Monday, October 31, 2016


Seems I can't get a post going every week or so like I use to - life just seems to get in the way.

Lots happens but no time to keep posting.  I hope I can change that. I really miss all of my blogger friends and the longer one stays away, the less traffic they get so hang in there...I'll try harder because I sure love coming to your blog and reading.

Oh also....most everyone is coming up a NO-REPLY so I can not answer your comments.
Sorry but I do not know how to change that so just know that
I enjoy and love all your wonderful comments.

So on with the post...
A week ago Saturday we had all the boys here for yard clean-up,
tree trimming and gettingthe screen room winterized.
Fun times with them...lots of male bonding for sure!!!
I so did not want to loose these leaves - I love the looks of them but they are messy bringing them into the house on your feet when they are wet like they have been lately.

We had a whole lot of dead limbs in several trees - thank goodness for Brett who once worked for a tree service - he really knows his stuff 

  Aidan even got to help between playing and snacking.

The next day we left for Pennsylvania to a buyers wholesale show - nice short trip but on our way we stopped in Cranberry for the night and visited a dear friend who has had a horrible bout with an illness that has put her in the hospital many times this past year - she has become one of my dearest and closest friends in such a short time.
She didn't know we were stopping to see her and it took her by surprise -
a short but sweet visit.

The next morning we drove to Lancaster - 
we had many places to be in a very short time but we did it.

Just a few of the things we found at wholesale

Lots of painted boards

3 Antiqued tin sconces that will be great for punch needle!
And I bought some dark gold aged stubby candles to put in them.

Several drieds to use on the gourd garlands

....and speaking of gourd garlands....we bought more gourds!!!
See those really grubby ones in the back left...they are the decorative gourds that are dried...should make for a very interesting garland.

And this wonderful baking pan - I'm going to make a snowman
or gingerbread punch needle and mount it in the open space.
I'd love to keep it for myself so we'll see.

Beautiful large aged gold basket - I think I will display some pine greens in it for Christmas

Found some long skinny sweet potatoes at Roots market in PA for the garlands -
they work out so much nicer than the fat ones.

I love the large farmhouse sink for tossing them in cinnamon and cloves
And the end result - a garland.
I made two of these this past week for customers - now making more for a couple others.

I also found the Shelly Beans I've been searching for at Roots as well
I string them with some natural dividers and they make for a nice hanging.
I had enough for 5 bunches to take to the shop I sell at.

We had our usual stop at Wilbur Chocolate for Wilbur Buds - and found them in a new location. It's directly across the street from the old original factory.  Seems to have lost some of its uniqueness by being in such a modern atmosphere but the candy was still the same...smiles!!!

It was such a pretty ride back home - not so much on the way out -
4 days made a huge difference in the color

It was still so early in the morning when we headed back,
the fog was still hanging over the hills 

Alexandra posted this picture on FB of her and Zayne - It is a favorite of mine!!!

Zayne in his Dr. costume

Miranda as a Fairy

Aidan is a Marine

I did an overload on pictures I know but thought I had better catch up on this past month!!!
I did an adorable punch needle from a pattern in the
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher magazine.
It's SAM SNOWMAN by Teresa Kogut.
I have sold a few of them already and if you want one check out my selling site:
Plus there's a lot more!!!

 Towards the end of the month Doug and I, our son Dan & daughter in-law Jamie, Alexandra and another couple are taking a painting class called Get Artzy by Jennifer Seitz Miller
We are all doing this adorable snowman.
I am working on a 6 pane window and Doug will be doing a canvas.  I can not wait!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Oh - Thurs. we are heading to Ohio to these 3 shows.
It has been about 4 years since we have gone.
Hope to see some of my blogger and FB friends there!!!

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Love hearing all about your travels and seeing all the pics. The three in costumes are so cute! Those days were so much fun! Have a great week.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi Karen, I love to read your blog and love seeing all of your photos! What adorable kids!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Always good to hear from you.
    Happy Halloween :)

  4. Your grands look adorable in their Halloween costumes. I loved passing out candy tonight. My favorite lil boy tonight was dressed as Dracula. Sofun. Janice

  5. Karen that was a fun read. Tree removal is a pain in the....... neverending around here.
    Hope to see you at the shows. Janet and I are going to all 3 and as many as we can fit in. Can't wait!!!! (((Hugs))))

  6. The kids look so cute! What a great trip you had. We are still enjoying the lovely garland you made! It is hanging on our pie safe.

  7. Greetings, Karen ~ I was just thinking about you the other day, and what a nice surprise to get your latest post. Your little fairy Miranda is so sweet! I'm glad you're able to make it to some of the shows; I imagine they are so much fun. Your punch needle patterns are really nice; I love everything you make. That baking pan was a great find ~ enjoy filling it up!

    Have a wonderful Fall; I'm sure you'll be so busy with your business, etc. I'm so happy for you that you're able to be so active after your surgery. I've been much less active; with 3 failed spine surgeries I'm slowly getting more bent over. I need to spend most of each day laying down in bed in order to be up a few hours in the evening when my husband gets home from work. Last year Oregon (where I live) made all chronic pain patients step way down on their pain medication, so now I'm having to battle the ongoing constant pain as well. But, at least I've still got most of my marbles! :-)

    Warm Regards, Lisa

  8. I agree with you about loving to see the leaves on the ground - I hate cleaning them up and making the yard all tidy, but it's necessary. You've been so busy! And you've found some real treasures during your trips!


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