Monday, April 8, 2013

Some of this some of that!

Not sure what to post about this week – not too much exciting a life I live.

The rain is coming down in buckets this morning and it’s dark – so happy it isn’t snow though.  But we are to get some of that this week but I doubt it will stick as it’s so wet now.

Went to visit my step dad yesterday before going to a cousins supper and he showed me a picture of my mother – one I didn’t even know or possibly didn’t remember, existed. 
It’s so lovely I almost cried.  Boots asked me if I wanted it and I immediately said yes then saw his face and then said NO…IT’S YOURS!  I will take it home and scan it and bring it back…he smiled!  He’s such a dear man. Mom has been gone now for 45 years…a lifetime it seems as I was just 24 when she passed.

I’m guessing this is her graduation picture. Oh but I do remember her heart locket – I wonder what ever happened to that.  I never got a remembrance of her so maybe my sister got it…she got her rings I know that.

I’m thinking of maybe taking this someplace to see if they can restore the cracks…I don’t want to make the cracks worse and I know he would not know what to do with it.
Mothers graduation picture

A couple weeks ago we went to a show and I found a few items – nothing exciting but it was still fun to shop

These pictures are quite large and we had hoped they would go in the screen room – the frames are so pretty done in an aged Aqua leaning toward a green.
Green pictures

I use a lot of pitches for gatherings – especially when I make Mimosa’s!
I have always had my eye on the White/God stoneware.
The little crocks I’m using for my salt and pepper at the stove.
White and yellow ware

And good Lord one always can use another sheep…LOL
This one is larger than it appears…it’s about 9 inches high and 12 inches long.

This poor wreath – I put it up here to see how it would look…I DO NOT LIKE HOW THE FLOWERS HANG OUT!!!
I’m going to have to find something to pin them close to the wreath – it looks like it’s going to take flight!
I like it much better than the door box and will like it much better after I fix it.
( I’m beginning to think this door does not need anything on it – the door box was hideous and now this is not working right )

Yellow Wreath

Then I bought a few sprigs of Spring!  Some purple things but they did not have a name on them for what they were but I liked the length and the color.
And some Forsythia branches and a couple clusters of Spring flowers to put in a crock.

These little beauties are going in a screen box for the screen room
three white plants

See how pretty two of them look in the screen box…can’t wait to get the screen room ready for use although we have used it several times since Christmas – but I don’t have the pretties out there yet.
I have to be very careful not to junk up that room – I like keeping it bare but fresh looking so I think this box on one of the tables will be all I need besides those two pictures at the top here, and my birds nest that I keep on the coffee table.  Won’t need any more ‘stuff’ out there.

Screen box

On Good Friday last week we had Darren/family and Brett/family over for lunch and gave the little ones their Easter baskets.
Mirand – who is now crawling as of yesterday:
Miranda 2
Grandma and Miranda

Aidan 1

Em and Joe:  I can’t believe how big these two are getting! 15 and 13 already.
Em and Joe

Kids sent this Easter picture of Miranda and Aidan:
mirand and aidan easter 

I wish I had something fun to post here for you all – some new things happening but there just isn’t.

Hopefully going up north the end of the week to my brother’s place.  There’s a few Open House’s in Tomah and then I want to get to Wisconsin Rapids to Country Freckles.  She has lots of new hooked rugs and wool in.

I’ve been getting out more lately – the pain is still the same but I’m pushing myself to do more and that aggravates it but I’m so tired of ‘not doing’ things I want.
I’m finally able to drive – what a freedom!  And so the first thing I did was head to Kohl’s and look for some summer clothes. 
I’ve lost quite a bit of weight over the last several months and nothing fits now.  I’m counting on NOT PUTTING IT BACK ON as I really went down in sizes.

I get another injection on the 16th so hopefully that will take away the pain for a couple months and then probably more again.  Then it will be another surgery for the SI joint which is the culprit and was in the beginning but the dr. did the lesser of the two surgeries thinking that would help…NOT!!!!


Recently blogger has not been updating the posts from the blogs I have on my sidebar…I see that some are shown as just posted but when I click on them to read they are several days prior…not sure why it isn’t updating.
I went to Bloglovin and see the current posts and then check my list and they are not the same.  Not sure what is happening.
So some of the reason I don’t get to your blog right away is because it doesn’t show a new post for me here.  But I do try and get to you!

