Sunday, August 23, 2015


No…not the end of blogging…but the end of the vacation posts.
I am only going to share bits and pieces of the trip.
And it seems like that trip was months and months ago…so sad how fast time goes by isn’t it?

I started composing this post on Friday and it was a perfect Fall feeling kind of day – I only wish it was Fall for real - it can’t come soon enough for me.
I so want to get my Fall decor out but think it’s just a tad early.  Will have to wait until after Labor Day at least.

I first want to let you all know I put 2 new punch needle on my other blog
 Framed sheep 1

And as I was typing up this blog post and adding this picture an email popped up and IT SOLD!!!
Thanks Linda!

 Birds on old board 2

Pineapple line art

So – I have a purchase to share with you from the Brimfield antique show when on vacation.
I already showed you the butter churn from a shop in Maine, but this is from the antique show.
It’s an 1800’s 1 gallon cream crock by D. P. Shenfelder of Reading, PA.
It was our biggest purchase and with the butter churn, were the only purchases on this trip.
Cream Crock 2

Pineapple line art

While we were in Sturbridge, Mass. we went into the Yankee Peddler shop and sitting on a shelf were some of my designs!
It was kind of surreal seeing them there.
I like the round one – they really changed out that design when they
reproduced it – I never made one with Pineapples all in a circle.

Pineapple line art

Well I haven’t shown you any vacation pictures have I?
There really aren’t many left that are interesting…but I’ll post a couple.

I’m kind of getting thing out of order  but I guess that won’t hurt anything.
So…lets back up to Lancaster, PA …
Before we left there to head north east we stopped at a gourd farm – last Fall we went to a different one and both are so wonderful and so many gourds it was hard to choose.

Gourd Farm 2

Gourd Farm 1

  Gourd Farm 3
I’m going to make some gourd garlands to sell on my site and/or take them to the shop I consign at….either way they will be for sale.
Gourds 2

Lots of nice tiny ones to work with…I think these will be strung on a garland for a mini-tree.
Gourds 1

These larger ones will be used in displays
Gourds 3 
Doug got all the holes drilled in them and also cut my Indian corn into chunks to use.
I have been looking for  whole walnuts, lemon leaves and bay leaves to string with them but no one has them around here so I may have to order on line.
I guess I never thought about it but ‘whole walnuts’ can not be found until near the holidays – who knew.
All the grocery stores we went to said they don’t get them in until Fall. 
Pricing the garlands will be the trick – but then again pricing anything one ‘makes’ is hard to do isn’t it?

Pineapple line art

And also on our way home from the trip we stopped back in Lancaster because it was opening day of A.T. Imports in their new location.
Not sure why they opened when they did because it was LESS than half stocked.  Very little to choose from but I did actually find some of the ‘supplies’ I was needing.
When fully stocked their new location will be wonderful compared to what they did have in the old warehouse across the street.

AT Imports

Pineapple line art

So here I am jumping around again – I can’t seem to find a good flow…lol
We’re back at the Brimfield antique show and who was there signing autographs but Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) from the Munsters.
He has not changed…just got older.
Felt kind of bad for him though – there wasn’t a whole lot of people clamoring to get his autograph.

Butch Patrick 2

Butch Patrick 1

Pineapple line art

I think I will leave you now with just those photos…I am going to do a ‘page’ at the top of my blog with pictures of OLD STURDBRIDGE VILLAGE.
There are so many wonderful pictures and it would be too much to put into a post.
So when I get this posted I will try and get that ‘page’ going.

Thanks again everyone for your sweet and so kind response to my last post.
I seriously think I was having a bad day when I posted it.
I’m staying with blogging as it’s a release for me so thank you all who visit!


  1. Loved seeing all those gourds! I grew some one year and still have a couple in my yard that I made into birdhouses - people do such creative things with them! Enjoyed hearing more about your vacation.

  2. Love Sturbridge and am looking forward to your pics. Glad to hear you will continue with blogging! The light is changing down here in the Sunshine State so I know fall is on the way...can't wait!

  3. I love gourds and didn't plant any this year, now I wish I had. I have some that I dried and made into little houses.
    I enjoy all of your pics and want to see more.

  4. How fun for you to see your design at a store, that must make you feel very proud of your work. That crock is awesome!! We have a collection of crocks with blue but I have not seen one like that. Plus, I love the one gallon size!! I really want to be at that gourd shop!!!! Can't wait to see your designs. I will so enjoy your Sturbridge photos.

  5. I just love you new piece of stoneware!
    Now that's a lot of gourds.
    Hugs :)

  6. Your designs are wonderful and the pineapple rugs are among my favourites.
    I have never visited a gourd farm but wish I had now! You are going to have lots of garlands!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. I love your vacation posts. I never knew there was a gourd farm. I love gourds! Maggie

  8. Hi Karen, Love your needle punch creations, they are beautiful. Love the pineapple penny rugs, such an honor to have them reproduced. Love the gourds. I am planning on going to AT Imports the end of Sept. can't wait. Love all the eye candy at the antique shops. hugs, Lecia

  9. Oh my word, Karen, What eye candy! I love red and sheep, so I'm not surprised your treasures were snapped up quickly. My family and I went to Sturdbridge Village when I was a kid, and it is one on my fondest memories of our trips.

  10. So glad that you are not leaving the blog ! I too am wanting to decorate for fall but trying to put it off a little longer!

  11. Hi Karen! I am so happy I found you....and so happy you are not ending your blog! We have so many of the same interests and I get so much inspiration from you!
    Now, I have a question......Im considering trying rughooking but before I buy all that expensive wool, hoop and stuff, is there a cheaper way I could try it first to see if I like it? Any suggestions?

  12. New fan of your blog, too! I'm adding it to my blog roll so you have to keep posting. No pressure or anything lol. ;)

  13. Hi Karen,

    Love your post! I am so happy that you are staying with blogging. Both your crock and butter churn are beautiful! Sturdbridge Village is on my bucket list!



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