Friday, March 8, 2013

Candle Glow…and a simple change

Being Winter is still here in southeast Wisconsin I will stay in that mode for awhile anyway – and so will the look inside my home.
I should bring out my Spring and Easter but it’s buried and I can’t get at it…it will happen soon enough though.
I love the glow of candles giving the home a warm cozy look.
I keep my lights / candles on most of the time.  Some may say it’s a waste of energy for the electric ones, but I live here and want to enjoy what I have.
So this post will be a short one and mostly pictures I took around the house this week.

First I want to show you what I did with my wall cabinet in the family room.

It has been there since the day we. put it up…never moved it and it has become ugly to me now – and the top was pulling away and I was afraid it might fall down and sure didn’t want it to happen with one of the little grand's here so Doug fixed it and we moved it.
I also have a wall cabinet in the bedroom on the dresser – was growing tired of it too – been there for at least 3 years.

Gifts 1

It won’t stay decorated like this but I only do so much at one time right now and these things were at hand.
Blue cupboard

our dresser 2 

Glass door cupboard 2

I like the changes a lot – cabinet size was not a whole lot different but the color changes I love.  Funny how one little thing like that can make one smile.

So on with the glow of candles…the candles are not real…I use all battery operated ones.
Oh and I have found that the ‘timed’ battery operated candles wear out way faster than the regular ones.  I will try from now on to purchase only reg. ones. And if they are running low and turn them on – they shut off like within a minute or so. We replace batteries far too often with those.
end table candle 1  basket candle

Candle sconce  bedroom candle light 2

hall light  light on table

bowl box light  hutch light

candle in hutch  counter candle 1

light on hutch   double arm lamp

 light in jar 1  one arm light

  desk lamp  DSC09138

I hope you liked the warm glow of lights and candles today!

It’s pretty hard to find things to post about when I don’t get out much or buy much anymore – I’ve had two outings of fun so to speak since on the mend and that’s not much.

Got something in the works for this coming week but not sure if it will materialize for me because of my back but I’m sure hoping…I need something fun to smile about.  If it does work out you will see a picture of a blog friend  who a lot of you know!

Hope you all have a happy and fun weekend. Stay safe.




  1. Well Karen, looks like you are surviving our Wisconsin winter pretty good as everything looks wonderful under a soft glow of candlelight!!!

  2. Karen, I love the changes you made. I put all my candles going and my electric ones going and the battery operated ones on as well. We are getting slammed with snow. We have at least over a foot of snow....YUCK but I am making a beef stew and corn muffins and the fire is going. We are just praying we don't lose power if we do we have a genrator that my husband bought last year and we haven't even used it,so we are set.
    I just can't wait for Spring time and to get out in the yard in my gardens!!!!
    Stay cozy and warm

  3. awww everything is looking so peaceful around you..
    big hugs for you deary x

  4. Hi Karen! Just love the soft comforting glow of candles and you have so many beautiful lamps too!
    Hope you get out for some adventures again soon!
    Keep well

  5. Beautiful candlelight, Karen! I also leave all my electric/battery-operated candles on all the time... my SIL once said that the spare bedroom she was staying in at my house looked like an airplane runway with all the candles that were on!!! She just doesn't get it! I love the cozy look of them, and your house looks so inviting and warm.
    Hope you are able to get about easier soon.... my hubby had back surgery, too, and it was no picnic.... Best wishes for healing and no pain!!
    It is snowing like crazy here in NY, too. It's time for it to stop and for the flowers to bloom!!

  6. Hi Karen, Your candles are beautiful and they make everything look wonderful! If it makes you happy then light them whenever you want. We do. I enjoy them, too.

    Sounds as if your back is not the greatest yet. I pray it improves guickly.


  7. Love all your candles. I like them in my home too.


    PS Hope you feel better

  8. Karen , love the changes, esp. fond of the glass door one, and all the lights, the glass jar one looks so good. hoping you continue to heal, and regain your strength, hoping you have a lovely rest of March!