QUESTION:  If I want to get an e-mail that you JUST POSTED on your blog how do I do that?
I sometimes see a note at the bottom of peoples blogs that says “link to this post”…but I want to link to the BLOG…not just that one post.  Anyone help here????


Blessing to you all…remember to say prayers for all our blog friends who need them right now and there are many!



  1. awww such sweetness and love around you..
    all my blessings for you always and forever..
    hugs x

  2. You sound like you are doing so well. I think everyone is anxious for spring to finally get here. We all need a little sun to liven us up.
    What a special picture of your Mom. Cherished keepsakes are the best.
    I love what you are thinking for your spring spruce ups. Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. Spring Blessings~Sara

  3. Aww! Sweet friend! So glad you're out and about...Just don't overdo it...Spring is in full swing here this week and just in time for the Masters...We've been having below average temps for weeks and it has felt like winter again...I need to get some flowers out myself..You have inspired me to do that while we are on spring break this week...Have a wonderful week! hugs!

  4. Hi Karen. Most all blogs have a little box to enter your email for following. Use the email you want the new posts to go to. You can click the blog name's link in the email to go directly to the blog or just read the entire post in your mail. I use the reading list beneath my dashboard. That's all I know!! I love the random spray of the new wreath. Lovely photo of your mom.

  5. Hi Karen,
    Your note brightened my day!
    What a darling little grand-baby girl you got there!
    And I am so sorry you have been having so much pain and health issues.
    By the way, I am just outside Black River Falls, so you will be in my neck of the woods. found some wonderful goodies there, love them all!
    Take Care and hopefully spring will find us in Wisc. someday.

  6. Beautiful pic of your mom... love to have those special pics around.... glad you can make a copy for yourself! Cutie patootie grandchildren... they must bring you so much pleasure! Our first is due at the end of Aug. and we are all so excited...
    Hope your pain subsides soon... I know you were always on the go and it must be hard for you to have had to slow down...
    We are having beautiful spring weather here today, and tomorrow it will be near 80!! Of course, it will be cooling down again towards the end of the week, but we will enjoy it here in NY while we can! Hoping spring comes and stays in WI, too!
    By the way.... great new items you just purchased! And your wreath looks like a circle of wild flowers... I think it looks really pretty!
    Have a good week!

  7. Hi Karen, nice your out and about, hope you get to feeling better.....Sweet Grand-baby, those blue eyes.....I like the wreath, need as many flowers here, still cold and the sheep and goodies, does a body good to get a few new things, Spring Blessings Francine.

  8. Hi Karen--what a pretty picture of your mom, glad you will get a copy for yourself.
    I think your wreath looks nice on the door.
    Glad you were able to get together with your family for Easter. Hope the pain starts to go away soon.

  9. Hi Karen,
    Glad you are getting out but sorry you are still in pain. When are you scheduled for your second surgery? I've been suffering with IBS now for 2+ weeks. Really getting me down. Was a little better for two days, but a little more bloating today. What a pain, literally.
    Your grand children are beautiful. What a joy they bring to our lives.
    Take care of yourself.

  10. Hi Karen, so sorry you are still in pain, I will continue to keep you in my prayers. What a beautiful picture of your mother, beauty sure runs in the family. I think your door wreath is beautiful and you have such adorable grandchildren. hugs, Lecia

  11. Hey Karen...Love the picture of your beautiful Mother! I love old photos..So sorry to read your still having pain after your recent surgery. I can totally understand how you feel and your frustration. I hope your weather up there soon gets warmer and your able to enjoy some nice Spring Days..!
    I'm having issues not being able to post comments via Bloglovin..grrr

  12. Great picture of your Mom. I don't think we ever get over missing our mother when they are gone.
    We take driving for granted. Being able to come and go as we please. My Mom never learned to drive so I have always appreciated being able to go where I want.
    Hope you continue to improve and feel better!

  13. don't know why you didn't like your door box. I liked it!lol However I love the geraniums on the table. Always have and always will. Your grands are growing. Miranda is so serious looking at the camera.Your Mother was beautiful and I see Karen there.

  14. You must be so pleased to see the dear photo of your Mom.. Now we know where you get your beauty.. smile..
    Love all your doings and praying your next surgery will succeed..
    As for the blog thing I am not much help with that..
    Love seeing you posted, though..
    Take care, my friend..

