Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Greetings!

So - we had lots of HOT weather and then FALL came,..but ONLY for 3 days. Now we're back to the heat and humidity.
I so want to get my fall things out but the feeling just isn't there.
Plus...we are making gourd garlands and sweet potato garlands in the dining room and I can't see beyond that at the moment.

Hope some of you are feeling fall and I think you are from the pictures I see on FB.

Not too much has happened since last month when I posted but I'll put a few pictures on just so I get a post in this month being it's half over with already

Last month I showed you a picture of some finds - well I found more!
I love butter paddles for mounting my punch needle and rug hooking on.  I really got lucky last month at the Elkhorn, WI flea market...I scored on a few.
Most were in ruddy shape as far as the patina so I cleaned all of the ones I had - stained them and then put tung oil on and now they are gorgeous!
So now it's punching time.  Most will have Christmas or Winter designs.

This is what most of the paddles looked like
(I showed you them last month)

I did finish a punch needle although it isn't a holiday design.
I'm either going to make a med. size pillow or mount it on a basket...just can't decide.
I do need to make the 8 and 9 brighter first though.
It has become one of my favorite pieces so far.
It is a great size too - 9-1/2 x 6-1/2
by Jan Goos - Goos Nest

Okay - this just isn't like me to do this but I got lazy or maybe just 'casual'....
We have family dinner night the first Wed. of each month but with summer everyone had something going on so for this month I asked everyone that could make it 
to come here and we'd have a casual easy hot dog supper.
It went over big...we had hot dogs (chili dogs), french fries, tuna pasta salad, fruit
and brownies for dessert.  Even ate off of paper plates, why not, right?
Our son Brett and granddaughter Emily were the only ones who couldn't make it this time.

There was a 3 yr., two 4 yr. and one 8 yr. old and after we ate they
must have had to run off some steam because there was
a running screaming session happening - maybe too much sugar!

Being we're making garlands this week and next we have been looking for natural
things to put with the gourds and sweet potatoes.
We got some Buckeye's from a cousin. Never really knew how they grew before this.
I love how beautiful and shiny the surface is on them - they look like mahogany.
Some pods had 2 and 3 nuts in them.

So the dining room table is set up to get started making gourd garlands,
I need to soak the bay leaves yet so they are pliable and won't snap when we string them on.
Doug drilled holes in everything yesterday so I guess we are set to start tomorrow!!!

I am taking them to a couple shops by me to sell but if anyone wants either the gourd garland or sweet potato garland email me.
I will get details to you - and they will most likely be on my other blog.

My sweet Niece Tina let us cut some corn stalks so they are drying in the screen room until we can tie them up outside.
Thanks Tina!!!

That's all for this week - time to get ready to meet a former co-worker for lunch!
Happy week everyone - and COME ON FALL!!!



  1. Karen~thank you for sharing your beautiful family and home~there's no place like home even if you are serving hot dogs on paper plates........
    I love hot dogs.

  2. Nothing makes me happier than a hot dog. Never met one I didn't like

  3. Howdy from Kansas!
    Lovely post,

  4. Wow you have been busy Karen! I'm so happy to know that you are obviously feeling better if you can have so many things going on. I don't have falk fever yet either, as it's been to warm.

  5. Love your needlework! Cannot wait to see your garlands. Going on a buying trip in the morning. Janice

    1. Hi Janice - thanks for visiting.
      Today we start the garlands...going to be a busy 2 days.
      Where is the buying trip???

  6. You need some of our weather , it's easy to get in a Fall mood. You have so many exciting things going on.

  7. Hi Karen, Looks like you're going to be very busy with what I see on your table. I'm enjoying my gourd and sweet potato garlands that I got from you last year. I keep them up year round.
    My family and I have been enjoying hot dogs lately. Hadn't had any for a long time and they taste very good for a change. Love your big family. You are blessed.
    We're having cool temps here for a few days then back to the 90s next week. UGH !
    Looking forward to real Fall and pretty trees.
    Charlotte in Va.

  8. I can't wait to see those garlands you are making! My family LOVES hotdogs and we throw them together for family dinners often. Everyone is happy when we serve them. LOL Those paddles you cleaned up look amazing. Happy Fall!

  9. HI Karen,
    Love all of your finds! They will be perfect for your projects! You have such a lovely family and there is nothing better than a hot dog!! Your garland production line is quite impressive and hope you get lots of orders!!! Just perfect for fall!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, too!!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Your punch work is just plain beautiful. Love to see someone else's dining room table
    looking like mine! Yes, come on Fall. I am so ready!

  11. O I love how the paddles turned out! Looking at all the garland fixings I bet they are going to turn out to be so beautiful!
    Have fun!

  12. Fun, fun idea to mount your work on those butter paddles - I'll have to start looking for some! Your garlands are going to be scrumptious. Fun hot dog dinner - sadly, I think my family would turn their noses up at that idea! (hmpft!)

  13. Lots of work on the paddles and garlands. Love the idea of mounting your work on the paddles.

  14. Love your finds! Beautiful ♥

  15. For me, Punch needle is so much fun to do while watching TV in the evening. I love the fall garlands. Please be sure to post pictures of them when you are finished. They are so unique!

  16. I love the butter paddles, Karen. I went with my mom on Saturday to an antique mall and saw several. Since I had no clue what is a good price for them, I didn't buy any. I know I can get them cheaper at a flea market, so I'm hoping we will be able to make it some when the temperatures start cooling down.


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