Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So Happy – So Sad – So Frustrated…but then again…life is good

Pineapple line art[3] Oh I get so mad at computers - I had a post pretty much done and ready to click publish and the cord came out of the back and I lost the post. I should know by now to SAVE – SAVE - SAVE.  It was one of the first things that was drilled into our heads when I was on computers at work. Save every 5 minutes or so and you will not get into this fix.   Well I guess I didn’t learn.
But the reason I lost it was because the battery is completely dead on my computer so the cord HAS TO BE PLUGGED IN - if it pops out, which it does often, then it shuts off immediately.  Except for that the computer really runs like a charm.

So here I am again trying to remember what I posted.  Don’t forget you can click on pictures to make them larger.

Pineapple line art[3] I’m starting off by shouting out a huge THANK YOU  to Lecia of Farmhouse Prims Blog. She is just the dearest lady.  Saturday I went to the mailbox and found a package from her as a ‘JUST BECAUSE’ gift - now isn’t that nice.  She had other reasons but I won’t go into it - but let’s just say she is very appreciative and also very tender hearted.  You can find her here:   http://farmhouseprims.blogspot.com/

Some of you may have already received her beautiful bonnets - well I just got one and she does fantastic work.  I love it Lecia - THANK YOU AGAIN.
I have it hanging in my hallway so I see it every day…
It’s a gorgeous Black with an Ivory design - PERFECT.
Bonnet 1  
Look at the quilt stitching on the hat part - beautiful 
Bonnet 2

Last Thursday Doug and I headed into Milwaukee to State Fair Park to the RV/Camper show – wow…so many wonderful RV’s out there – some are better than living in homes.  We were mostly interested in the 5th Wheel kind but that still took us 3 hours to go through them all - the place is huge and I wore myself out going up and down the steps with Doug's helping had of course - I would never have been able to do it otherwise.  My butt muscles were sore by evening time – hadn’t done anything that strenuous since the surgery.  Won’t again for awhile - lol  But I doubled up on my pain patches that morning so I could do it.  We saw a few we liked but won’t be buying one as of yet - I have said no to so many things Doug has wanted to do so thought I had better say yes something -  the day was fun and I needed an outing too. 

Pineapple line art[3] Sunday after church we went over to Brett/Heathers for a little brunch so we could hear all about Joe’s trip to Monterey Bay, CA.  He went there with 17 7th and 8th graders to explore Ocean life with the JASON PROJECT.
We’re so proud of him  and his sister Emily - she went to Disney World 2 years ago for the project.

Waiting at airport in Milwaukee - Joe is the 3rd on the left from bottom
At airport

On the rocks of the bay – Joe - middle back row
Rock of the bay 

I made a Blueberry/Cream coffee cake to take along to brunch - got the recipe from Pinterest (oh I love that site)
I hope you try this recipe - it’s easy and so very moist – there’s a crumble on the top but it’s hard to see here.
Blueberries and Cream Coffee  Cake

Pineapple line art[3] So what else has happened here – oh, I’m ready to send out a wholesale order but wanted to show you a couple of the items she ordered - they are new so I will now have them on my site.
I also added a few more Penny Rugs last week.
Gold Flower on black

Gold Satbox

Gold Satbox 2 closeup

Snowman on sheep hugger

Pineapple line art[3] I’m saying this with pride – my husband spoils me!  At times things go on as normal but over the weekend he surprised me with the DOWNTON ABBEY DVD’S.  We have now watched all of season One and today he brought home disc 1 of season Two.
He does listen now and then!!!  And this time a very lovely surprise came out of it.  So we both are now hooked on this fantastic series.  I never heard of it until I stumbled on to it on FB – a place I rarely go but someone mentioned it and it sounded like a ‘craze’ was happening. Who out there has been watching it?  And where have I been – lol

Pineapple line art[3]



