Thursday, June 2, 2016

Playing Catch-Up

I so wanted to do a post a week like I used to do but that hasn't happened yet - but getting close.

This was a very busy last couple weeks.
We did much needed screen room, deck and brick cleaning.
Doug power washed both and then stained the decking and sealed the brick.  I love the shine it has with the fresh sealer on it....and when it's wet it's even prettier. 

Plus I washed all the screens of the screen room, inside and out I always have the job of washing all the furniture so my arms were sore by the end of the day but it was a great job done and it smelled so fresh and clean. And a very relaxing place to be in.

I  did bring out some of my geraniums last week - just a few because I didn't feel like bending over the totes and carrying the others upstairs. It's still very tiring for me to do stairs especially if my hands are full.

I found some flower pots packed away and stuffed them in a basket and love how it turned out.
There's 3 Lavender and 3 of some kind of mixed white flower.

Quite awhile ago we bought two battery operated candles for the hallway and just now put them out - they are a dark muddy gold beeswax and the flicker on them is so real and it flickers on the ceiling as well.

Sunday we went to Emily's graduation.  We were so happy and proud. She was an excellent student and had high achievements and she'll do great when she goes to University of Wisconsin Whitewater in the Fall.  We'll miss seeing her at our once a month family dinners though!!

Our grandson Joe was in woodworking/shop class and we didn't even know it - he's a very quiet boy and doesn't like to be made over or have his picture taken - but I did convince him to at least stand for one photo.
he made two tables and a cutting board - he did fantastic work.
He was also in track the past two years and he really liked the 'relay' part of it.

So that's what has kept us busy and now it's just Emily's graduation party on the 11th and my great-nieces graduation party this Saturday.

Doug is going on his annual golf outing in a little over a week from now so I'm trying to think of some things I want to do while he's gone - lots of ideas, just need to get them planned out.

That's it for me this week


  1. I really enjoyed your post, Karen. Your home is so beautiful and that sunporch is just gorgeous!!! We have a brick walkway too, but we've never sealed it. I'm going to put a bug in my husband's ear. I really liked how yours looked.

    Your grandson did a nice job on his woodworking projects...a very busy time of year...we have a few graduations parties in the next couple of weeks too. Take care!

  2. Love hearing about your family events; thanks for sharing. Grandkids are the best! ...jan

  3. We are in the middle of sanding and restraining our deck too! Love the geraniums.....they say summer for sure.
    Great family you have!

  4. Clean and fresh always has a good feeling Karen. Your room looks so cozy and wicker. Enjoy!!!!!
    Family gatherings are so special and it flys by.

  5. Everything looks like spring and as always so lovely.

  6. So nice to see such wonderful family events. Enjoy them! Your home is beautiful as ever and such an inspiration! maggie

  7. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your flowers are beautiful. Always lots of work to get ready so you can enjoy you goings on inside & out, but well worth it! Family is best! Hugs Marg.

  8. I loved all your pewter.I especially loved the brick patio. Your home is beautiful Karen. I would love to see it in person. Your family is so beautiful.Joe did a fantastic job on the furniture. That wallpaper and border is to die for.

  9. You sure know how to decorate, I love your home and all your furnishings!


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