Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thought I'd give you all a break from my trip photos and share with you my two newest items I put on my site yesterday and just some updates.

It has been a busy week here with getting orders out and designing.

When we got home from our shopping trip and unpacked all our goodies, we put it all in the dining room until we could decide what to do with it all so on Friday my husband took all the boxes to the basement, unpacked them and put them on the tables in sections of the same kind of products to make it easiser for me to start pricing them....what a huge help that was! Now comes the hard part - figuring the prices. I am probably cheating myself but I don't do the normal double the amount for retailing.....I double it and then deduct 15-20% for the final price.

I think I do quite well this way in selling most of my products by giving my customers a deal and then I'm not sitting with a huge overstock at the end of the season so it's a win-win situation.

It doesn't look like much but the boxes are several deep - we went to 9 different wholesale shops plus the Wholesale Cash & Carry Show.

I made a 16 inch round mat and Jar Candle Sleeve to match yesterday. I decided to leave off the tabs and pennies this time, why, I don't know....just wanted something different to add to my inventory.

This new design has sheep with a wreath around his neck - a little putsy to work on but it was fun!

I have some new pocket hangings I made yesterday as well and will post them after I get them filled with goodies so check back later.
That's it for now....Karen


  1. Love the sheep! Can't wait to see all your new treasures from the trip...


  2. Love that candle wrap..looking forward to seeing your treasures

  3. I really like that new design, Karen. Can't wait to see what you bought. ~ Pam

  4. I do love that design, Karen! I need to go to your website...are you putting your new goodies on it? I can't wait to see!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi-ya Karen,
    Just letting ya know, you got "tagged"...this is my first "tag" and I'm pickin YOU! ;)

    Please don't worry about participating, I know how busy ya are-if ya can't to it...that's fine!! :)

    have a great MONDAY!


  6. I like your new goodies. The sheep and trees are great on that black wool!

  7. Hi Karen!
    Just received my table runner and candle sleeve in the mail!!
    I thought they were very nice "online" when I ordered...BUT they are so beautifully done! You do great work!!!

    Thanks so much- :)


  8. Oh my gosh, so many posts!
    Thanks everyone!
    You should see my fingers....I don't think my middle finger will ever recover from the pin pricks of the needle. It happens every year at this time with the constant sewing.

    KATH.....YEAH!!!!!!! So glad you are happy with it.
    You know - I get that comment from everyone who orders something. The pictures don't do the actual product justice. THANKS.



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