Sunday, April 14, 2013

What can happen in a weeks time???

Well RAIN…that’s what…5 days of it…we are over flowing here in Wisconsin.  But if that wasn’t bad enough – we woke up to snow this morning.  But it lasted not quite to noon as there was so much water in the ground and on the ground it didn’t have a chance.

Here’s what we had this week in our town – flooding!  These are the good areas– we could not get near the bad areas.
The water usually flows easy over the dam but this week it’s rolling and churning.

(remember you can click on pictures to make them bigger)
Echo lake 1

This is someone’s yard
photo (8)

Normally this area is closed off during flooding season…it always goes across the road.
flooding 2 

Spring is being kind and going on as usual in other areas like this Robin’s nest right at our back door (the only door we use). It’s so perfect – nature is such a wonder.

Birdsnest 1

Birdsnest 3

Birdsnest 2 
I doubt if mama will be back as it’s too busy in this area – but she has done it before there but the last time it was on top of the light by the wreath.
But this is all the good I can say about our Spring here…makes me wonder if it will ever arrive as our temps just can’t get past 37-38.

So what else have I been doing this week…again not a whole lot during the week but yesterday (Saturday) I looked on the internet for some antique or craft shows and found one at the same place in IL as the craft show we went to a couple weeks ago so off we went on a quick jaunt and a quick jaunt turned into almost double time as we did not believe the GPS….and headed down the wrong highway and ended up 45 minutes west of where we were to be.  Guess we have to start believing the ‘lady in the box’.

I didn’t find anything fun as far as antiques as it was a very disappointing show. Lot’s of vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, war memorabilia – stuff like that…nothing household or fun.
But….I did see a couple of wool blankets in a box on the floor and the lady came and said anything in that area was $10 each.  Well I had been looking at these 2 wool blankets for $28 each…took them both!!!  Could not leave them there for $10 each as there is lots of good wool for Penny Rugs and Rug Hooking.
I especially liked the Ivory/Tan one.  I thought the stripes would work up nicely in a hooked rug – giving it some depth with the 2 different Ivory/tans.  And it’s huge!!!
tan blanket

And this awesome huge Army blanket
army blanket 
Over the past year I had purchased lots of this great Army blanket wool from Margie (Hungry Hook Primitives) but I’m thinking she must be all out by now…lol
I will wash these and make sure they are free of ‘stuff’ though….who knows, right?

And at the beginning of the week I received a sweet little package from Danice from
I had won her Nodding into Spring Giveaway.
The cutest little felt chick on a spring nodder and an adorable Penny Rug…and she also put a bundle of potpourri as a surprise!
THANK YOU DANCIE…I love it all.
from danice

Today after church we went grocery shopping and as we were carrying them in the house we got a call from our friends from Janesville – they wanted us to meet them for lunch someplace in between them and us so we jumped at the chance.  They chose a Japanese place in Delevan but it didn’t open until 4 pm which we didn’t know until we arrived so they suggested going across the highway to Lake Lawn Lodge.
This place has been an icon forever but closed a few years ago and re-opened last summer again.  For this we were happy as it is also a golf course – well basically a resort.
We had a long enjoyable delicious brunch and great company.
We got together with them at Christmas time over here – which is normally the only time we see them each year.  So this call was great!   And it was Charlie’s 72nd birthday today.
Us with Helen and Cahrlie

This was the view from our table…imagine how pretty in the summer and not this cold, cold lake
view from table

That’s it for me this week!



  1. Its rainy and cool here! And I thought I was cold until I read how cold you have it! It is in the 60's here but still chilly!

  2. Oh my goodness that's a lot of rain. My cousin in MN still has snow and it seems no one is really having a warm spring. Good deal on the blankets!

  3. That's alot of rain, Karen..! I have a bird's nest every year too at my door on top of the light. Makes a mess, too :)

    Good job on your wool finds..and your lunch looks like a really fun time. I love the spontaneous calls to meet up with friends!

    Have a great week, my friend..

  4. love the nodder, great buy on your blankets, and spending time with your friends, flooding is terrible, hope all goes well for everyone, have a great week!

  5. Oh no Karen,
    I hope the rain stops and dries up soon.
    Wonderful blankets at awesome prices!
    Love your win from Danice.

  6. Wow, you really have been overly blessed with rain. We got a little today and once again the temps were cool but not enough for heat. Just a damp, cloudy day. Mr. P. cleaned the fireplace after services and brought in the fire screen I use for summer and declared Spring had finally arrived. However I changed the bed and once again could not give up the flannel sheets. {smile}. Looks like you had lunch at a beautiful place. Such fun to get together with friends. Glad you found the blankets. Can't wait to see what you create with them. Hope you have a blessed week ahead.

  7. What a great bird next...its amazing some of the places they make them...I have started keeping the nests from the trees once the family has vacated it...some are constructed masterpieces! I hope the rain stops for you soon. Take care.

  8. Hi Karen, You really do have some flooding in your area!!!!! Wow! I rained pretty much all last week here but today turned out to be sunny and 50. We'll take it! It has been so cold, windy and rainy. I love the wool you were able to pick up at such a resonable price. Bargains are Bargains!!!!!

    Karen, I was sorry to hear about your back (in your last post). I was hoping the first surgery would be the one and only. I have been thinking about you and saying many prayers for you. I was almost in tears when I read the last post. I hope my prayers help.

