Friday, May 29, 2009


I have missed each and everyone of you the past 2 weeks! I've checked now and then on blogs but haven't had much computer time.

I thought my orders were slowing down because there were none for about 5 me time to catch up and see the last of the orders but this week they came in heavy again so it's has been sewing for me. And YES, I love it but I sure do miss posting here and commenting on your blogs.
And because of my sewing I've had nothing exciting to post about.

Did your week go by as fast for you as it did for me - seems like just a couple days ago it was Friday heading into the long weekend.
Our son and grandson stopped here before work this afternoon and our Grandson said his 1 year review is coming up next week and he said how fast time goes by anymore...and he's 20!!!! LOL. He said when he was in school you gauged your time by school and then summer it just flys by. Sometimes the young learn

I had a special order for a smaller Sheep runner because she's putting it across a sheep so I had a large sheep and put it on and I love it so now I'll make them in different seasons and holidays...what do you think?
Also, does anyone know where I can find some of these large sheep. It's about 14 inches high and about 18 inches long.
Isn't it cute????

A friend of my husbands went to Oregon a while back to the College basketball playoffs and went to this popular restaruant called Ottos and who was in there but Guy Fieri (center) from the food network doing a taping...afterwards he came over and talked to Mike (left) and his brother Pat (right). Cool huh???

On Tuesday the 2nd we're heading for Lancaster, PA for a week to our cousin's daughters graduation party and a bit of shopping and I'm also meeting some great girls from A Primitive Place forum. We're meeting on Thursday morning for breakfast and chatting and getting to know each other...should be a great day and I'm soooo anxious.
Plus I'm going to try and finalize some plans for THE GATHERING OF FRIENDS trip in August.
But I'll check in nightly to see what's going on in blogland.

Well that's about it for this poor sole - real interesting huh?
I tried to scrape something up but this is all I could

Hugs, Karen


  1. How cool for your frined to meet Guy!

    I love the sheep. It looks so cute!


  2. Karen,

    I love the sheep, love the seasonal idea too. Have fun on your trip, that's my dream vacation for the Fall, New England and nothing but prim shops, historical sites and staying in B & B's.


  3. The sheep is a great idea!

    Have fun in PA!! Take lots of pics!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Having been visiting your blog for a while and really enjoy it. I happened to notice today that you are from Burlington. I am in CA and have no idea the size of your city, but used to know a crafter that was from Burlington. Ever run across Kerry Shilling? She was so talented and used to sell prims out of her house but I have lost touch. Just thought it was worth asking you, you never know, it can be a small world at times.

  5. oops, forgot to leave my addy

  6. Karen....the little runner over the sheep is very very cute!....have a great time in PA! Janet

  7. I am sure that will be fun to meet alot of the gals from A Primitive Place. There are tons of great prim gals on there!! I love the sheep... too cute and what a wonderful idea to put the "sheep blanket" on it.

  8. Hi Karen:
    You can get those sheep from "HONEY AND ME,INC." tOLL FREE # IS
    877-837-8838-orFAX 317-834-6180
    I have one of the large ones from there with a flag on it's back but they have the plain ones too..
    Yours is much cuter.

    Good luck finding them...

  9. Your sheep "penny rug" is darling. I'll look through some catalogs and see if I can find any sheep for you. By the way, if you are interested in one of the long flags, it's $29.95 and I won't charge shipping. I think they sell for at least $39.95 and up most places. Just let me know. I'M TRYING TO GET TO PA! Dawn

  10. That sheep is so cute, Karen. Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  11. Karen, love the rug on the sheep, and the seasonal idea. So glad your orders keep coming for you. Have a Great time on your trip.
    Hugs, Bren

  12. How adorable, love that sheep! Enjoy your trip!

  13. I love the sheep. Have fun in PA. I was born there and swear I want to take a trip to see the places my mom and grandmother always talked about. Someday....


  14. Lovin' that sheep runner idea :)
    Have a safe trip/wonderful time in PA!

    Enjoy your weekend.


  15. Hi Karen! Your little sheep runner is really cute! How cool to meet Guy Fieri. I haven't seen his show but I recognize his hair. LOL!

  16. Love the sheep oh how cute he turned out just perfect! And a fabulous idea too! Have fun on your trip!--Dawn

  17. Hi Karen, Thanks for your visit in my blog. I love the sheep!. Regarding your question, Yes I will be posting paper towel holders in my selling blog. Probably, during next week I will have two. If you want one in an specific color, just let me know. Thanks in advance, Evelyn

  18. Karen, I sent an email to you regarding your question. I have one from Honey and Me.

  19. Hi Karen, That sheep blanket is perfect! I love it! You have the greatest ideas.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. You deserve it.


  20. It's wonderful that you're doing so much business! Good for you! Love the sheep and his blanket - great idea.

  21. Karen, I have missed you but I am behind on blog reading too! Have fun on your trip!

  22. I wish I lived close enough to join in you Gathering of Friends. Sounds like you had a productive week. Take care ~Natalie

  23. Love your sheep!! I can hardly wait to see the seasonal ones! You are one talented lady...I love to see your art!

  24. Hi Karen,
    Love the sheep! I have a smaller one like came from CWI. They used to have the bigger ones, so you might want to check out there web-site.
    Have a great time in PA. I'm still not sure if I'm going to make it to the Gathering of Friends, but I really want to come.

  25. Lucky you Karen going Lancaster County.I loved it there! By the way,on the topic about which I emailed you with the kitties on the dining room floor...apparently white vinegar can do the trick.Cats don't like it!~Lynne

  26. It's good to see you back posting Karen. I've missed reading your posts. I love the sheep with the runner! He is just adorable!!!
    How fun for your husband and his friend too, to get to meet Guy. He's got a pretty fun job if you ask me. :)
    Glad to hear you're keeping busy with sales. That's great!
    Have a fun and productive week.
    Blessings~ Birgit

  27. Awesome sheep and runner Karen!! I think seasonal runners are a great idea!!

  28. I love Guy Fieri shows. I would love to travel and stop at as many of the Driver and Dine I could.
    They are so lucky

  29. Yeah! I was the special order for the sheep runner! I love mine too! Thanks so much Karen! Hugs, Robyn


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