  15. Karen ~
    What a beautiful picture of your mom. You take after her {smile}. Pics of the grands are sweet, too.
    Sure wish I had the problem that my clothes didn't fit!!! Oh, I do but in the opposite way.
    Hugs :)

  16. How nice that you were given the picture of your mom. Lovely Spring flowers! Looks like Easter was a fun time at your home. I don't know about this bloglovin stuff and some of my blog friends posts don't show up...all so crazy. Janice

  17. Karen ~ So nice to hear your improving every day.
    Such a lovely pic of your Mom and such cute ones of the grandkids!!!

    We really need some sunshine and warmth ~ hopefully soon!!!
    Oh have fun in Tomah ~ I love to shop there and say Hi to Joni ~ I haven't seen her in a while.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Prim Blessings

  18. Such a beautiful photo of your mom!! Adorable family photos also. Loved your flower box!! So glad your getting out and doing some shopping everyone needs a few new outfits!!

  19. Such a beautiful photo of your mother...and sweet grands, too! Glad you had a fun day out, and hope you will be feeling 100% soon.

  20. Back pain is the worst! I had it during my last pregnancy and it just affects very single move you make... And that was only until I gave birth....not like you have it so I feel for you! I was gonna suggest - large woven twig basket for your front door.... I LOVE mine and use it every season only stuffing it differently... It has such a natural feel/ prim touch to it that I don't get sick of it. I got mine mine at gardeners supply company if you wanna check it out... You probably wanna barf at the thought of attempting yet another front door piece by now! Haha.... I just feel your frustration at getting it " just right" !

  21. F/ u: gardeners doesn't seem to hAve them anymore but here's what I'm talking about: if u wanna peek

  22. Hi Karen! Such a pretty pic of your mom...I know locally there is a photographer that restores cracked old photos...been meaning to take mom and dad's wedding pic to be restored. Miranda is growing up so those gorgeous blue eyes! I'm so sorry you are still having seems back surgery is always iffy. Al just keeps suffering because he's afraid of surgery. I'm glad you are able to get out a little more though! --Jan

  23. Hi Karen, My you sure do look like your beautiful mother. Aren't you lucky? I do hope things go well for you, healthwise. Keep taking it easy for the time being and be patient. You will be out and about again in no time. Blogger can be so frustrating sometimes ....Grrr.
    Hugs Sue

  24. Karen,
    Such wonderful pictures of spring with your goodies! We still have winter here but I know spring is coming. Your grands are adorable!! I haven't been to Country Freckles yet but maybe will venture down there this summer. It's a bit of a distance from me. You take care of yourself. I know it must feel great to get out under your own steam! Hugs, Lori

  25. Forgot to say how beautiful your mom was. I'm glad you will have this rememberance of her. Lori

  26. Karen,
    I always enjoy your blogs. I do hope that you start feeling better. You remain in our prayers.
    As far as the door goes...I loved both, but I'm here and you're there, so your view might show differently. Have you ever tried hanging a child sized umbrella by the handle on your door? The kind with the curved handle works best. You can fill the umbrella with some spring flowers and use a ribbon to tie it all together. I don't have a picture, but have done it in years past. So many compliments on it. It really is adorable. April showers bring May flowers!

  27. What a pretty lady she was! It really is a special picture.


  28. Karen, I always worry when I don't find a new post...So glad to see this most recent one. Always love seeing the 'grands' and hearing about your family gatherings. So sorry you are still suffering with your back...Hope the next surgery will make everything all better. Love the touches of Spring..I know you will find the perfect look for your door, as you do for each room. Trying to send a bit of Spring your way...Blessings...

  29. Hi Karen,
    I always enjoy your blog and love the photo of your mother. Beautiful lady... Everything you put on was pretty.... Your table looks wonderful by the way. It screams Spring and is so nice.... I hope your next surgery takes care of your problems.... I know that isn't any fun... Have a great day and Thank You for sharing!

  30. I always love reading your posts. I feel such love from you to your family. I sure hope you get some relief from pain. Praying for you.

  31. The picture of your mom is beautiful! I love that Boots cherishes that picture. I bet a photo shop could preserve it. I would have multiple, well scanned photos as back-ups.

    Oh, my dear Karen, you and that door! I feel your pain. My door is a nice color, but I can't find anything I like. Plus, I don't have a storm door and the door gets full sun. I still liked the door box.Maybe I will "steal" your idea. I do so love the wreath as well.

    AND, your other goodies and spring things are FABULOUS!

    I am so sorry you are in such pain. I am praying for you!

    Well, for someone who says they didn't have much interesting stuff to blog about, I found it quite a good read!

    Blessings, dear friend!
    Love, Heather


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