My sadness to this post is that my step-mother passed away Sunday evening – she has been ill for the past 3 months but the last 3 weeks has been the worst.
Quite awhile ago I told the story about her and my step-dad - they basically are neither to me - but have been in my life since I was 15. 
Virginia is in the front-right - Boots is in the front-left.
Today they would have been married 42 years!  She was 91 last month and he will be 90 in May. They have been a part of my life for so long - but not related.
Yesterday morning I was sitting here debating whether to go down and visit her or wait till the middle of the week and something just didn’t seem right…I put down my sewing and said to Doug ‘we are leaving right now’ - and when we walked in I knew she was gone. She passed at 10pm the night before - he was just going to call us when we got there.  I must have felt his message getting to me or something.  But it’s a blessing. 
Boots sat by her side at home for 3 days – never going to bed or changing his clothes. He would not leave her side.  Bless his heart. He did the same thing for my mother when they were married.  So sad he had to go through this 2 times.  He’s a spry, take care of himself, on the go man…still drives.  He will be sad but he knows this was for the best.  You would never know they were 90!

6 of us[7]

Pineapple line art[3] Oh my I must not forget….I reached 1,000 followers last night and I thank you so much - I know you are not all here visiting but I sure hope you stop in now and then - thank you Paula for being number 1,000!

Pineapple line art[3]Don’t forget to go over and visit Margie at HUNGRY HOOK PRIMITIVES to sign up for her giveaway. 
Each Monday she adds a new item - and then she will draw a name for each one listed.

Pineapple line art[3]Ann over at OHIO FARM BASKET:  http://1803ohiofarmbaskets.blogspot.com/ 
She is having a giveaway too -go on over and visit her while you are blog hopping.

Pineapple line art[3]Supposed to get a good snow storm starting tonight and into tomorrow.  Guess that’s what Winter is - snow – snow – snow.  Waiting for that breath of Spring soon.

I think that is it for now - wish I had some wonderful ‘home’ photos for you all – but there has been no decorating or re-arranging here for me yet - still need to heal more before I can get into that.  But I’m so anxious - it’s getting rather dull looking in here.  I need some changes.
Blessings to all my friends out there – I slowly get around to visiting you all – not at once but here and there.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Love the bonnet Lecia sent you~ she is just as sweet in person.
    Your new designs are beautiful...love the floral one.
    I love blueberries, so I'll have try out the recipe~ thanks for sharing.
    Sorry to read of you step moms passing. Blood related or not, it still effects us.
    And congrats on 1000 followers!
    Have a great week Karen. Hope you are healing more each day.

  2. Karen, So sorry to hear about your step mother.

    We expected a visit from our Mukwonago relatives last weekend, however our youngest was ill and then my sisters youngest ended up sick too. Guess it wasn't meant to be - we'll have to see them once the weather gets nicer.

    So, a camper/trailer is in your future? I can't wait to see how you make it colonial! ~Ann

  3. Hi Karen, I am truly sorry about your stepmom. It was the same thing with my step father ...he was a true Dad to me for years. Love your new designs. So pretty and I love the colors. I do hope you are coming along and are starting to feel better. I think of you often.

    Susannah (Sue)

  4. Hi Karen,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear step-mom. 90 years is a good age to live to if you are feeling good. May she rest in peace and may your heart find healing.

    1000 followers! That is wonderful..congrats on that!
    I am so glad you are doing what you love and still producing those beautiful penny rugs! They are wonderful!
    I'm so glad you are getting out a little and looking at campers! We love looking at them too.... just looking at this point but someday!!

    Hang in there Karen...may each day bring a little more healing and comfort as well!
    Big Hugs!!
    Cathy G

  5. So sorry to hear about your Stop-Mom. Thankful you have special friends that send those special little pick-u-ups just when you need it...The bonnet is just lovely. Glad you are getting around much better. Praying you have a much better week. No snow for us...we have had very little this Winter...other have been pounded..Blessings to you!

