Sunday, March 24, 2013

So confused – or what is it???

Goodness gracious I can not get it together at all….I don’t know if it’s the lack of nice weather and sun shine or that I just am not feeling good yet…possibly a combination of all – ya think???  I do.
I need a swift boot to get myself motivated and even at that my heart isn’t into it.
Today was (and still is) a horrible day – layed down for a couple hours and basically pouted…not feeling sorry for myself mind you – basically not knowing what is wrong!

During the week I put flowers in my door box….DID NOT LIKE IT – didn’t like the Red Tulips with the Burgundy Red door so found some White Poppies on Friday and added them instead…NOW IT LOOKS LIKE THERE ARE 3 FRIED EGGS IN THERE.  What am I doing wrong!!!  I hate it.

Door Box

 Door box small

Then…it was time to put out my Geraniums (or something Spring anyway) so 3 of them went in the long basket I bought in PA…wasn’t happy wherever I put it – awful on the mantle – didn’t fit on top of the pantry.
So put on two different table covers and placed it in the center…nope, so it ended up at an angle on one end just like the trusty ole trencher that usually sits there…again, I can’t get this right either.

Had them like this first…added a few sprigs of Lavender but took them out.
Geraniums centered

Geraniums with lavendar

Then changed the cloth and kept the basket centered…that wasn’t working either.

Geraniums on dark tablecloth

So here’s how it ended up…nothing much different than the trencher (just in a basket). BORING!!!
DR geraniums 1

 dr from stairs     

But something good did happen!
When I was grocery shopping on Thursday last week I saw a lady in the store who looked very much like someone I had worked with many, many years ago so I quietly called out her name and sure enough it was her!
She moved away several years ago but moved back in Nov. – we said we’d get together soon…she called early last week and we set up that she would come over for lunch on Thursday…we had a fantastic reunion and now she’ll be able to join all of the others of our group that gets together every 6-8 weeks or so for lunch…more the merrier!

Karen and Shirley

When I was cleaning over the weekend I was dusting some pictures and realized that I never showed you ‘the other side’ to my decorating likes.  I’m a lover of modern ‘folk art’ and the un-mentioned meaning of what you are looking at.

Several years ago when on one of the cruises we took we got hooked on the afternoon ‘art auctions’ – many, many pieces of art later here are 4 that we came home with (the rest of the pieces are packed away in the closet) but these needed to stay out.  Three of them are on the walls in the upstairs hallway – and one is in the downstairs bath.

Very modern for this gal but if I could own 2 or 3 homes they would all be very different.
I love this artist and if I had more room would have more of her work. She’s PAULA MCARDLE.

This is the one in the bathroom…colors work for this room.
It’s called ‘COURTING’
Two ladies picture

Merrygoround picture

Car picture

Cow picture

Thanks for visiting me on this Palm Sunday (and after).
I wish you all a wonderful Easter.



  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes we put things together so easily and sometimes it just doesn't work. I do think it looks just fine on your table. I also love your prints!!
    Hope you are feeling well. Dianntha

  2. It just seems sometimes we just get into a "funk". Nothing seems to fit. I truly believe our bodies need the warmth and light of the sun. This Winter weather is dragging on and on..I think your Table arrangement is lovely.

  3. I also wanted to say hope things perk up for you soon and Blessings!

  4. Hi Karen, I think your decor is just lovely. Any of the table displays are lovely. But I get in those moods too, and don't know why. It will get better, I know.
    I think alot is the weather, so glad you got to meet your friend for lunch. I know you had lots of fun.
    Wishing you a lovely day! hugs, Lecia

  5. Hi Karen,
    I know exactly what you are going through! I want to decorate with some Spring things too but my heart just isn't in it with this weather! But your geraniums and arrangements for the door look fabulous I think! Let's pray the sun keeps warming things up and we'll feel better! My SIL spotted a robin out in Redwing MN.! I say maybe it's a sign!
    Those chairs are going to be fabulous! How awesome to have found an excellent craftsman!
    Hang in there and give yourself time to get better! It's easy to forget that it wasn't all that long ago since your surgery. It took me at least six months after some surgery last summer. Patience and rest.
    Wish we could get together and hook our rugs!
    Big Hugs!!
    Cathy G

  6. Awwww...Karen...I'm so sorry you are feeling blah...I know how it is...but, everything you did with your arrangements ( except for the red tulips against the burgundy looked GREAT !!
    Just know I'm thinking of you, as are all of your MANY blogging friends !!
    Love you lady !!

  7. Karen ~
    Just love those McCardle print. They are just F-U-N!
    Oh, your chairs are going to be wonderful. Nothing like a genuine reproduction Windsor made the old fashioned way.
    Hugs :)
    P.S. The weather in northern Ohio is no better. We don't have snow on the ground, but it is in the forecast for the next 4-5 days. Enough already!

