Sunday, March 17, 2013

From ‘here’ to ‘there’ and back again!

Yep, on Wednesday we headed out to Pennsylvania for 3 reasons.
#1 we needed a getaway
#2 we had orders to deliver
#3 we were meeting up with a blog friend…reason #3 is first in my book!

Not sure why we picked now to head on out but maybe cabin fever – do you all have that right now?
There’s still tons of snow on the ground here and no sun – thought a short trip might do it.

We left on Wednesday and stayed overnight near Margie of
Hungry Hook Primitives – before heading out on Thursday for Lancaster we met up with Margie and her husband Jim for breakfast.
Our husbands are such troopers – Doug carried in a big shopping bag of goodies for Margie and her husband carried in a big basket of wool for me…lol
We had the most enjoyable hour and a half visiting, laughing, catching up on each others families and exchanging gifts.
Margie is known for her Wool and Rug Hooking and I was blessed with both -  along with wonderful company.
I got a shot of Margie as she was getting out of her car…and look…it’s snowing…we didn’t get too far out of snow country and it came down hard in spots.
Margie car 

Oh I love this gal…she’s just as sweet in person as on her blog…she’s fun, intelligent and so cute!!!!  Her and Jim make a beautiful couple.
4 of us at breakfast
After lots of fun getting to know each other better we exchanged our gifts and I got to choose wool from the basket Jim brought in.
I got an adorable creation of Margie's…her Spring Chick Pillow…isn’t it adorable!
Chick Pillow

And a cute little ‘friends’ plaque
Friends picture

And some wonderful Wool!
Wool from Margie 3

And after all that I shopped for more wool in the wool basket!
Wool from Margie 2

I had purchased this pack of Green wool from her site and she brought it along too.
Green wool

All of it together…quite a stack huh???
All wool

We intended to go to the Quilt Show at the Lancaster Convention Center on Thursday but all the parking garages were full so we shopped instead – but on Friday we did get into the show and I found a couple bundles of wool…not very big pieces in each bundle but I liked the colors
red and aqua wools

blue wools

red wools

One of the booths had some adorable purses…I bought one to use as a glasses case as I don’t have one  and it worked perfect!  It’s all felted wool.
Glasses case

I did find a neat pair of ‘thread snips’ at one of the booths.
Snipper 1

Snipper 2

Oh and two little squares of a pretty wool felt – a color I do not have but might have to buy a bolt of it now that I’ve seen it for real.  I think it will work up nicely in my designs.  It’s kind of a goldish/brownish/orangie color
wool felt

During the two days we were out there we did a bit of shopping – nothing special.
My favorite purchase is one Doug wanted…a huge long basket.  Not sure how I will display it though.  Might go on the dining room table with Geraniums or possibly 3 large battery candles and some Forsythia sprigs entwined around the candles.
basket 1

And a silly purchase but I needed pot holders so when we were at Central Market I bought two from an Amish lady.  She said I picked out ones with true Amish colors!

This candle is huge…and smells so fresh like Spring

Up at Day’s Gone By Creations shop in Lititz she had these hand made sheep –  the wool on the body is from the actual sheep he styled the sheep after.

Sheep 1

And some Robin’s Egg Blue eggs for one of my birds nests
Blue eggs

Hope you enjoyed my little getaway post…still waiting for Spring here – it will arrive I know but it’s becoming a very long Winter here in Wisconsin.

Darren sent a new picture of Miranda just before we left…she’s sure getting to be a big girl.



  1. Hi Karen
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your get away.
    I'm a little jealous, I need a shopping trip badly! ;)
    So nice you got to meet Margie. It is so fun to meet up with online friends.
    I'm thrilled your feeling better my friend and getting back to having fun!
    Miranda is such a cutie.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.
    I must say, your little granddaughter is just beautiful. She looks like she has a sweet disposition to go with her sweet face.
    By the way, how is your back.
    Homespun Elegance

  3. Hi Karen, sounds like you had a wonderful trip. And I am so happy that you and Margie got to meet. You both are so beautiful inside and out.
    I am honored to know you and call you both my friends!
    Love the pillow she made you and your candle sounds yummy. Love that little sheep you bought. And Miranda is growing and so adorable. Have a great day! hugs, Lecia

  4. sounds like so much fun, good for you!