    Hope this week finds you feeling so much better.....Oh, and I want to mention ...the gorgeous pillow you made for Tammy...what a beauty and it goes in her livingroom so well.

    Take care and blessings,

  9. Hi Karen...Wow! That first pic is pretty impressive! I hope people haven't had a lot of damage from the flooding. We had a series of storms go through that downed over 30 trees in our park...just so sad when that happens. Great deal on the blankets--that's a lot of usable wool for you. When I was growing up, we used army blankets on our beds..warm but itchy! Wish I had some of them now. I hope you start seeing some Springtime is a roller coaster here..warm and then cold again. :(---Jan

  10. I hope the rain stops and dries up soon. .....
    Wonderful blankets .....
    I really Love your win....
    Hugs xxxx

  11. Hi Karen, hope it soon stops raining, stay safe! Love your wool blankets and congratulations on your winnings!
    Happy birthday to Charlie! Looks like you and your friends had a lovely time. hugs, Lecia

  12. Karen, If you name your GPS
    you will probably listen to
    her more. We have Gladys to get
    us from place to place. lol
    Love your new blankets, a real
    bargain. Hope you get warmer
    temps soon.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  13. Hi Karen, hasn't our spring been the worst? I went past the dam the other day and it was quite a sight to see. At least the car has broken through the ice lol! Jane

  14. I'm laughing...I don't listen to the "lady in the box" either. I still look at a paper map! When I go places new...I just plan on getting lost. I've found some cute places that way. Yes, Wisconsin has been WET. In Marathon Co. it is wet, cold and icy. Blessings from Ringle.

  15. What a wonderful view while you are eating! I love to eat where there is I once took candles and a table covering to Kentucky Fried Chicken. (I was meeting some friends who loved that chicken there)

  16. That robin's nest is gorgeous! I had a nest by my door (on top of the light) and it was hard... everytime we would come or go a bird would be darting out and ALWAYS scare me.
    Hope it warms up for you this week!

  17. Sounds like you have been busy!! I wish a bird would nest on my porch!! Love old wool army blankets also, that rain and flooding is crazy. Waiting for the cold to move out and spring to come here also!!

  18. hi Karen! thought id check in with you before i started getting busy.. another snowy day here, its in the 30s so its heavy snow. i dont know how much more my old garage in the garden can take... i see you have lots of water! thats next here too. yuk! i hope it starts going down for you guys. so scary and lots of side effects from high waters. love the nest on your wreath! your right its so perfect! those robins are perfectionists when it comes to building their nests. glad you got out and you did find 2 wonderful blankets!! i love wool blankets! so much possibility! nice treasures you won! fun fun! and its great to jump at a chance to meet with friends! enjoy your day Karen i hope the weather settles for you..

  19. Oh...I love Army blankets! You just can't get that great color anywhere else! Wow that's a lot of rain...but better than snow for sure.
    Have a great week!

  20. Flooding can be scary. I've seen lots of it here in NC mountains. Hopefully it will dry up soon and become warm and sunny for you!
    Love the blankets. I pick them up where ever I can find them. I have my Dad's old army blanket but that one will never be cut up!

  21. WOW, that flooding is terrible for so many people. Your header picture is beautiful! Just love it. Stay safe over there, Dawn

  22. Hi Karen,
    Our spring sprung late this yr. too, but we are supposed to get a big bad storm in a day or two. Expecting some flooding nearby here too.
    Love the colors of your blankets!Can't wait to see what all you make w/them. I've ordered from Margie too and she's a sweetie!
    Hope your back is healing well and you're not overdoing it!

    Prim hugs,
    P.S. love the table setting in your heading pic!

  23. Hi Karen,
    I haven't seen that much flooding in our area yet. Be careful.
    Awesome wool finds at a great price.
    Speaking about awesome ~ wonderful goodies you won ~ that chick is adorable.
    Today it was nice seeing some sunshine. So sad ~ it doesn't look like it's going to last ~ ugh.
    Prim Blessings

  24. hi Karen....we got all your rain here too....I think it came over lake Michigan from your place....our road was closed early in the week....I keep saying I came back a few weeks to early.....sunday we had the snow too.....nothing stuck though....looks like spring is on the way....

  25. Hello Karen-
    We haven't had any flooding in our area, we did have a lot of snow over the weekend.
    So ready for this crazy wether to be over with. Though the temps were in the 50's yesterday.
    Awesome wool blankets.
    Hope your back is feeling better. Take Care!

  26. Hi Karen
    Worried about the rain coming Wednesday night through Thursday !

    Love the blankets. I always look but haven't been able to find them. To think when I was younger I watched my mom get rid of stuff like this. (I even got rid of one myself years before I was into wool when she went into the nursing home dumb.)

    Looking forward to some spring!


  27. Hi Karen,

    Oh how awful for the folks affected by the flooding! We are due for rain again tomorrow, actually thunderstorms. But we've had some beautiful days the last few.

    I can imagine how excited you get to find those wool blankets for all the wool work you do!

    Have a great week, Karen!


  28. Karen, Though it's so wet outside, sounds like you had a terrific week.

    The blankets you got will always come in so handy. I'm leaning toward the tans these days. Don't know why....think they're so pleasant and calming in color.

    It's sprinkling outside. Am alright with this...better than snow. Brrrrr.
    Our Spring seems to be pretty much on schedule this year as last year it was 6 weeks early. Loved that!

    Have a wonderful life,


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