Thursday, March 9, 2017

A bit of show and tell

Things are finally going to get back to normal around here -
I got the pins removed from my finger!
 Amazing how not being able to use the full capacity of ones hand
really makes so many things difficult, if not impossible.

But on to better things.
A couple weeks ago I decided to make a traditional early style penny rug for us...
after all these years we do not have one.
I love all the colors in this one and they will be stitched on a wool army blanket.

I laid the pennies in the order I wanted, then had to mark on the backs of each one the number in the spot they would go back on after I stitched the two pennies together.
I am really anxious to start stitching because the colors take on a deeper tone with the stitching - and those few bright gray ones will tone down considerably when stitched.

Last Friday we took a very long day trip to Arcola, IL to some Primitive Antique shows.
Everything in all 4 shows was so beautiful but sooo expensive.
The show we went mainly for was Homesteaders On The Prairie...a wonderful and affordable show plus we always see familiar faces there.
Among the ones we saw was Carolyn Thornton from Black Cat Primitives
 - she is always so upbeat and smiling!

Saw this sweet pillow she made and I thought it would look good on the guest bed -
tie it in with the old quilt at the bottom of the bed

Also found a long paddle I think a long tall snowman punch needle would look nice on. 
It isn't old but I loved the shape.

This homespun wool I thought would make a very neat looking sheep on a hooked piece

At one of the shows we saw 3 very nice Penny Rugs.
Would of loved the one on the wall but the price was too out of line.

I love the outline stitching on this one.

Cool Red/White/blue one

A couple weeks ago we went up to Fox & Fork where I consign at
and they had a whole tub of graters and such - love the little hand scrub board.
Going to mount punch needle on these at some point.

I imagine with the new year that started many of you made a resolution to eat healthy.
We did but haven't been too good at following it like we should but now and then
we do and last night I made a delicious stir fry and it's probably
one of the easiest and healthiest dishes you could eat.
Do you find you make enough to feed a whole table of people?
Seems no matter what I make after all these years of just the two of us
I can't seem to cut back on the ingredients and make a ton of it.

Tonight we go over to UW Whitewater for granddaughter Emily's band concert.
We haven't seen her in several weeks and we'll also celebrate her 19th birthday.
We are so proud of Em - she received another scholarship last week and also got a job for the summer at the Kenosha, WI museum for Public History which is her major.

I'll close now - as again I never know when to stop writing 😊

Blessings to you all and thanks for stopping by


  1. OH Karen....I so agree...the Homestead show was way too pricey for me too! I ended up buying two little primitive bunnies. The show the next morning "Gathering on the Prairie" was wonderful! prices were much better and the show was bigger and roomier. I found some wonderful items there. I'm in the process of making a penny rug for my table also. I started it last NOvember, but with everything else, I only work on it here and there. Glad you hand is better!! Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Oh my Karen I didn't know about your finger ~ so glad every thing is healing up for you. I know how it is when you can't work with your hands the way you want to.
    Your penny rug is going to look beautiful ~ they always do :) I haven't been on blogger forever ~ I kinda miss it. Oh I wanted to go to that prim show and opted to go on the Vintage Shop Hop instead. Can't wait to see what you do with the graters! Many Blessings Robin

  3. Hi Karen, Glad to hear you are getting back to normal. Your penny rug will be beautiful. Love the colors. It looks like you found a few bargains! Can't wait to see how you make those graters pretty. As your your stir looks delish! I'm afraid I am one who cooks for crowd sometimes. It's not an easy task to pare it down and most times I'm liking the leftovers when I've had a long day I can just warm it up! Growing up with 6 in our household Saturday night was leftover night. It all got heated up and you took what you wanted unless Dad got it first! Great way to clear the fridge.

  4. Love the colors of your penny rug. Make sure you show and tell the when it is finished. Congrats to your granddaughter. I heard the Indiana shows were expensive, but never been to any. Janice

  5. Good to hear from you and happy you are healing.
    LOVE your penny rug.
    Congrats to Em.

  6. That pillow couldn't be more perfect. So how does the pinless finger feel? Working better than before I hope. Boy do I have the Army and Navy blankets. Green, gray, white, brown!

  7. So happy to hear you are on the mend. That penny rug is wonderful...great colors. Well done, Em!

  8. I did not know you had hand troubles. Glad to hear they are getting better. When I had carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand UG! a pain. I do love the penny rug. I think you could do one just as pretty as the one at the show. You must be very proud of that lovely granddaughter.

  9. Love the colors of your penny rug !
    That long wooden paddle is wonderful ;)

  10. Ok now I want to make a penny rug! I hope you will show us pictures when it's all done!!

  11. Good evening, Karen,
    Oh how I can relate...remember when I fell and broke both of my wrists. It was a very frustrating 12 weeks! I am so glad to hear your pins are out and you can get back to stitching. I have always been fascinated by your penny rugs. Maybe I can learn how to make one when I am retired next year!! Happy Weekend. ~Natalie

  12. Hi Karen! I really enjoyed your pictures of the great finds. I know what you mean about making too much food. It's just my husband and I but we tend to make big batches of everything. Fortunately we love leftovers and we always have some extra for my grand-mom who we love to cook for. Thanks for sharing! Nat

    1. Hi Natalie - everything looks great here, I can see your comment and it wasn't not sure what is happening.

  13. So happy to see your post, dear friend.. I am slow but get here eventually! Everything is so beautiful and your handwork is awesome.. Loved the shows and though I do not do the Prim thing much anymore, I still love old... And that wee scrub board is perfection. I am going to try and see if I can find one on Amazon.. Is that coveting? LOL... Take care, dear heart.. Oh, your grand-daughter is beautiful like her Grandma.. xo

  14. Love all your prim finds. Please share your finished projects. I would love to attend the Homestead ... show but living in CA makes it more of a dream that a possibility. Glad your hand is improving.


  15. Stir fry is my favorite healthy meal on a busy night. It takes one pan to make an entire, balanced meal the whole family enjoys.

  16. Loved the post! Arcola is wonderful. We used to go to the quilt show every year. I think it has changed a lot since I was there several years ago. Need to go again.


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