  5. Aww so much fun...sound like a wonderful trip..
    Big hugs x

  6. Miranda looks so loveable and sweet! Nice to have a little one in the family.

    Your trip must have been wonderful! Sometimes it is just good to get away. This winter seems so long. 16 degrees here last night...snow today and about 29. We need sun and warmth.

    Your wools are beautiful and all the other things you picked up....I love the pot holders...I am making some right now for my daughter.

    I hope you are feeling much better.
    I think of you and your back quite 0often.


  7. Wow. I want to go shopping!!! But unfortunately, I'm a cheapo! You got some really nice wool colors and other goodies. Glad you had a nice trip despite the snow! Since you were on a little road trip, I'm assuming you're feeling better. Good!

  8. Oh sounds so fun! Lots of goodies! Glad you had a good trip! Hope you are feeling better everyday!

  9. Karen, it is wonderful that your back is better...Of course, healing progresses better with a nice trip with hubs and friends. Love the wools and your gifts. Blessings...

  10. So glad you had such a nice trip. I assume your back is healing well.
    Margie does have the prettiest wool. How fun for you all to get together. Miranda is a real beauty.
    And I like Doug's choice of baskets!

  11. oh what a wonderful vaca....wish i could of came along.....i love wool....just readig your post makes me homesick...minus the for sharing your trip with us all....9 more days and the grandkids get here to visit....then we will be busy with disney and the beach and pool....and i will be home in april...its getting close.....i cant wait to work on my rug again....

  12. Nothing like a good does, of wool, and friendship !!!!!

  13. Hi Karen,
    First off I love Miranda's dark hair and eyes, what a cutie! Also what a neat trip you had! Also special to meet new friends I would imagine. You got some awesome things from Margie. Can't wait to see what you make with all of that beautiful wool. Winter is still holding on strong here in Minnesota too, suppose to get some more snow tonight and so cold also! I am over it!
    How is your back? Still praying for you!
    Be blessed,

  14. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I just smelled that sweet herb candle Thursday at my favorite shop. I love the Cabin in the woods scent from the same maker.
    Miranda is a sweetie and getting quite gorgeous too.
    Glad you are feeling better and up to a big shopping vacation lol

  15. Your meet up with Margie sounds like so much fun !! Her wools are lovely aren't they ?? I will be getting the chance to meet her in April for the Hooking Retreat...I can't wait ! I wish you were coming...I would love to meet you !!
    That basket is just wow ! Beautiful and they sell those sheep online somewhere ?? I just love it !!!
    Well, now that you have all that wool...get busy hooking gal !! Can't wait to see your new creations !!!

  16. Hello Sweet Pea....Ahhh, so sorry to have been so long gone. Things have been a little kittywampus in my world.... I so appreciated your visits and kind comments tho. Sounds like you're still up to your wonderful self....I hope your back is on its way to healing and you find some resolution. I've been struggling with that issue myself these days. And your getaway has me envious....I so want to get out East some day....What fun to "hook up" with Margie! Love seeing photos of her - she is adorable!!! Wonderful gifts she gifted....I wanna come play in your wool stash!! Love the sheep and the candle too - and all your new designs....Holy moly!!! I hear we're in for another dumping of white stuff. :o( ENOUGH this rate, it won't melt until September!! Take good care....Smiles & O'Hugs ~ Robin

  17. What a great trip you all had Karen. So glad you also got to meet Margie. The new items and wool are all beautiful. I especially love the sheep :)

  18. Hi Karen, thanks for taking me along on your wonderful getaway, so much fun.....How great to meet Margie, love that and her goodies she gave, how special.......Irish Blessings Francine.

  19. Hi Karen :) Good for you getting out and going like that and so much fun to meet up with a friend. Even though you had the "men" their too... lol.
    I feel abnormal not having the slightest urge to go out in the world anymore. I guess I got my fill of it when I was younger.
    Beautiful wools and other goodies you picked up, especially that basket. I love baskets and Amish made goods! We used to have an Amish family live close by that sold baked goods... mmmm.
    Aww, Miranda is becoming quite a poser :) Beautiful girl.


