Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was a day of taking photos, working on my website, as well as finishing up a set of Mug Mats for a customer, mailing 5 orders and even time left over for my Blog. I’m bushed! Some days just work smoothly while others you just spin your wheels, flap your arms and spin in place.
I was mentioning in my last post that I purchased some very special items at this Crafter’s Mall in the Wisconsin Dells so I finally got the pictures taken of them.
Jeanne makes these wonderful Primitive items but doesn’t have a website, just her great little space at the mall and I drool every time I’m there - it’s called Farmhouse Gatherings
I told her if anyone saw something they liked that I showed here, I’d send them her e-mail and possibly she would have more.
And PRIMITIVE is the word for her products and ALL MADE BY HER.

So on with the show….

Is this Aqua mini check Prairie Apron and Bonnet just too cute - click on it to see it up close

This darling fabric covered pantry box holds 6 of the most wonderful scented cakes - cinnamon and vanilla. I also purchased the round pantry cake and the grungy pantry cloth awhile back from her booth.

I couldn’t resist this darling soap bag - the colors she has been using has lots of Aqua…can you tell? Most everything I bought from her lately has the color in it and I LOVE IT.

The candles on the wire were bought prior to this trip as well - I fell in love with them immediately.
And this time I bought two taper candles. Each one is slipped inside a cute fabric sleeve with a rusty pin and old button.

We also shopped at this great little shop in Tomah, WI called The Market Place http://www.marketplacetomah.com/index.html
I bought this bundle of wool….well, it’s actually the innards of cotton batting and wrapped in grungy cheesecloth and all tied up with some Aqua ticking fabric….cute huh?

I also purchase a grungy bag with Cornmeal printed on it - not sure what’s in the bag but it smells pretty good.

I also found this wonderful cotton 46 x 46 Table Square made by Family Heirloom Weavers….got it for $25.00.…HUH???? Yep, $25.00

When we all went for lunch the day we shopped we saw this darling store next to the restaurant called Gatherings and well worth the wait while we had lunch…I didn’t buy much but what I did get I love and will go back.

One thing was this round braided table mat and also a YUMMY Lavender scented soap. Here’s the link to the brand….OMGosh it’s just wonderful.

And last but not least we hit a thrift shop and for $3.56 I got this little bunch of crafting goodies. 2 pieces of muslin, a yard of printed fabric, a piece of blue ticking and a pkg of bells I can rust.

So that's my Show N Tell ... Enjoy!


  1. OHHH I LOVE the bonnet and apron, they are gorgeous! And the little bag! Love the pictures!!

  2. It was well worth the wait for the pictures!
    I absolutely adore every single one! I bet you wanted to purchase all that you saw!! I know that I would.
    Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin!

  3. Oh Karen...what some neat finds!! I love it all...!! I see so many neat ideas for my business when it opens. I"m having a Spring Give Away...check it out!

  4. Karen,
    What fabulous finds. I love all of it. Loving the aqua color. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You purchased some nice fines. This is my first visit , I will be back.

  6. I love your purchases! Especially the bonnet and the candles. The colors are soooo nice.

    Always fun to see what you've found.

  7. love every!...aqua seems to be a hot color these last few months!

  8. OMG...is all I can say :)
    You got yourself some wonderful goodies!!! I LOVE everything.


  9. Hi Karen,

    I just love all your goodies!! My favorites is the bonnet and apron.


  10. Oh, you had a wonderful time...I'm loving the aqua too:)

  11. Love it all :-) Thanks for the pictures! You sound as if you have been running like a crazy woman! Glad you had some road trip time to relax and enjoy! have a good week. ♥

  12. Karen,

    I love all the aqua! There's just something about that color with the prim decor...it really works! I LOVE the apron and bonnet!

    The colors in the braided mat are great! Do you know what it's called! It's so pretty!

    All your goodies are great! Thanks for sharing them all!


  13. What a bunch of wonderful goodies. I wish I could her things in person. I have nothing like that in my area to shop at.

  14. Karen,
    Just loooove everything. And of course, love your home...the wallpaper in one of your photos ..I adore. Wonderful taste!

  15. Wow ~ I love all of your new goodies Karen !Have a wonderful day !
    Janae :-)

  16. All of the goodies look fabulous Karen!....Thank you for sharing and all of the lovely pictures! Janet :)

  17. Karen~Everything is just wonderful! Love it all! I have to say that box with the pantry cakes in it....my favorite...wish I could smell them in person! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your pictures! Take care. ~Sarah~

  18. You made out like a bandit!

    Great finds and fabulous pictures!


  19. Wow! Lots of goodies to drool over! I love everything! I wish there were primitive shops in my area. People down here just don't get it.
    Have a great day!

  20. Love the bonnet and apron too. I love it all really. Great pics, thank you for sharing. Have a good day. Hugs, Tammy

  21. Thanks for the great pictures. Like everyone else, it is all wonderful, but my favorite is the pantry cakes and box! Keep those pictures coming! Dawn

  22. Just paint me green with envy! I am so jealous that you got to go to the craft mall! I actually had a dream about going there one night last week. Who knows, maybe I was channeling your happy euphoric thoughts! Being that you WERE ONLY 17 MILES AWAY FROM ME! I've heard good things about that place in Tomah too. Ah, maybe someday I can go.

  23. Hi Karen,
    What wonderful goods you got! Love it all, you have such good taste, and such an eye for just the perfect pieces!

    Hope you have a happy Thursday!


  24. What a great cache of goodies you've collected Karen! Enjoyed seeing your photos!


  25. Ooooh so many wonderful goodies! You found lots of great items, Karen. So glad you got around to the picture taking. It was well worth the wait! Hugs~ Birgit

  26. What great treasures you found! I love them all. Oh what fun you must have had finding just the right homes for them!


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