Monday, July 1, 2013

Where does it all come from anyway???

Flags for header
How I get so much to post about baffles me…where does it all come from anyway.
I try and keep my posts short so not to bore you and loose you half way through but if you knew me personally you would know right away that it’s an impossible thing to expect…I’m a chatter box when I have something to say – so if you guys are all still here after 4 years of my ramblings then I guess you all know me quite well!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Fun day yesterday at the Elkhorn flea market…always find something I have to have there – guess it’s one of the rules of going to a flea market…’Don’t come home empty handed’ – and I don’t!!!
Very large basket…$5
I’m going to re-arrange the baskets hanging from the beams in the family room to make room for this one.
Basket 1
Very large Green Crock Bowl – can’t seem to get the color right but it’s like the Jadite ware $10New green bowl 1
And a pair of child’s Cobbler forms $2
shoe forms
And last…2 Army blankets for more Penny Rugs
$10 and $15
These are becoming very hard to find – especially the made in USA ones.
2 Army Blankets
flag 1
I will continue with this post – no sense disappointing you all now! lol
I have been on the search for some wool on Craig's list and Saturday I typed in ‘wool’ and this is the first thing that came up....a hooking frame and other things with it.
I e-mailed the seller and luck had it that she lived 1/4 mile from the flea market we were going to could see the fairgrounds from her place (she lived in the country).
Anyway...she was asking $50 for the whole lot.
Well - I got lucky here as I was looking for a frame that tilted and swiveled – and it did! (mine is like it but is stationary).
In the box was this:
Guess it was my lucky day!
I may pull the wool already hooked on the ones, and do my own version.
 hooking frame and stuff
hooked patterns
Wool strips
flag 1
Saturday we went to Delafield to NOOKS & CRANNYS shop
Denise who owns the shop has some of my products and I was picking them up because it’s what was left from consigning and after awhile you need to freshen the stock.
Denise as her usual ‘generous’ self gifted me with some more wool…I bought the 2 black pieces and the one grayish one on the left..she gave me the other 3 pieces plus some cute felt Tulips she made.
I know you would love her shop so if you live near by or want a days outing head on over to Delafield, WI – lots to see and do there.
After I get more information from Denise I will add her to my list of Wisconsin shops on the tabs.
Wool from Denise N 
Wool and tulips 
flag 1
Remember the sand pail??? Well it finally got a plant in it – some vines and not sure what the purplish one is – just liked it.
Sandpail and vines
 flag 1
I didn’t post pictures of the Aidan and Miranda’s birthday from last Saturday because I had way too much going on in my last post as it was.
Aidan turned 5 on June 20th and Miranda turns 1 on July 3rd…so they had these 2 special birthdays together.  Kids got so many gifts it was incredible…and guess what, Aidan got to open all of them (Miranda’s too) because she just didn’t want to sit still long enough.
 Miranda cake face 1
Aidan with Miranda and their cousin P-Joe (from Tennessee)
darrens family in pool
flag 1
And I will leave you with this baby Wren…on Monday we saw him jumping around in the grass then trying with all is might to climb the tree – never did make it.
When I went over near it to take the picture he scurried into the base of the tree where there was a little hole he could go into.
Wren 1
Oh…one last thing…Google Reader is going to be no longer after today…so please follow me on BLOGLOVIN…it’s at the top of the right sidebar!!!
Thank you Danice for telling me how to transfer from Google Reader to Bloglovin’…so easy!
Have a happy, fun and safe 4th of July
american flag

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  1. what great new items you got. love them all. i don't think many of us can leave a store empty-handed, lol. the kids photos are also nice. happy belated birthdays to them both.

  2. WOW! You sure did get a deal on all the wool and frame! I have a stationery one too and would love one that swivels. Looks like a good time was had by all at the pool party. I will be checking you website sometime today for your beautiful penny rugs! Have a great day, Dawn

  3. Hi Karen, love your wonderful fines esp. the blue bowl. And wow, what awesome wool and frame!!!! I don't know what to do about google reader, I am lost too, I don't want to loose my friendships, such a shame, I really liked google reader and was used to it, I don't think I will like bloglovin, but may have to try it. Keep in contact if I loose you. Your grandbabies are so adorable. Hugs, Lecia

  4. Transferring all your blogs is EASY in Bloglovin. 1) Sign in to Bloglovin. 2) Pick the pull-down menu next to the heart on the top bar. 3) Click on "Import from Google Reader". That simple! Let me know how it works. I did it yesterday and just after 24 hours I am finding I just love Bloglovin!