  6. Hi Karen, lovely bonnet, very talented lady Lecia is.........Sorry to hear about your Step Mom, so sad......Yum Yum, that blueberry coffee cake looks so delish.......Happy 1000 followers, yipee!!!!! Hugs Francine.

  7. Hey Karen....I'm so sorry for the loss of your step mom. Blessings to you all.

    Love your new creations, wonderful colors, and Beautiful work.

    Great to read you are getting out an about. You are far ahead of me already...I need a good Butt muscle workout myself. Trust me. :D

    Congrats on reaching your 1000th Blog follower. So worthy, one of the best blogs here in the land of blogs.

    Blessings to you. :)

  8. hello dear, so sorry to hear about your step mother..
    your new designs are so lovely..so cute..
    congrats on 1000 followers :)
    keep well dear and stay warm..
    hope you are on the mend each day..
    big beary hugs for you x

  9. So sorry for your loss Karen! Such a wonderful surprise from Lecia.She is a kind and talented lady.
    I pinned the recipe the other day and now I know I will have to try it.
    Love your new designs as usual.Have a wonderful day.Hugs,Jen

  10. So sorry for the loss of your step mother. Ninety years is quite a milestone.
    An R.V. shopping day sounds like great fun...we talk about it all the time...would love to see the country like that.
    Your penny rugs are so wonderful...glad you are able to sew as you heal.
    Hope you will continue to feel better every day!

  11. Hi Karen,
    Wonderful surprise gift.
    The bonnet is gorgeous!

    So glad you were able to go on an outing and just get away for awhile. Sorry to hear about the sore bottom afterward, though! ;)

    Love your Spring creations.

    Congratulations on 1,000 followers!

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs and prayers.


  12. I have one of Lecia's bonnets ~ she does beautiful work. Enjoy ~ your gifts from Lecia.
    Wonderful creations ~ such beautiful handiwork!!!
    Congrats on 1000 followers!!!
    So sad to hear about your stepmom.
    Prayers and thoughts going out to you Karen.
    Hopefully we won't get as much snow as they were saying! fingers crossed here.
    Stay warm!
    Prim Blessings

  13. What s sweet surprise, a pretty bonnet. So sorry about your step mom. ((hugs))

  14. A sweet post Karen with sadness too and I am sorry your step mother has passed.
    How wonderful to reach 1000+1 new followers but it's no surprise!
    You are a great blogger and fabulous creator of penny rugs. I adore your new mats.
    Take care

  15. love your new penny rugs! i've been wanting to watch Downton Abbey ,too. but can't seem to catch it. denise

  16. My sympathy to you for your loss. Going to that show must mean you are feeling better. Good news!

  17. Sounds like a nice day out Karen!!!

    Your new penny rugs are beautiful Karen!

  18. Glad you are feeling better! So sorry for your loss Karen. Love your new penny rug! Janice

  19. Hi Karen, I am so glad you like your bonnet, I love how you have it displayed!!! I love your penny rugs, you do such awesome work!!
    That blueberry dessert looks awesome. My mouth is watering.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your stepmother, bunches of hugs, Stay warm with the snow coming. Prim hugs, Lecia

  20. Karen, I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your step mom.
    Your penny rugs are just beautiful!
    Stay healthy,

  21. Thats great your feeling better Karen.
    Sorry for your loss..she did not look 90.


  22. Hi Karen--I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your step-mom. I'm loving the beautiful bonnet you got from Lecia--I really need to get one for my peg rack. Love your new penny rugs too--are you going back this year to Lititz? That looks like a nice, fun group of kids on the trip---those school trips were always fun!! ;) --Jan

  23. Hi, Karen, I hope you are feeling well and heal quickly.
    What a sweet surprise of Downton Abbey discs. Season Three just finished on Sun. nites on Masterpiece Theatre and it just keeps getting more thrilling.
    Your wholesale order items are beautiful.
    I'm sorry that your step-
    mother passed away. She was in your life for a long time.
    Snow, snow and more snow here, too.
    Move carefully still get plenty of rest.