  9. Hi Karen~ I love the glow of candles. I have many that stay on continuously, they make great night lights. So glad that you are feeling a little better to putter around the house. When I think of you I pray for you. Hopefully you will get some springtime weather soon. Blessings~Sara

  10. Love lamps, candles and their glow. Transforms a space. You have some wonderful ones. Thanks for sharing. Thanks fo the info on the timer candles. I was looking fo some for all my windows. Maybe I will just use regular ones now. Hope you get to meet your blogging friend. And with Spring and warm weather that back will continue to heal quickly. Love the cabinets also. Great colors. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Karen your candlelight is the perfect touch. Electric is so much better, I leave mine on all the time too.
    Your cupboard changes turned out great and love how you displayed it. yep...little changes help alot.
    Enjoy your day and hope your plans work out.

  12. Hi Karen, I too love the glow of candles. They make the atmosphere feel so warm and cozy. Love the flickering ones too!

    Hope you're feeling better these days.


  13. I love the cabinet redo's. I hope you"ll feel better very soon. What a long revovery! Springtime will be so much more fun for you.


  14. Karen, I sure hope you get feeling better soon. We must be kindred spirits because I leave my lights on most of the time as well. The winter is so dark and dreary but with some candles and lights it is so much better! Dianntha

  15. Hi Karen, hope you are feeling good.......Love the changes you made to your cozy home...looks so great, sweet blue cabinet......I like you always have the glow of candles on in the house, even during the day, just makes me feel good....such nice pictures of your prim lighting.....Have a great weekend, Francine.

  16. I love candles too, but mine are all scented. Usually someone comes through and will ask me to blow them out, because the scent bothers their nose. I should get battery operated candles, too. I especially like the ones that look like real flames.

  17. Warm candles glowing make all the difference! It makes me FEEL warm. Love all your prim candles and decor - I could just move right in ;-)

  18. I love the changes in the cabinets, I really like the blue cabinet. I need to find some of those candle lights, I like how everything is glowing.

  19. LOVE the blue cabinet. No matter what room it's in! I don't have any of the battery candles because I figured they would not last long, but they sure are great looking.

  20. Greetings from a fellow S.E. Wisconsinite and flameless candle fan. I love the timers and one thing we found that saves a ton of $$ is an alkaline (regular) battery charger. It allows you to recharge batteries about five times. It's awesome. It charges AAA thru D batteries. Got it through QVC. Love it! Headed to Finders Keepers tommorrow for some shopping fun! Jane

  21. Karen, I love the cabinet change. They look great in their new homes. I also love the battery and electric candles - I leave mine on all the time too. I don't have any of the pillar candles, but love the way yours looks.

  22. Love the changes you made! Also, I too LOVE the lighting of the battery/electrical lights. I keep mine on most of the day too! The pleasure it gives me plus the coziness it adds to my house is worth any little expense it could be! Hope you're feeling better! Maggie

  23. Hi Karen! You have so many wonderful candles. Love the change up of the cabinets. Sometimes it's nice to have a little change:) Enjoy your weekend!

  24. I LOVE that glass door cabinet no matter where you put it! I have electric candles throughout the house and in windows that I never turn off. I don't care what others may say!
    Thanks for sharing all the pics. I so enjoy the glimpse in to your home.
    Hugs :)

  25. I really love the cabinet changes. I also love all the pretty lights and candles. I also like to have mine going all the time too. I have a few I leave on all the time. Just my little night lights.
    Really ready for spring. I started getting the spring Easter stuff out. Easter is so early this year.

    Hope you get out and about a bit more soon.


  26. Karen, I I a few places for you to vist. Just let me get some together for you and I will email you.

    There are a few that Ken and I LOVE in Sturbridge. I don't know if you have ever been to Sturbridge but let me know, and let me know when you plan on coming! I hope you will be able to handle the drive with your back and or are you and Doug flying?? I have been praying that the Lord heals you and you are starting to feel like yourself again but without being in such pain.


  27. Hello Karen,
    Thank you for sharing the lovely make overs on the cabinets as well as the wonderful pictures around your home, I've always enjoyed your posts. Isn't it a great feeling to change out a gathering or rearrange furniture? Such a simple thing to make us happy!
    I'm so ready for spring just like everyone else. Right now we are in "mud" season! :-)
    Your take care and praying you continue to heal.

