Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Been a long spell!

I thought I’d never get back on the
internet – or I should say my computer!
I’ve had problems with it for some time and
finally took it in to be fixed over 2 weeks ago. 
The tech talked me into having Windows 7 installed
instead of my Windows XP…I took him for his word.
I hate it!!!   I had many problems with my ‘creative’ programs
working with it – couldn’t get on half the time.
Lots of things that frustrated me.  I wanted my
XP back but he assured me it would be okay.
So anyway – to shorten this up – I finally got my
programs on and also Windows Live Writer so
I can make a post – which is long over due.
I haven’t been on the blogs because I had
problems and my I-Pad is frustrating to work
with and I can’t do a post from there.

But I’m here now!!!
And I want to share more updates of the sofa.
I’m thinking it’s going to be done soon, at least I hope so,
but heaven knows where it’s going! lol
Sofa 4 front and side

Sofa 3 front and side

Sofa sideview

Sofa wing view

Well I’m sure you are all as frustrated with
this weather as I am – it snows almost daily.
Last week we were in Pennsylvania and on
Monday they  got dumped on…what a snow fall.
It was really quite pretty though if you didn’t need to be out
driving in it – but, we were there on a mission so out we went.
Monday…snowed all day while we were at the show,
Tuesday was just plain snow so we went to downtown market
and then out to Roots market and then hit a
few shops…some were closed, mainly because some of
the owners were at the wholesale show up in Oaks and
they stayed overnight there not wanting to drive in the
snow and I must say for being from Wisconsin,
we are used to the white stuff but it really did come down
hard and lots of it so I can see why they didn’t want to chance an accident.
Then Wednesday it was an ice storm…did that stop us???
Nope, we waited till around noon and then headed out.
It was our last full day so we didn’t want to stay inside.

This tree was so full of ice it was laying on top of our car –
we didn’t think to get a picture of it at the time. 
Doug moved the car in case the branches broke.

Car and tree in ice

snow ice schmitts

While out shopping we were watching as the ice was melting
and I thought this tree at Olde Mill House Shoppes was just beautiful
with the limbs all glistening and little icicles on all the branches

Ice on tree

And this old Willow…not sure why it looks greenish
gray  but I think it’s because the leaves are still on it.

Willow tree ice
But first – I must tell you that on the way out we stopped at
my friends house for supper before stopping for the night.
Linda is such a sweet person.  She had the table all
set so nice with her beautiful ‘Temp-tations’ dishes and had a gift
for myself and Doug’s cousin Judy who went with us.
I put in my request for Linda’s wonderful Vegetable Beef
soup and she came through!  Along with it we had Pepperoni bread,
fruit, cheese and great homemade Chocolate Chip
cookies and Oatmeal Raisin along with some…….
Karen and Linda 

Lindas dishes
Linda gave us gifts too…Doug got some Chocolate covered
pretzels and I got a very nice ‘Bennington Pottery’ spoon plate
and wooden spoon along with some Chocolate bars.

Gifts from Linda

Our last night in PA with family
Dinner with Schmitts

Some special purchases
This wonderful aged Blue double basket…it called to me!
Blue tierd basket 1

Another bonnet – this is a very aged Blue print
Bonnet 2 

One place we love to go is to the Centerville Bulk Food store.
Prices per lb. are far less than in the stores.
It’s mainly for Amish but as of the last couple years we English have found it.
I stock up on all my dry goods each visit.
dry goods

I got these Paddle boards and I’m going to put  either some
Punch Needle designs or hooked designs on them and sell
them at a show I’m doing at Christmas here in town.
They are rather large in size.  7” w. x 14” h.  And one is 9” w.  x 14” h.
Paddle boards 1

A new ASL Pewter design this year – Berry spoons and a pickle/olive poker
Love those spoons.
Pewter ware

I’m going to be making a bed skirt for the guest
bed so I got the Red check I’ve been looking for 
Red check fabric

Or this Red Ticking fabric…
Red stripe fabric

I have a few other things that I bought at wholesale.
I need to get them priced and added to my selling page.

I have to brag about my daughter in-law Jamie right now.
She is very much into throwing clay and making beautiful pottery.
She has given me several pieces and I
always buy a piece or two from her as gifts.
Before we left for PA she brought over all she had left in her supply
and I found some pieces as gifts and some for myself.
I’ve been taken lately with aged Aqua or Teal and she had some
pieces that jumped right into my hands….lol
Aren’t they great!!!  I may have her make a few
more of the plates…I love the weave pattern.
Blue dishes 1
Blue dishes
Blue crock
 Blue bowl

Thanks for staying with me this long – I could have had a shorter
post but it has been almost a month and I had lots to share.
Watch for the items to appear on my selling blog –
they aren’t anything special but there will be a few things.



  1. Your words have been missed! Glad most of the tech issues are solved, technology is so frustrating sometimes. Love those fabrics and the basket too! Stay warm friend!