  24. hi karen....greeting from florida....sending you some warm hugs as you go through the winter months....i loved going to the rv shows....we got ours about three years ago and have enjoyed every minute of having it....go for it...so sad about your news...prayers being sent...thanks for visiting my blog today....i enjoy your comments so much....linda

  25. Karen,

    I love that bonnet! That's something I don't have....maybe I should start a collection. :)

    Congratulations on your 1000 followers!

    And so sorry about the loss of your stepmother!

    I'm really glad you were able to do an outing with your wonderful hubby! It's obvious he treasures you to spoil you so! :) So it should be too!

    I have heard alot about Downton Abbey but haven't seen it yet (well briefly one episode but that was all while in the hospital). Must be good! Joy and I are hooked on Once Upon a Time. We are having withdrawals because we can't find Series 2 - first 13 episodes! lol!

    Blessings to you Karen!

  26. I'm soo sorry for your loss. May your memories comfort you.

    Glad to hear that you were up for an outing - and that you knew to take your meds.

    I just finished season 2 and am still playing catch up - I'm hooked too!

    Take Care!

  27. Hi Karen :) Oh my goodness you are a woman of strong mind and body. I don't think I could keep up with you. I sure hope you put one of those pain patches on your butt though... lol.
    That's a lot of stitching and the results are most beautiful. Your photos are very nice too.
    My sincerest condolences for your loss. That's quite an endearing story of the two's love for one another. Your stepfather sounds like he is a good catch :)
    When I'm typing up a post in blogger, it concurrently saves my post on its' own.
    Oh yes, I have many of Lecia's bonnets too and love each and every one of them. She is a sweetheart.
    My goodness there you are keeping up with the school kids. I don't know how you do it. You're quite an inspiration.


  28. Hi Karen,
    That bonnet is beautiful, I purchased one from her also. Im glad your feeling better since the surgery. Also congratulations on 1000 followers, that's awesome. Have a wonderful evening.

  29. Hi Karen,
    Just wanted to stop by and say hi.
    Boy you are talented and do some beautiful work there.
    Sending condolences for your loss.
    Spring needs to come here soon!

  30. So happy you are getting out some. So sorry about your step mom. I just sent my Mom the link to your blog showing her you going through therapy. She just had 2 major back surgeries but she is really doing well. I wonder if you had the same kind. Sure hope you continue to heal. Glad to see you popping in more! I have been trying to blog more too! Congrats on 1000 followers! You deserve it!

  31. Wow, you have had lots going on Karen. Love the bonnet. Lecia does wonderful work. Sounds like a neat trip your grandson went on. I am dreading for Darbee Rae to get old enough to go on school outings. I will worry so much. So, are we going to be seeing a new camper in the near future? We use to camp lots when Holly was small, but we just had a pop up. Sorry to hear about the death in the family. I love the saltbox table runner. Wonderful!! Glad to hear you are improving,,, just don't push yourself to fast. Take care and enjoy the snow. Doesn't look like we are going to get any this winter.

  32. Catching up on my blogs ~ sorry about your stepmom ~ family connections are interesting, aren't they? Glad to hear you're doing better and that you got out to shop for wool!!! Spring is right around the corner and hopefully, you'll be as good as new by then!!!

  33. So sorry to hear of your step Mom's passing. My Mom died at 89. I miss her each and every day.
    1000 followers! Can't imagine having that many!
    Hope you are healing with each and every day.
    Take care

  34. As always a wonderful interesting post, Karen.. Loved it all but want to say it is so sad when we lose someone who has been a part of our history.. Life changes so much it seems lately.. I guess we need to cherish every day..
    Take care, my friend..

  35. Big hugs--sorry to hear about your step-mother.

    I love your penny rugs! What a nice gift you received from Lecia.

    We love Downton Abbey at our house!

