Saturday, February 22, 2014

Second befroom done!

Seems of late I have nothing but bits and blurbs to share with you.
When I go to post something I don’t settle on just one thing – I scatter LOL.

I do have another bedroom re-do though. 
We did the 2nd guest room upstairs.  We liked the paint scheme with bedroom one so we kept it.  Nice to keep things the same or very similar, especially if one is thinking of selling.  Now we are NOT selling but we figured we’d get things back to the way they should be in those upstairs bedrooms in case we had to sell we wouldn’t be scrambling to do it then.

Our son/ dil had our old iron bed that we have had since the mid 70’s.  We paid $2.00 for it at an auction.  It was painted a horrible shiny brass color – really awful looking.  I knew right away it was going to get painted white.  And it did. Doug used several cans of white spray paint on it.  We used it for a few years when we first got it.  Then while the boys were still home here, Darren had it for his bed.  When he moved to his own apt. he took it with him.  From there it went to Dan and Jamie’s for Alexandra’s room.  She left and I asked for it back for our spare room.  It has certainly made the rounds in our family and now it has come full circle!!

All last week Doug and I painted and Thursday the carpet was installed and Friday the mattress’s were delivered.  It’s a full size bed so we didn’t have mattress’s for it (Alex had them but she took them with her when she left Dan’s), so we had to buy new.

Remember when I posted pictures of the room as it was being used for my works area and Doug’s work space?

 Craft room 2

 Craft room 3

Anyway – those are the BEFORE  pictures.
I took this picture when the old recliner was put in there from the other bedroom, waiting for someone to take it…it was claimed by Dan/Jamie. 
Craft room 1

So here’s the AFTER
I’m looking for a Family Heirloom Weavers bedspread but they don’t offer much right now except plain or stripe.
The one I WANT only comes in Queen. Not sure why a Queen only.
I’m seriously thinking of buying it anyway and cutting it to fit and then using what fabric is left for pillows maybe.
Its’ called the ‘Curious Apprentice’.

… before the carpet was installed and the doors put back on….

Same carpet as the other bedroom.
upstairs carpet
Guest Room Two 1

 Guest Room Two 2

2nd guest room 1

The bedcover that is on there is a twin bedspread – which would be
great in a full or queen but they don’t make it anymore either.
I need something long enough to cover up the blanket that’s hanging down.
DIL Jamie is going to make a bed skirt for it and the other bed.
2nd Bedroom 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just look at these Strawberries!
This is the 2nd container we purchased in the last couple weeks and they have been the best by far even for the summer ones.  So sweet and soooo Red.  It made the best Strawberry Shortcake.

 Strawberries 2

Do you remember the long Penny Rug I’m trying to make for myself?
I first had the pennies laying on a long runner piece of woven cotton –I started stitching the pennies on but it just didn’t set off the pennies. So I took them all off and put them on a piece of Army blanket – I like it much better now.

The older one…
runner 3

New one on Army blanket wool
New runner 2

New runner 
Most of the pennies are stitched and now I’m anxious to get them put on the runner!

Got myself a nice new Dutch Oven.  I’ve seen 5 qt. but never a 6.5 qt.
We got it at Sam’s Club.  Our son has been wanting one so we got him one for his birthday and after seeing it I knew I needed one!
Years ago I had a really expensive one – it was a Le Creuset – I would never buy one for the price they are asking these days.
I got my original one from buying a stove – they were giving that and a set of pans with it!!!

This one is just like it…cast iron with porcelain finish – no brainer there….and it cost $200 less!
dutch oven 2

This is the Le Creuset for $235.00 – Mine was $49.00
Le Crueset

Hope all is well with all my friends
We are in for a cold one this week – but if we hang in there Spring will arrive, it always does!

I put some items on my selling blog
Some items have sold already – go on over and see what I have.



  1. Wow KAren. 'Can't say enough how beautiful your home is. What a bargain on the Le Creuset also. The runners look awesome already. Looking forward to seeing them all finished :)

  2. Hello Karen,
    I've always enjoyed seeing your WIP and photos around your home. I haven't blogged much lately as all I seem to have to share is not so good news but some time has passed and I'm hoping to find my mojo again as well as more interesting happenings!
    Anxiously awaiting warmer weather like most everyone else, though we've not had any snow to speak of like other areas of the US.


  3. Hi Karen! Looks like your guest room is coming along. I like the settee in there - looks so cozy. Can't believe we are headed back to the deep freeze again, as if those crazy winds Thursday night weren't enough! Still waiting for the January thaw, and we are headed towards March. Yikes! Did you get the strawberries at Goosberries?

  4. All your hard work is to your credit! I love how the room is coming together.
    And you penny runner is just way beyond amazing!

