Friday, March 9, 2018

The snowball effect!!!

There is truth to this phrase!!
We started our bathroom cabinet re-do a month ago and since then it has escalated.
I had a feeling this would happen but didn't want to say it out loud!
Doug finished the doors and drawers a week ago and since then it has been lots of decision making....we decided to do the counters afterall. And that lead to new sinks and faucets.
And because the 1 inch tiles were on the counters and half walls we decided to try and get it off the walls and replace it with wainscot. Fortunately the tiles came off easier than we thought they would - which was a blessing. It could have been a bear otherwise.

This past week he started removing those horrible 1 inch tiles on the counters and walls...we needed to remove it before the counter company came today to measure and see where the sinks would be.  They said they could install in 2 or 3 weeks from today so we have a bit of work to do in between.
Hard to see but there is very little veining in this quartz -
and I think that's why we liked it, it wasn't real busy.

Doug's progress on the counter removal

And to keep with the 'snowball effect' - we are having ceramic tile floor installed....I've always loved the vintage look of the Octogan & dot tiles....we're going with the all white.

This weekend I will start painting the inside
of the cupboard before the counters get installed.
Bought the paint today called 'Thin Ice'
We weren't sure if we wanted an extremely light gray or a faint aqua - as it turned out the Thin Ice is a cross of the two. Wainscot/trim/door will be an off white.

And I fell in love with these faucets the minute I saw them!

And the sinks

I know...not very Colonial for any of it but that's perfectly okay...we went classic vintage.

Well if you stuck with me this long I will continue with thanking my wonderful
KM Primitive customers.
I can not tell you how appreciative I am for all of you.
I offered my gourd carrots and hand painted designed eggs over the past 3 weeks
and the response was overwhelming.
I had 4 different painting sessions for the eggs and will mail the last batch out on Monday.




Robin's Egg Blue

Gourd Carrots

I have two finished punch needle for sale on my website
Bunny and Bell Flower
You can find them here:

Thank you for stopping by - come back soon!


  1. Wow. What a nice sized bathroom! I love it when a project snowballs by choice and not necessity.

  2. Love it all. I need to do some remodeling too, but the thought of all the mess and disruption are keeping me from starting anything. The eggs are gorgeous, and I've never seen those carrot gourds. Amazing!

  3. I love your plans for the bathroom. The octagon tiles are my favorites for bathrooms. In our old house we had a pink bathroom with pink octagon tile flooring. That was the only time I hated that kind of tile. :) What kind of gourds are you using for your carrots? I'm looking to add gourds to our garden this year and would love to add some of those.

  4. Beautiful bath choices. Looking forward to seeing it all finished. Quartz is so pretty, plus it does not require regular surface treating like granite does. The eggs are so pretty. 'Never heard of saltglaze. Beautiful. What is it?

  5. I'm loving your bathroom, Karen. Your eggs reminded me I still need to do something with those emu eggs that came from Mom. Maybe over Spring Break coming up. :-) Judy

  6. boy what a project! your projects always end up great tho! love seeing pictures of your house! love your eggs and carrots! makes me feel spring may come. right now we are getting a beautiful big snow flake snow fall but geez enough already! im in northern Minnesota and we are so ready for spring! if only it would stop snowing so it will come! enjoy your day Karen!

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