Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little bit of shopping

I haven’t put much ‘fun’ things on my posts lately so this one will be just some good ole eye candy – things we bought yesterday at a show.
I went not knowing if I was going to purchase or just browse but the first three booths were overwhelming! So I bought!  Is that any surprise…(smiles)
The first thing that caught my eye was this bear – bears were in large quantity at this particular show.  I think they may be coming back popular again…I love the old antique look of his fur and he’s a tall one…about 30 inches.
 Patriotic bear 1
 Patriotic bear 1 face
And at the same booth my lovely little Pumpkin Girl.
She stands about 20 inches
Pumpkin gal 1
Her bucket is filled with mini pumpkins
(Putka Pods)
closeup of basket
Two great Pumpkins – one Green the other Brownish
And some wonderful large dried gourds for
$2 each!
I paid as much as $9 for a dried gourd
like these last year!
This pillow is larger than it looks here…
measures 15 x 22
You can remover the cover for cleaning
and inside is a ‘feather pillow’
The color is much darker than it’s showing –
it’s more Brownish like the backside
tree pillow 1 
(Backside)tree pillow backside 1
And a cement Snowman…have wanted one of these for a couple years now.
Last season I bought a cement Bee Skep
I need to find new sticks for his arms though…
these are very badly miss matched!
He’s going to sit in the middle of our birdbath for the winter.
 cement snowman
Two sweet aged fabric crows
I just put them in the Geraniums for showing
And some wonderful candles from ‘Renderings’
Now I thought I had the scent I had purchased from them last time…nope, bought the wrong one.
I’m hoping they will exchange these for me.  This is a great scent but the one I thought I was buying smells just like Cinnamon Buns baking.
And last…I didn’t purchase this but a friend who has some of  my products on consignment was at the show and she said she had  a surprise for  me in the car – she had purchased quite a huge  amount of  Wool on Craig’s List and gave me some. I m hoping to over dye it to take way the bright look.
 Navy Green Wool
I have more tidbits I could add but will leave it for another post – it will be old news by then but I do get carried away with posts! So I’ll give you a break and just leave it with my purchases.
And I also have 2 of the Americana sets left…check it out here:http://kmprimitives.blogspot.com/
Americana Penny Rug and hugger


  1. LUV your antique looking Teddy!
    He's really neat looking.

    All in all, you hit the jack pot,

  2. Oh my gosh, I love all your purchases! After each picture I was thinking "I want one!"

  3. love your goodies, especially the bear.


  4. Boy, you had a lot of fun shopping. Love everything especially the bear. I've always been partial to bears.
    Homespun Elegance

  5. For me...your posts are never too long...I feel bad when they are over with!!!!! I love the big bear!!! I sure could find a place for him in my house. He is so adorable. It is fun to see all of your new things. Now a days when you see something, you had better buy it. Around here, you can not find anything!

    Have a wonderful week, Kaen.


  6. Oooh! Wonderful finds! Bears are always good! What a fun time you must have had and to have it topped off with free wool...what a day!

  7. Aww everything is so sweet..
    Big hugs x

  8. I LOVE that bear. I have a few left from my bear collecting days. Actually gave Mollie a steiff this past Christmas. I am still a bear lover, only have a few out on top of the corner cupboard in the bedroom.

  9. Oh my Karen that pumpkin girl just made me smile.. Love everything you picked out. Warm Blessings! Amy

  10. You have some delightful goodies! I just love that bear!

  11. Oh my, you did great at buying so many wonderful goodies...love the Pumpkin girl, so sweet and the cement snowman is adorable....I sure would have loved to shop there too.....Happy Summer, Francine.

  12. Love the teddy bear...he's very prim and cute. I like your other things as well...they are going to grace your home very nicely....blessings

  13. just love all your goods!
    the bear is wonderful, love his height, but that little pumpkin girl, just too good to be true, how compelling she is! just love her. send her too my house for the autumn season! (teasing!). love your sweet little snowman too! Enjoyed seeing what you have been up to! hugs!

  14. How cute...love them all! When Annie is done having loved on that pumpkin gal, she can send her my way. LOL Have a great week Karen. Janice

  15. Love Love the pumpkin doll Karen!
    And the fabric pumpkins.
    I am having show fever.Big time


  16. Wow. When you shop....you shop! Must have been a good show.

  17. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing all of your fun things! Where was the show? Are there ever any in WI? Love the bear especially but everything is so fun.
    Have a great day!
    Be blessed,

  18. Oh yes, enjoyed the eye candy so much. You did some good buying. Thanks for sharing with us. -Steph-

  19. Lovely goodies Karen!...I love the shows that offer a bit for each season. You certainly picked some darling creations!
    Wishing you a fun summer with your little grands & new great grand* Zayne -love that name!!

  20. All of your goodies are amazing ...would love one of each. What great taste you have! I love the bear most of all. So sweet!

  21. Omgosh!!!!!! look at all those wonderful goodies.....always so fun...your home is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  22. Love all your new goodies! I want to try my hand at making some of the cement snowmen, they are so great. We are working on the picturetrail.com/harvestatthemill and will be having all of the information on there soon. I've never done a picture trail before and it's giving me fits! It will have the discounted hotel info too! Sure wish you were doing the show, but so glad you are coming.

  23. What fun. I love your purchases. The pumpkin girl is a cutie. Hugs Sue

  24. Hi Karen,
    I just came across your wonderful blog!
    Love all your finds, especially your little snowman.
    Placing him on your birdbath is a Great idea!

  25. Oh My Karen!!! you did get some wonder goodies at the show! I love the pumpkin gal. I need to create one on a base too... I will add it to my list... OLM

  26. the teddy bear is so cute. i love them also. wonderful purchases karen. how nice of the friend to share the wool with you. wool is one of my new loves. have a great weekend.

  27. Loved your pix!!It'a ao rare to find a show with so many great prims. Do you mind telling where the show was held? Thank you!

  28. What a lot of wonderful finds-not often do you find so many prims at one show!! Do you mind sharing where that show was? Have a great weekend!!

  29. Love all your new purchases Karen!
    So sweet!
    The bear is adorable and I absolutely Love the cement snowman!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  30. Hi Karen, don't know how I missed this post. Am I ever drooling over your eye candy. I esp. love that standing pumpkin, would love to have one like that. Love your bear and wool, so many goodies. Enjoy! hugs, Lecia


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