Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well I'm about to wrap it up here with our trip photos so there might be a few more than usual in this post.

We had the most wonderful week in Lancaster ever - I just didn't want to leave this time even though it was Columbus holiday there and the tourists (no us of course...lol) were there by the bus load!

Every hotel had at least one or two busses there nightly and at the different shopping areas they were lined up in the parking lots.....but THAT'S A GOOD THING WITH THIS SLUGGISH ECONOMY...which leads me to this - Where in the world does this theory come from????

People are BUYING! Have you seen them? And this is FUN SHOPPING....not necessary shopping. I think the media hypes things to put a scare into us. Just my opinion.
The Revere Tavern and Hotel....we have had dinner in here a few times - very old and Colonial.

Shops in Bird In Hand, PA

Historical houses in the little town of Strasburg - this town has some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen and they are so well kept. Here are just a couple. The house at the top of my Blog is one of them.

An old mill just across the street from The Olde Mill House Shoppes posted in another section

A typical Amish schoolhouse


An amish farm tractor - notice the steel wheels

So anyway, on to the rest of the trip. We headed home on Wednesday morning Oct. 15th....and the colors had peaked during the time we were there. What a difference a week made. The most vibrant colors were between Harrisburg and Pittsburg.


  1. I love those pix of the shops and homes...and those sheep!....Is that your home in the header?...just wondering?!

  2. Wonderful pictures~such pretty places! I think you're right about the media trying to scare us a bit ~ just never know what to believe!

  3. Thanks for sharing your great pics of your trip, I love the houses and the old mill:)

  4. I recognize many of those places from our many trips to PA. Just love the old stone houses with their wide window sills inside! I have seen people doing the same kind of shopping!

  5. CHAR....oh, how I wish...no, it's one of the historic homes in Strasburg1

    JANAE...I am a firm believer in that thought - always have been. We'd all be okay if the press would just stop 'telling' us we're hard up! lol

    RONDELL...thanks. Aren't the old mills just beautiful?

    LINDA....so glad you have been there! Such history all around. Yep, they're shopping!

  6. Your trip reminded me of our trip to Valley Forge several years ago. We were vendors at the Feb. show, and we loved the historic towns.
    Looks like you had beautiful weather for your trip.
    Thanks for the memories.

  7. Terry, thanks....isn't it just wonderful out there?
    So you stopped doing the shows??? Or do you do them someplace else?

  8. Karen,
    I loved the pics. Oh the sheep were wonderful! the leaves were gorgeous!! I just know you enjoyed the ride with all the wonderful scenery. :)
    Blessings, Linda

  9. LINDA....we certainly did and I wish I was still there.
    If I could move to Lancaster I would!

  10. What wonderful memories come back to me after viewing your lovely pictures. We used to visit Pa every year but haven't been back in sometime. Sure is beautiful country up there, thank you for sharing them.
    I love your banner with all the pewter, just beautiful.

  11. Kim, thank you so much.
    I hope you get to visit there again someday.
    We love the rural areas but do get caught up in the tourism as well, but not often.

  12. Oh my goodness..what beautiful pictures..what a wonderful trip!!!!



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