  20. Glad you had a safe trip and got to meet Margie. Love all your wool and the basket you found.


  21. Hi Karen! Yes! We have cabin fever big time here! Trying to decide if we are going to go to Busch Gardens in Virginia or Dollywood in Tennessee. Anyhow, look at all of the lovely photos, the lovely goods! So pretty! One day I will meet a blogging friend and I can imagine it will be just as wonderful as your post :)



  22. First of all, Karen, Miranda is just adorable! She's got beautiful eyes!

    Glad you were able to get a needed getaway! Love all your purchases...all that wool, love it....and love that long basket....and the eggs! Great purchases!

    Hope you're feeling better these days!

    Have a great week!

  23. Hi Karen,
    Love all the goodies you picked up in Lancaster~ And to meet Margie in person, how sweet! I have bought some of her wool and just love it too. Miranda is so cute! They grow so fast~ having pictures to reflect on is the best invention man could have done, in my opinion.
    Glad you are healing well and able to go on little trips.
    Have a great week Karen~

  24. Karen, Great to read of your trip, happy to know you are getting out and about and having deserve it. Love your gifts and purchases...the sheep is wonderful.

    Miranda is a Beautiful little girl and is growing so fast.
    Continue to heal and Enjoy yourself!

    Hugs to you.

  25. Hi Karen! I can't believe how fast Miranda is growing--she's a beautiful little those big eyes. How nice you got to meet Margie..and WOW! that wool is gorgeous. I love the green bundle you got from Margie.You must be feeling a lot better if you were able to take a long trip like that in the car. Glad you were up to it. Hope the healing continues for you.---Jan

  26. Karen,

    So glad you got to get away! and to met Margie! What fun, she is such a great gal!!! So you are not coming down for the folk art show? I have to try & remember to even go to it... little forgetful these days... stay warm freezing today! OLM

  27. Hi Karen! Looks like a wonderful trip! I love meeting up with blog friends. Just spent saturday with Earlene and Cindy. Hope we get to see each other again sometime! Happy Spring!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  28. What a great trip and looks like you gals had so much fun. The wool is wonderful :)
    Miranda is just adorable!

  29. Very long Winter in Europe as well. Melting snow yesterday, freezing temps again next week, ... Spring where are you???? I'm glad you enjoyed your getaway. I love the purse, how cute!! And Miranda is such a pretty little girl.


  30. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Margie was a swap partner last year and we got to know each other emailing.
    That is one cute chick pillow and all that wool!!! Thanks for sharing all your goodies. Glad you were able to have a great time.

  31. oh what a fun getaway! short/sweet and you accomplished alot! i am getting a bit ansie in this weather..what fun meeting up with a fellow blogger! sounds like you had a great time and love all the goodies! the quilt show sounded packed but wonderful im sure! my group the cobblers are talking about heading to duluth, mn in june for the Minnesota quilters show. we did go a few years back so it would be fun to catch up with some of the shop owners we know ect..ilove all the wool you bought! such rich deep colors perfect! wools like dishes, ironstone, fabric... can never have enough! love the basket too. i have never made on that long b/4 but after seeing it on your wonderful header i may have too. never enough time..your eye glass case and pot holders are great too. we have some amish living near and fun to see their hand made goods. love the colors and patterns! i have a pair of snippers simular to the ones you bought and love them. scissors ...another that you can never have enough of! well i'd better stop and get busy now. its been wonderful catching up with you karen! oh i love love your wonderful wool mats and such! enjoy your weekend!

  32. Aw, that's awesome that you and Margie were able to meet up! She is very sweet, love that gal! That's a lovely picture of you all.

    Wonderful gifts from Margie! Goodness, you hit the wool jackpot on this trip, didn't you? Very pretty colors and I know you will have fun just sorting through them and feeling them, hehe. Doug did well on his purchase, love that basket! And what a wonderful sheep with a neat story to go with it. I would have had to buy that also.

    I can't believe how big Miranda is getting. My goodness they grow way too fast. I enjoyed following along on your trip, sounds like it was a nice little getaway.

  33. We did have such a fun time didn't we ? So glad we finally got together and cant wait till your next trip through Pa. I personally love all the yummy stuff you gave me and you are truly such a blessing !!!


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