  5. Karen, Please contact The Wool Cupboard to email your address to claim your free pattern! Congratulations!


  6. As usual Karen you always have such wonderful shopping days. You know such great places to shop. I love the large basket and only $5.00. Wow! Have a great week. Still need to set up bloglovin...blah I hate so much change....Blessings!

  7. Wowza Karen,
    You always luck out on the woolie goodness!!
    Cute finds at the flea market.
    Adorable kids w/equally adorable b'day cakes!! how fun!


  8. I want to go shopping with you!
    Awesome finds!

  9. Aww such cute finds..I love them all ❤❤
    Your grand babies are so sweet..
    Big hugs
    Me x

  10. My goodness what a treasure trove you found! I can't believe that hooking frame...awesome!! Love the bowls. It's nice that you have so many nice things in your life to post! Your family is beautiful...too cold here in Michigan this week to even think of a pool...rain, rain, and more rain!

  11. Karen,

    You really were blessed with the finds. Love the basket! And I just love Craigslist. I could spend lots of time there browsing.

    Your grandchildren are growing up so quickly and such cuties! How blessed you are there too!

    Hope you're having a great summer!


    Just followed you on Bloglovin. I'm trying to get folks to do the same. I was excited today to see it still there because I was thinking that it was to be NO MORE come July guess it's AFTER July 1st. :(

  12. You certainly got some bargains! Sweet pictures of the buglets. I'll say it again - you certainly got some bargains! Hope your back is feeling better and better.

  13. Hi Karen, your darling grandkids are getting older. But thank Heavens they are still young. Our youngest grandchildren are 14. Wow! Karen! Jim and I are getting so old!!!! The older they get ...the older we get!!! Just Kidding! Just have to go with the flow.

    I love your sand pail with the plant in it. Looks very nice. And your finds at the flea market are great. We have a flea market near here ...may go has poured seems like for weeks!

    Happy Day and I hope you have a beautiful week.

  14. wow Karen,
    So many great finds at such great prices too!
    Love the header pic, oh that is so cool.
    And the grands are just darling!
    Happy 4th friend,

  15. Hi Karen,
    You are always so funny! I will say, you got a great deal on that frame! I would not mind having one, but they are not giving them away!
    I always enjoy your posts, even though I don't always comment.
    Your grandkids are sure growing up, it doesn't take long!
    You basket is wonderful and how fun!
    I would like to go someplace, but I have too much to do here as it is.
    I wouldn't mind taking a road trip to Iowa sometime, I think that would be fun.
    Have a happy July 4th.

  16. Boy, you found some great deals. I am especially oooing and awwing over the army blankets. They are getting scarce! It was easy setting up Bloglovin--now I have to figure out how what it's features are and how to use them all! Roberta

  17. Oh, my gosh. All that rug hooking stuff for $50. You hit pay dirt! Hope to see finished rugs in the future. ... jan

  18. Hi Karen...I love to find a good old green army blanket. There is something about that wonderful color that makes my heart sing.
    Your grands are so precious and your goodies are all great finds. Wonderful wool!!!

  19. Isn't Craigs List the great source for literally everything? Fabulous find on the frame and wool. Love the photos! -- Jan

  20. Hi Karen,
    You have hit the jackpot with all your great finds!!
    Your grandchildren are adorable, and what a wonderful grandma they have.
    Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit.
    xo Louise

  21. What a find on the rug hooking supplies and frame. I have a stationary one too. Some day I hope to get one that swivels. The worms are great.

    Love the pictures of your family. The pool looks so nice. Mine is full but still looking a bit green. Too cold. Gotta love Wisconsin weather!

    Love hearing what you are up to.


  22. Frankly, I love that your posts are long. I rarely buy magazines any more as blogs are so much more fun to read. Please keep up the good work; yours is one of my favorites.

  23. Karen, as always, I love 'visitin' you and reading your blog. Nothing boring about your talents, great finds, and your family. Just wish I could get motivated to work on my blog...But, in the meantime, I'll keep checking in with you and hope something "rubs off" on me! LOL Blessings!

  24. i always love to see what you are up too.....keep on rambling on.....i miss it when you are sure did score with all your the army blankets..


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