  28. Karen , just lovely changes you have made .I love all your posts . I was saddened to hear of your surgery as I know first hand what that is like recovery is not an easy road I will keep you in my prayers and wish you the best remember to rest often and never over do ...which I know is next to impossible :0) Have a wonderful weekend . hugs lil raggedy angie

  29. I agree about the candle/lamps. I keep mine lit from fall through spring if the day is cloudy. I am with you and they make me happy.

  30. As usual your home looks wonderfully comfortable and welcoming. Hoping you will feel better and be able to travel again soon !!! Hugs my dear friend !

  31. Karen, your candles are oh so pretty and what a great idea to use the battery operated ones too. I love candles too but only use the real thing as I love scented ones so much. I do like your lovely little wall sconces. Take care of yourself my friend. Thinking of you Hugs Sue

  32. Like the change in the cabinets! I have candles both battery and electric through out the house. They make me feel warm and comforted.
    Have a great weekend!

  33. I am with you 100% Karen, I always have either my electric or battery candles on. Yah, to some it may be a waste but I love the look and it welcomes me home and relaxes me when I am already at home! I also agree that the timer candles are no good, I am really disappointed with the few that I bought.

    The changes look wonderful!


  34. What's a primitive home without candles and lighting??? Your's are so pretty. AND just changing out a couple little things make a huge difference on how you see your home again. Have fun, but feel better fast, Dawn

  35. Love your candles! Do you sell them? I hope you get to go out and have some fun. My Mom had that surgery a few weeks ago too.

  36. Well girl you need to take it easy still for awhile anyway and not get out too much. Recovery is always the hardest because we are so anxious to get up, get out and do something. Take it easy!

    Isn't it amazing how different a room can look with a few minor changes? I have been spring cleaning and moving things around and I am loving the outcome! It's been very minor changes but to me it's a whole new look. Anyway, I LOVE your cabinets! I loved the way you had them before and I love the after too! =]

    I don't have near the battery operated candles as you but I do have a few electric ones. I also keep strings of white lights on my mantel and above cupboards because I just love the glow of the lights in the evening and late night with all the other lights off. Such a warm, cozy feeling. I'm like you... I don't care about the electric cost, I want my soft, cozy lights so I will pay for the electricity, hehe!

    As always, enjoyed your post Karen. Please take it easy and take care of yourself. I know Doug is doing an excellent job, you are blessed to have him there to help you. Have a delightful week, my sweet friend~

  37. Hi Karen! Just got back from a show in Virginia--so good to get out . It is funny when you switch 2 pieces around, it feels like you got 2 NEW pieces! Love your 2 cabinets and they look so pretty in their new homes. The glass door cabinet has such a warm patina. I'll bet your home glows with all those pretty candles in that GORGEOUS tin lighting. Recovering from back surgery takes so long, but it will be worth it when you can chase those grandbabies around! ---blessings, Jan

  38. Love the cabinets Karen ~ everything looks great!!!
    Oh I so love the glow of candle light!!!
    Hoping spring arrives soon!
    Take Care!
    Prim Blessings

  39. Hi Karen, I also love candles and soft lighting. Doesn't it make home so warm and cozy? I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy being inside for now and you will be on the mend before you know it! Take care...

  40. Aha, the ole switcharoo. That'll work! Your lights are all prim pretty. Well wishes your way so you can get out and meet with your friend. Hugs~Carol

  41. Love the redos... I do so love the warmth of the wood on that glass cabinet. Love it!

    I love the battery candles too. Don't have to worry about burning the place down. I do sooooo agree with you about the timer lights. They do not last very long. I only have one. All of yours look very cozy and make me cozy inside too!

    THank you for your comforting post!
    Love to you!

  42. oh yes! winter is still here in northern minnesota getting tired of taking winter photos... i bet you are enjoying the changes with the cabinets..always nice to change things a bit.i love love the battery candles..i have both the timed and the regular. i dont have near as many wonderful lights as you! love them all and they just keep everything so cozy. i keep my home pretty dark in the winter cuz the glare from the snow hurts my head! anyway so do love having the candles around. i have always wanted to go to the new england area..maybe one of these days! enjoy!


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