  5. Love your bedroom Karen. I am trying to find a coverlet for my bedroom redo and do not need a queen either. If you find a double, please let me know. I am working on a penny rug myself..on a more larger scale. 6 sided with each side being 27 inches. Will you be coming to the Holly show? Janice

  6. Karen, I always love your posts. I do love that coverlet. Your bedroom redo is beautiful, you have such a lovely home, prim perfect!. Love your penny rugs, they are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely weekend. hugs, Lecia

  7. Karen the bedrooms turned out beautiful!!!!!

  8. I love the runner, Karen....either background was beautiful! I am so anxious to re-do our bedrooms and my sewing room. I need to get rid of a lot of junk!! Anyway...great job...everything looks beautiful!

  9. I'm your newest follower Karen, and am so excited that I found your blog! It is so inspiring! Beautiful stitching and great pictures of your makeovers and all. I'm looking forward to visiting often. Keep up the great job.
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  10. Just found your site Karen and am equally impressed by your crafts, your home and lovely family. I am trying to talk myself into carpeting our hardwood bedrooms. Could you share the particulars on your carpeting? I just love the look of it. Thanks so much and I'll be following you.

  11. Hello you....Remember me??? I certainly hope so.... I think I'm getting ahead and going to "catch up," and find myself further than ever behind....But, trust me, I do have good (ok, not-so-good, reason) for my sporadic-ness. It looks like you're keeping well occupied....Even though I didn't think there could possibly be a thing in your beautiful home in need of "re-doing," I have to say I love, love, love what I'm seeing. That bed is gorgeous....and how fun to hold the memory of its original cost and its travels..... I truly wish I could hire you out to "re-do" my entire home.... At this point, I have no creativity, no clue, no motivation, no nada.... I'm hoping "that" passes with this horrid winter. Yes, we're from Wisconsin...but please....must we be tested so??? (She says as we plunge into another deep freeze to top off the gale-force winds and piles of fresh snow we just were gifted....) Stay warm my friend....and safe.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Hi Karen, I totally understand the reasoning for getting the upstairs ready just in case someday you might want to sell. We have done the same thing! Our upstairs needed painting and redecorating and we did it a couple of years ago. Just to get it all freshened up was wonderful. It looks so nice. Then we put in new cupboards in the kitchen and new counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Now we are working on the bathroom downstairs. Moving or not....who knows? We just like to keep up on things in case the time comes to move. Besides, I like living in a clean, up to date house.

    Karen, your blogs are always interesting to me. I love to see what you are hand sewing. I love to hand sew but don't do it much lately.

    I can see your wonderful stew cooking in your new dutch oven. The bigger one will be perfect!

    Enjoy the Lord's Day (as Faye Henry would say) tomorrow!


  13. Hi Karen, cute sewing room.
    You asked me in my blog if I was in PA for cash and carry..Nope that wasn't me. There are a few close up shots of me on my blog post a few down if you follow me.
    Love the colors of you penny rug you are making. Very nice.

  14. Karen the bedroom is lovely! Hope that you are able to find the coverlet you are wanting.Love,love that penny rug! Be blessed,Jen

  15. you are one busy gal......I love your new redo of the guest room.....and you know how to decorate so that everything goes together without too much fuss.....I love your home.....I enjoy visiting each and everyone of the talented ladies out here who do this style...yours is at the top of that list....I also love your wool pieces...I wish we lived closer together.....what fun that would be....

  16. Karen, enjoyed seeing this!
    The room looks wonderful!
    Love the runner,
    The color does look great with your pennies!
    Hope spring will be better for us all!

  17. Those strawberries look really really nice!! I need to check our grocery stores out again because they have not looked good at all!! I'm so hungry for a good strawberry!

    I was just thinking I need to start making one of our spare bedrooms into a work room! I've been dragging my work to our family room because I was tired of the dark cold basement! I so wish I could stay as organized as you!!! Mine looks that good only for about an hour after cleaned up! LOL

  18. Hi Karen.
    I just love the new room re-do. You have done a wonderful job.
    Your runner is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful week.

  19. Hi Karen! Always so nice to hear what you've been up to. Very nice bedroom redo.
    Love that Curious Apprentice coverlet too!

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. hi Karen, always fun to stop by and catch up on what your up too. and you are getting lots more done than me... love the bedroom make over. also love the army blanket used with the pennys!! love love! enjoy your evening Karen!

  21. Your penny rug runner is beautiful Karen. I think army wool looks much more primitive.

  22. Hi Karen. Gorgeous coverlet/bedspreads! I Love the bedroom redo. Wow, you have been very busy. Love your prim runners.
    Have a great week.

  23. Beautiful redo Karen!
    I love the army blanket background on your penny runner too!
    Stay Warm!
    Prim Blessings

  24. O Karen...I just love what you did with the bedroom! I have my Grandmother's Brass Bed she slept in, I want to redo it set it up when we move. Did you make the pillows on the bed? I'm wanting to make some for myself. Stay warm this weekend....more snow on the way for us. Hugs..K

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  26. The room looks dreamy and I think I like the runner with the army blanket better too, the pennies just stand out more on it. Looks wonderful!



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