  36. Hi Karen, I love the beautiful bonnet that Lecia made you. Lecia does BEAUTIFUL work!

    I am so sorry to hear about your stepmother, I know she wasn't blood related but you lived with them I think if I read it right when you were 15 yrs. old and it still hurts,I am sure. She is home with the Lord. You sure have been through so much lately.
    I have been keeping you in our prayers and I hope you are doing better. Everyday you will get stronger and soon you will feel like a NEW woman!!!!!

    Congrats on 1,000 follower's!

    I LOVE your new penny mats that I saw on your blog. They are FAB*U*LOUS!!!!!

    Have a blessed and relaxing weekend, please don't over do it!
    Big Hugs,

  37. I'm so sorry about the loss of your step-mother, she sounds like she was such a special person.
    Your projects look wonderful, lucky customers :)
    I know, some of those campers are nicer than my house, just beautiful and they have been so perfected over time, they have found all the little nooks and crannies for storage and the gorgeous details! Have fun shopping, I hope you find something that will work for you both.

    Glad to hear you are getting around well,

  38. Hi Karen THANKS so much for stoppin by!! I too Hope you win the giveaway!! There are some awesome creations!! Lot's of fun!! Thanks for being a new follower!! XOXO luv fran.

  39. Hi Karen....Glad to hear that you are doing well and healing nicely. Glad you had a chance to get out and about with Hubby looking at RV's. I bet you were exhausted by the end of teh day. thank God for those pain patches...they are wonderful help.

    Love the new designs...so cute!

    I'm having a little Spring giveaway stop by and sign up if your interested..

    Have a great hump day!


  40. So sorry to hear about your S. Mom.

    I too have fallen for the wonderful series of Downton Abbey and have been playing catch up on demand.

  41. So sorry to hear about your S. Mom.

    I too have fallen for the wonderful series of Downton Abbey and have been playing catch up on demand.

  42. So sorry to hear about Virginia. I do remember you talking about her and Boots. It is very sad that he has gone through this twice but what a wonderful sweetheart he is to be by her side till the end. Brings tears to the eyes. Can't believe he is 90, sounds like he gets around so very well!

    I had to laugh about your computer... my laptop's battery is toast also but I do have just a couple of minutes to fix the plug before I lose anything. If I transfer it to another room, I have to prepare the way and practically run before it goes dead.

    I bought one of Lecia's bonnets a couple of years ago when she was just starting out and it is beautiful, she did a fabulous job!

    How neat for Joe to experience that! It will be something that will stay with him for years to come, I'm sure. Gonna have to check out the recipe for the blueberry coffee cake and get it pinned to my board to try soon, it looks delicious!

    Oh girl, I so LOVE your penny rugs and the colors you put together! These are lovely but I especially like the mustard saltbox with the sage green pennys. The green in the willows just pulls it all together, lovely Karen!

    I have heard about the Downtown Abbey craze and have even seen lots of Pinterest boards being made about it, lol... but I have yet to watch it. I'll be honest in saying that I'm afraid of the addiction that will come from it. But all I have heard about it has been rave reviews. I think that's great that you and Doug watch it together.

  43. hi Karen! i have been trying to get by to catch up for so long now! love the bonnet you received from Lecia, it fits right in! i have always loved those bonnets hanging on a peg. sounds like you had a busy day out and about looking at RV's nice to get out but you probley felt it for a couple days..your grand babes are so cute! sounds like the older ones keep real busy! what a great experience for them to be involved in. your blueberry coffee cake looks yummy! i too love pinterest. still trying to figure it all out tho. i saw a wonderful recipe for a cobbler that i may have to share on my blog. i have never seen downton abbey but boy sure hear alot about it! i may have to catch up on it..soo sorry to hear of your step mum being in your life for so many years shes definatly family and its always hard to not have her physically here anymore. they sound like a wonderful couple that have been blessed with many years together. congrats on 1000 followers! OMG!! OK! CAUGHT UP on this post! LOL enjoy your day!!


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