  8. Hi Karen, your post made me smile. You are not by yourself. I can't get the motivation I need to do much either, and I haven't had surgery. Mr.P. brought down my Spring/Easter crates from the attic after service today, and they are still sitting where he put them. Kinda hard to put out Spring when the fireplace is roaring and the wind is howling outside the windows. I loved your basket of geraniums in the center of the table. One of my fav. flowers for spring/summer. Love the art. It's always nice to reconnect with old friends. I did just that over Christmas with a girl that was a bridesmaid in my wedding over 39 years ago. So much fun catching up. Hope you have a blessed week.

  9. You are so right.....our weather has been awful. With the pesky snow showers this afternoon noon, it was downright wonder you are in a funk!!!! Hope better days are ahead and hi your decorating mojo returns!!! Jane

  10. Don't be so hard on yourself Karen.
    I liked the red tulips on the door!Sometimes I do the same thing ~ not happy with the displays.
    So cool that you met up with an old friends ~ there is a gal here that stops in at the restaurant ~ I'm trying to talk her into blogging ~ she says she knows you ~ her name is Misty.
    I like your folkart prints!
    Hopefully the sun shines this week!
    Prim Blessings

  11. Seems like everyone is in the same blah mood. I am not in the mood for Easter. Too cold, gloomy and with snow predicted the next few days. Yuck!
    Love the prints! They are great!

  12. Hello Karen-
    I am in a terrible "funk" that I cannot shake. 2013 has not been a good year, thus far, and seems to be getting worse on my end. It's just one thing after another. My son getting hurt, 3 deaths in a month, my truck breaking down after 16 yrs. I misplaced my t=folder with my tax information. I have been such a scatter brain. I wish the snow would melt and warmer weather would come. Maybe I will feel better then. So glad to hear that you met up with your friend. I Love your folk art prints. Beautiful!
    Wishing you Sunny Days and Smiles!

  13. Well I think you are not giving yourself enough credit. I loved everything you did. I have heard that after you have surgery, it is easy to get depressed or a don't really care attitude. I think it is the meds! Time. You will get your mojo back!

  14. All in your home looks many times at the store I move things seems like 100 times before I like it and other times it all falls into place..this weather we need spring so bad..take care thoughts and prayers coming your way!! Have a Blessed Easter..wish we could all hook rugs with one another seems to calm the mind..or at least for me it does..

  15. Karen your home is always lovely!I have always looked to you for inspiration,and that hasn't changed.Your displays are lovely and I think perhaps it is that you just need some sun and warmer weather.Seems we are all kind of in a slump.It is so neat that you and your friend has reconnected.Hope that this week brings you many smiles.Hugs,Jen

  16. Springtime Geraniums make everything look better all on their own, but you already figured that out:) Happy Easter to you too, hope yours is filled with love and family...

  17. I've been feeling down for awhile but just try to keep going. Seems like when we have a really bad day if we just wait till tomorrow things are better, at least its like that for me.

    I like your basket in the center of the table.


  18. Wow you sure have a lot of good friends that comment on your posts! I love the geraniums in the basket...just one of those days I think. We need warmth and sunshine to warm our hearts. Happy Easter to you too!
    be blessed,

  19. Oh, Karen, I think you are having the same winter blah's I am. I just have to push myself to get motivated. I'm beginning to think there will be no Spring this year! It was so nice that you DID get a little break in the blah's by getting together with your friend. She looks like a very nice lady. By the way, your decor looks GREAT to me! :) ---Jan

  20. Giant hugs to you friend.
    Oh winter winter go away.
    Its snowing here and very pretty but so need to open up the house and let the stink out.
    How wonderful to find and meet up with a old friend.
    Love the artwork too.
    Woolie Love

  21. oh my, I think we have the same "illness", I do this all the time....lay around, looking at our home, not happy with a table can't even imagine how many time I changed my coffee table, quilts etc, and hate it....and like you, I think what is wrong with me???? I think it is the weather, and for me, I am home almost all the time, and I look at these 4 walls, and get tired of them.....also, I love many, different styles, I think that is why my home doesn't look pulled together, because it isn't!!! One more thing, when I first looked at your blog today, and seen the header, the geraniums with the red coverlet, I love it, I was going to make a point of commenting on it, really looks pretty!!!! Have a wonderful Easter ! I think the Easter bunny needs to bring me a Reese's white chocolate egg!!!

  22. Good Monday morning Karen, I love the way your table looks with your geraniums.. I love geraniums any time of the year.
    Can't believe it but we're getting snow in Virginia today.. Schools are closed and the ground is covered. We should have had this back on Dec. 25th~~~~not March 25th.
    I know exactly how you feel about decorating. You've been through a traumatic surgery and it will take you time to get yourself back to be the decorative Karen that we all know. The weather doesn't help a bit, even if the sun is shining, it's cold outside..
    I've just been "tinkering" around my house, rearranging, straightening, getting rid of some things, doing some cross stitch and trying to be cheerful about everything.
    I'll be thinking about you and waiting to hear that "Karen is back in the groove". You will be, just keep your chin up !
    Hugs from snowy Virginia,

  23. Hope your feeling better today. Basket & door box very pretty. Blessings! Lara

  24. Well, I love how our table looks. I will admit I have had trouble with my door box, but ended up with one pick in it. (Its on the Pantry) I love the pictures, even if they aren't colonial. We enjoy many different styles and that is just okay. I want to get my geraniums out soon. Always loved your trencher full. Hoping you are feeling well and just plain "frisky" soon.

