know you will turn it into some amazing projects. Those patriotic mats are wonderful. I am so ready to decorate with my Americana. Wish there was rug hooking classes somewhere close to me. Would love to learn. Those chairs will be awesome. Can't wait to see them around your table. Have a blessed

  9. Pretty wool! And those chairs are going to be amazing! Luck to mama bird. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  10. Look at those gorgeous coloured eggs .... how priviledged are you!
    You seem to always be sooo busy and your post are always so interesting. I'm one of those that sometimes reads and doesn't comment, but you know I've been to visit. Hugs Sue

  11. Well I love you door box!!! People have been using them for a long time but you and I were a little I love mine. Yours looks so good. You are just over it because it isn't "exactly" what you It looks great. NO wonder you are excited about your beautiful chairs. Ti have something someone made,especially for you is just too sweet for words. Make sure he signs them for you. Have a wonderful day and I am glad you are feeling well enough to be out and about. I really like all your work. Glad you are having spring. My heat is running as we speak. After 80's this past week. Probably dogwood winter.

  12. Aww such fun busy lady..I wish I a, there too with you...
    Pretty wool..
    Big beary hugs for you xxx

  13. Oh Karen...I wish I was close enough to visit that store! The shep rug is awesome. Heck, I wish I even had a store that sells wool nearby! Love the chairs you are having made. We have several shows here where the craftsmen work during the shows making them. It's fascinating to watch them. Last year at Shaker, 2 booths away was a chairmaker ...he holds week long classes and each participant goes home with his own chair. Your penny rugs are gorgeous and I'm sure the owner is in heaven with them! ...Jan

  14. you always make me feel good after reading your I was wishing that we had a group in my little town of rug hookers....I would go for sure.....I wonder if I could start all your wool.....we had a nest on our front porch last year...and they all made it out....flew away when my hubby opened the door to snap a picture....we knew it was going to happen soon....because they were all too big for the little nest...they grow so fast....enjoy your bird watching.....can't wait to see some pictures....

  15. Oh my! Those chairs are wonderful!!
    I love the Patriotic items you made as well!!

  16. Oh those new chairs are going to be something special! They will be fabulous in your home. I have the same problem finding "just the right thing" for my front door this time of year....right now it is bare. Boo! I will keep trying! I hope you are right about spring almost here...being only one town away from you, it is kind of gray today and not quite 50. At least the rain is giving our poor area a break!! Happy days!

  17. Love your new wool, Karen! Beautiful!
    The chairs are also, beautiful.
    The American penny rugs you made are SWEET! I would Love to learn to make a penny rug. It's on my long to do list! Take Care and Have a wonderful Sunday!

  18. Karen ~
    Those chairs are to die for!
    Gorgeous wools. I'm sure you will create wonderful things.
    Hugs :)

  19. So good to get to visit with you again. I have been without internet for weeks. I love your the chairs you ordered. I hope you get them soon. Oh, the lamb rug is gorgeous. You always take such wonderful trips. What a great job on the flag wool groupings. Someone is going to love those.. Blessings!

  20. Love that wool..wish there was a store close to me that sold wool and had rug classes. How wonderful to find someone that makes chairs like that. They will be just gorgeous in your home. Cannot wait to see the. Janice

  21. Oh those chairs! I would love to have some. But having them sent over to Europe would be too expensive I guess.


  22. Karen....when were you in St. Charles, IL? omg...I was just there April 2 through the 7th for the Chicagoland Antique Advertising Slot Machine Jukebox Show. We stayed at Pheasant Run Resort. We also went to the Kane County Fairgrounds on the 6th for their monthly antique/flea market. We go twice a year.

  23. Yummy wools! Love that owl with all of his texture!

  24. Wow.. I would love to go to that wonderful shop, Karen.. And those chairs.. Divine...
    The nest is so perfect but what can you do? smile..
    Take care, my friend..

  25. Love all the goodies you got at the shop Karen! I am going to get there this summer for sure!! Love your chair too. You will really enjoy it. Take care, Lori

  26. Beautiful colonial! Love seeing the robin in her nest. We are just a stopping place as they move North in the Spring, so we don't see them for too long. Your wool is wonderful! So happy you are out and about...hope you are feeling better and better every day!

  27. Hi Karen,
    I like how you find all these cute shops...I love seeing what the hookers are working on. Your wool looks wonderful! I love your door box. I have an idea for it...try folding one of your penny rugs over the front edge I think it would look really cute.

    I don't know how you are going to wait soon long for your chairs...I hope you share a picture of them.

    Enjoy your day,

  28. I can't wait to see your chairs when they are completed! I LOVE the old 1800 style chairs. They are as you mentioned very comfortable. They certainly don't look it, but they are! Looks like you will have to find another entrance for a while, at least until Mother Bird hatches those babies, bless her heart! Have a fun Sunday and great week! Hugs, K


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