  2. I know what you mean about the computer issues. Thankfully my husband is very knowledgeable in that area and takes care of all our computer issues.
    Your snow pictures are beautiful! You got such pretty things! I really like the fabric and the teal dishes.

  3. I was at Roots today and made a killing! I haven't been there for a few months and I was in heaven getting all my favorite things! Too bad you weren't here this week instead of last! We could have met up.....tomorrow is the start of another snow storm into Thursday all day. Ugh......Your DIL's pottery is beautiful...!!! Glad you have your laptop back, Windows 7 is better than Windows XP...;) Hugs, My Friend,...K

  4. oh Karen....we have missed you....I am loving your settle and cant wait to see it done.....I have been there in penn at the shows in the snowstorms....very pretty....but very hard to get around.....I love love love that pottery.....and its my new color I am going with......you will have to let me know when you get some for sale....welcome back.....

  5. Yes, my update to Windows 7 was frustrating also. But, now I like it better than XP, which is the platform I had learned on. We have been getting snow here in Alabama also. Expecting more tomorrow. Businesses and schools are already announcing closings. 'Love the goods you bought at the Centerville store, esp. the paddle boards and the fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what all you create with the goods :)

  6. Your DIL pottery is beautiful! Nothing better than when a friend makes a special dinner for you. I used to love having my best friend over almost weekly before she passed. We are getting another big storm here in PA this evening and tomorrow. Warm Blessings! Amy

  7. Thank Goodness you got it fixed and glad your back Karen!
    Loved your post, it is always fun.

  8. Computers have a love/hate relationship with everyone. You came back with lots of wonderful goodies. We have not had the awful weather the rest of the country has had until now. Expecting today, the biggest storm in 5 years for the NC mountains. It is beautiful if the power stays on and people are able to stay at home. My husband the nurse has to go no matter what but I get to stay warm and cozy at home with my kitty!

  9. Hi Karen, Computers are nice, but when not working right, can be a real headache. I love your sofa, such a pretty print. So nice to visit with your friend, I love your basket and what a lovely bonnet. Can't wait to see the goodies you got at the show. Stay warm and hopefully Spring is right around the corner, can't wait. hugs, Lecia

  10. Glad to see you back! It is very frustrating when the computers go hay-wire. Funny that you were at Centerville Bulk Foods, I was there myself not too long ago...LOVE that place! Can't beat their prices!! We are in for ANOTHER storm later tonight into tomorrow - upto 1 foot of snow they are forecasting...not sure where I'm expected to put this fresh batch as there is no more room on my front lawn. Your DIL's pottery is absolutely beautiful!

  11. So glad that you are back! I love your DIL pottery, it is gorgeous.Bet you are getting anxious to have the sofa back,it is looking beautiful.Sweet goodies you found,really love that basket.Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics,glad that you had a safe and fun trip.Hugs,Jen

  12. Great post - great pottery! We only have three tall shrubs and they are broken down from the weight. I hate winter. Photos are beautiful but that's all!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful trip Karen. Love the pictures.
    Hope you are doing well with this cold weather.

  14. Glad to hear you got your computer issues fixed and your back ~ and you made it back home safely from your journey to PA. Wow all that ice ~ beautiful though in the pics!
    Love all your newest goodies you got. Amazing pottery!!!
    Enjoyed visiting with you today!
    Prim Blessings

  15. I really, really like the aged aqua pieces that your daughter-in-law made. She must be very talented to make them. They look wonderful! Glad you had a good trip. Must hurry. TTYL

  16. The sofa will be beautiful when its done. My cousin lives in Lancaster and he said that ice storm was really bad and by your pics I agree.

    You are right to brag on Jaime, such beautiful pottery. Those plates are beautiful.

    Good to hear from you again and happy you got your computer fixed.


  17. I so dislike computer problems! That pottery is gorgeous! I would love to have a bed skirt for my bed, love the material you picked out!

  18. I feel for you with the computer issues. Have had my share lately, too. Sweetface fixes them all, or I wouldn't even own a computer. LUV all the photos. We are sick of snow here in the St. louis area, too! :)

  19. Wonderful pics Karen. Your sofa will be gorgeous. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it. Hugs, Lori

  20. Hi Karen, Computer can drive ya nuts can't they? I am still running XP on mine. YES I am sick of the weather!!!! Come on spring....Won't it be wonderful to see grass again?
    Gotta tell you I LOVE the sofa you are having done..... Can't wait to see it when you get it back. Love all the photos you post....Stay warm and take care!

  21. Karen: I love the pottery! Does your Daughter In-Law sell it anywhere? It's stunning! So glad you got your computer back up and running.


  22. Karen: Glad to see you! I was without my computer for 5 weeks AFTER I got moved in! Frustration! Loved hearing about your trip to PA., maybe I can get there now that I am closer. Very slowly getting settled, love my place and even love the snow because it is so new to me and I don't HAVE to go out if I don't want to. Getting my townhome painted next week and can't wait...hate the STARK white walls. Keep well! Your friend, {{HUGS}}


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