  25. Red geraniums always look great...especially in a wonderfully long basket on a beautiful table! So nice to reunite with an old friend...lots to catch up on! Love all the's fun to mix things up!
    Hope you are feeling better soon and have a great week!

  26. You have a right to pout if that will make you feel better. The surgery was hard and your body has not fully healed yet. I wish I could make you all better in a hurry.
    Hugz, Ree

  27. Good Morning:
    I am patiently awaiting Spring as we got more snow last night!
    I wanted to invite you over to my blog for my Spring Auction Sale going on now! Help me clear out some stuff! If you share my sale on your blog or facebook page I will give you 10% off!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Michelle / Simple Pleasures

  28. Hi Karen, if you are still feeling a little blue just count up the ton of friends that have responded, and this is just a fraction of those that just love being your friend and care so much about you.
    I remembered having spells of feeling like that too last year with my Chemo and surgeries. I always would describe it as not being "myself" and I didn't think that I would ever find"me" again. But I did and thanks to you and others for kinds words and thoughts. I love those prints. they are very "folky". Oh, dear, I have written a book. Let me know if you come down for Simple Goods.

  29. I laughed so hard about the fried eggs! Funny gal... I DO like the basket however with pots... Prob just boring to you;)

  30. Karen, You are looking very SPRINGY! Love it! I am so ready... Winter started out so mild, but it just won't let go...ugh...
    I didn't make it to the folkart show, but I heard it was on the small side, so i don't think we missed anything. OLM

  31. Aww Karen, we all go through this. You just gotta hold on until it passes. There are some days when I feel plumb pitiful and whining about it makes me feel better... haha.
    It's wonderful your friend moved back and you found her. What a nice surprise.
    Oh yes, that art is eye catching. Very fun and whimsical I think.


  32. Oh girl, I'm sorry but I just had to laugh. NOT laughing at you at all, but these are my days VERY often!!! Sometimes I get so frustrated, I just leave it and walk away. So really, you are fortunate that it doesn't happen to you more often!! And I did chuckle at the fried egg comment, hehe! They kinda do look like fried eggs now that you say that but I still think it's very pretty! I agree with you about the red tulips against the burgundy door. I really like the poppies.

    How wonderful to meet up with an old friend! I'm sure the other girls will be glad to have her at your gatherings.

    The prints are interesting. They do seem a little modern but the darker colors used in them tones them down so they work well with your decor.

    Wishing for you sunshine and brighter days ahead my friend~

  33. karen...i have had those kinds of days too.....where no matter what i do i hate i step back and try again later.....well then it was to the point where i was just plain tired of all my old toys....(decorations) i started selling eveerything i am excited once again look, new style....and never looked you are not alone....sometimes we just have to change things up....hope you get to feeling better soon....

  34. p.s.....i love the artwork.....i think they are fresh and new

  35. I love, love, love the basket filled with those gorgeous red flowers !!! Are they real ? If do you keep them in the cold weather ? I think I liked them best in the center of your table by the way but everything you do decoratively is just awesome !

  36. Hi Karen, I am with you on the not wanting to do anything! Nothing wrong....just don't have the "want to" attitude here either...Wish we were closer....We could start a new day of "not doing nothing day"!
    and have lunch etc...By the way...Your home is lovely no matter what you do to it. have a wonderful day!

  37. Hope you feel better soon Karen. We shall hope the weather improves before long. It is drab and dull up here in Canada too. We need sunshine.

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  39. Hope you have a lovely Easter Karen. So good to see you up and about!

  40. I can feel for you...I'm there most days. My sense of putting things together is so bad.
    I do love your folk art each and every piece!

  41. Well if I could reach through that screen and give you a hug, I would! I know that feeling. I think it must be the weather combined with not feeling well. But I like the saying, "this too shall pass". :) I have always loved those geraniums on your table, whether in the trencher or the basket...they look great to me!

    Like you, I have other decor loves! It's fun having more than one! :)

    Take care of yourself, Karen!


  42. Oh, I so get that feeling. That is usually when I make my husband come a million times to look at what I did, get his opinion, and still do it yet another way.

    I liked the tulips too. Once you said fried eggs for the daisies, that is all I could see. I am sorry that I laughed, dear friend. But, I will say I do love how you finished your table, but I also loved the brown cloth with the basket of geraniums. I LOVE that long basket.

    This weather definitely puts you in a funk. I think it will improve with some sunshine! We will all feel better!

    Love, hugs, and prayers, dear friend!


  43. Height of creativity with the door. looks really amazing and even the dinning table set decorated with flowers looks pretty. Even i am going to try this at home. Thanks for sharing such creative work with us.

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  44. hello from Ukraine!! Your geraniums enspire me so much! They are great, love your room!!


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