Monday, June 27, 2016

It's a Gray Gray Day!

Have you ever looked around your home to see how 
much 'gray' or 'tin' colored items you have?
I guess those of us that like the Colonial and Primitive 
styles have quite a lot of it - at least we do.
I'm just going to have a picture day here - no family news
 or other news...just a fun picture enjoy.  
Maybe you all can come  up with some in your home
 to share with us.

I hope you enjoyed my picture show today
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Enjoyed the eye-candy! Hope this is a wonderful week for you...
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  2. I just loved all of your beautiful pictures

  3. OMGosh ... a lot to see here. Love it all. Sounds like it was an especially great weekend. I Love visiting...thanks for sharing.
    Hope you have a great week too, with Peace for all,

  4. Hi Karen,
    Yes, I too share your love of old tin and pewter!! You have such lovely pieces and I ! I collect many of the same things you do........pewter, candle molds, cookie cutters, molds, and graters....just love them all!!! Thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a wonderful week!! We are still in the triple digits here, but the AC is cool so that is where I stay!!! My new best friend!! lol
    Take care and enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Oh Karen I love your gray day treasures! Hope you have a wonderful week and stay inside where it's cool.

  6. Karen, you have a wonderful collection ! Thanks for sharing !
    Hugs, Charlotte in Va.

  7. Your collections are really nice! I just started collecting peuter and far a small salt and pepper shaker and a tankard......I have a longggg way to go! I'm in the Western ny area and there isn't much to find around here. Not a single needlework shop hook ins, punchneedle, classes, or wool shops. Lots of antique shops but mostly victorian era. I did visit tThe Old Tattered Flag shop about 150 miles from my house.....well worth the trip! Lovely shop and Julie and her mom are awesome!

  8. Wonderful collection, Karen! Love it all, and the way you decorate with your pewter and tin pieces is just lovely! Have a great week...hard to believe June is almost over!

  9. Great pics! Love seeing all your goodies!

  10. I love seeing all your great stuff! I am now looking around my house and you are correct. I love antique tin pieces so I have lots of gray!

  11. Hi Karen! Absolutely lovely collections - love pewter and tin. Happy 4th of July to you. Jane

  12. You have so many beautiful prim pieces!

  13. Loved All your Pieces, & the way
    you shot the Pictures !!!
    Never too much Tin, Iron & Pewter !!
    I'm not on Blogger much .... Sending
    Best Regards & Big Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  14. I love pewter, but it seems as if my house is brown. I really love wood.

  15. Happy Belated 4th Miss Karen...I said I'd come for a visit, and didn't quite make it the day I said I would, but I did make it LOL... Perhaps it's the start I need to pick up the blogging thread again. have some wonderful "gray" pieces.... I haven't met too many old tin or pewter pieces that I haven't loved myself...I think it was the "gray" in the old chocolate molds that first drew me to them so many, many, years ago. Beautiful post my friend.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Love you picture day and grey. I need more grey in my life, I think it's a calming color for me.


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