Monday, August 17, 2009


Maybe some of you read this on the forum I'm on but I just had to share it with the rest....

Okay, now don't laugh...I have been waiting for this wonderful SALE at Walmart all summer long!

I use the Elmer's School Glue Sticks to lightly hold down my design pieces instead of pins that stick me everywhere.

Last year at this time I bought 2 cases at this sale - I believe that was 270 sticks....well, I just ran out like in June.

So yesterday we saw they had the sale...instead of the .55 cents they had for the last month and the 1.19 at regular price all year long.....WE GOT THEM FOR .20 cents PER DOUBLE PACK...that's .10 a tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They didn't have any cases available....all packs were on the shelves but the girl did find the boxes thay came in....SOOOOOO Doug and I stood there with all these loose pkgs. of glue and put them in the boxes....there were 69 boxes with 6 double packs in each one....THAT'S 390 pkgs or 780 GLUE STICKS!!!!

I'm in glue heaven!!!!! This should last me 2 years instead of the one!!!! LOL, LOL

I'm making a Sunflower Candle Hugger and can't make up my mind if I want to do a raised dimensional grungy one or a stitched flat plain one....have two here that are examples - they aren't stitched or anything...just sitting on fabric. What do you think????

And now my adorable littel Pumpkin Jar Toppers!
We are selling the toppers for $8.00 each and they fit all Mason/Ball jars.
We started out with 12 and just in 4 days we sold 10, we now have 2 available.
Here we have them displayed with Halloween candy......cute huh????
You can find them here:
Have a super wonderful day!


  1. are now officially the glue lady!!!! Lightly gluing them with a glue stick really does help...:)I remember learning that in the wonderful class I took...from you!!!

    My sunflower vote is for the more full one on the right :)I love that one.

    LOVE these pumpkin toppers..they are so great Karen.

    Hugs, D

    1. Some please recommend which product I should pick among the ones listed on this site.

  2. LOL, thanks Doreen!
    I forgot about that Penny Rug class....seems like moons ago!
    Thanks for commenting on the Sunflower - that's the one I'm thinking seriously of going with.

  3. Karen,
    Thanks for the heads up on the glue ~ I don't use much but what a deal. I like the sunflower on the right, too. Love the pumpkin toppers.

  4. You now have glue for all seasons Karen. I bet other shoppers thought you had a glue addiction when they saw your cart.
    I have to say I like the grungy sunflower on the left the best. It just fits more with my taste of prim. Can you make a couple of each and see which one sells better? Your jar toppers are wonderful. What a creative idea.
    Have a Great Week,

  5. Hi Karen!....I do the same only with tealights....I love burning tarts and need alot of the unscented tealights and I wait until I'm all out of my favorite ones and then buy a year's worth all at once....looks like you got a great bargain on your glue stix! Janet

  6. I like the grungey sunflower the best too, neat jar toppers too! I have to get me some glue.

  7. WOW! Now that's a lot of glue sticks! Galad you were able to rack up and save so much.

    I like both of your flowers, but am leaning more towards the sunflower on the right side. My Mama loved sunflowers.

    Have a great week Karen!

  8. Now that is alot of glue...LOL
    That sure is one great deal that you just could not walk away from. I never thought of using that to hold down the items instead of needles. I am constantly pricking myself. I will have to give it a try the next time I attempt to make a penny rug :)

    I like the sunflower not grudged up. But that is my opinion.


  9. Karen, I wait and buy my glue at back to school time too. I don't buy as many glue sticks as you do though! I also buy several bottles of Elmers regular school glue, many gingerbread ornament recipes call for this glue - either 1 or 2 cups which is a lot of glue. Much better to pay a few cents than over a dollar. ~ANn

  10. hi karen, sunflower on the left. but i like them both. the pumkin topper us great, toni

  11. Oh Karen:
    You made my day..LOL
    I can just see it now..
    "Yes, Doug.. I do need all this glue so be nice and help me carry it to the checkout.." LOL

    well here's one for you..
    while taking this deaf dog out to potty, she saw a dog in our patio and ran after it and jerked out of her collar and ran after the dog. Now remember she's deaf and can't hear thunder.. so when she jerked out of her collar, I fell sprawling on the driveway and skinned my elbow and I think broke some bones in my left wrist, so it's all black, purple and swollen.. so going to doc tomorrow.. to see if it's actually broken or just badly bruised..
    so that's my story for the day..

    and if it's broken will you send me some glue to fix it with.. LOL


  12. oh well, bet you are the talk of the town today.....curious people can think some strange stuff! LOL
    Great buy. I like both of the sunflowers, but would prefer the grungy one for my home...just more prim look. You probably would have a market for both. Go with your gut, you have done well so far. Have a good week my friend.
    Hugs, Sherrie from S.C.

  13. Don't ya just love a bargain like that?
    I like the grungy sunflower the best but either will look wonderful, I'm sure.

  14. Oh my - now if I could find that kind of sale on the glue I use for cardmaking!!

    I like the 3d sunflower myself - but both are cute!!

    Cute pumpkin toppers too. I bet they sell really well.

    hugs, Linda

  15. That is a lot of glue!!!! great toppers & sunflowers! Grungy one on the left is my choice.

  16. Wow, I'll bet people were looking at you weird at Walmart. Great bargain!! I like the grungy color on the sunflower, but like the fuller one on the right. How is that for a political like answer.

  17. Yes, you are the glue lady! I love the rasied grungy sunflower. The jar toppers are fun.

    BTW I'm sorry I somehow missed your last post...My what a beauty your are creating! Lots and lots of work. It will be awesome when it's done! :-D Mercy

  18. karen i just came form walmart the glue sticks are now .25 cents for a two pk. you made the price go up buying so many. Hahahahahahaha it was a great story i love coming to your blog to see what you have been up to. thank you for sharing. toni

  19. I like the grungy sunflower the best. I need glue,hopefully there will be some left at store!

  20. You are THE goddess of glue!

    I wait for the back to school sales, too! I love school supplies. I buy them for my grandkids and for myself! I think I only bought 5 packs of glue sticks, though. LOL


  21. Now thats alot of glue....You did get areally good buy on it though.....Thats the time to stock up.....

    Love both sunflowers...but my choice is the more prim one....

    Cute pumpkin toppers....great show shouldn't have any problem selling them...


  22. Well I went to Target today to buy a couple of things, and bought two glue sticks, which is not one of the couple of things I went to buy. I just love back to school sales too. But now, I think I'll go buy some more glue sticks, and glue, just in case!

    I like the sunflower on the left.


  23. Hi Karen,
    I personally love the sunflower on the left only because it's just a little more prim :) P.S. I tried to order somthing on your website tonight and it would not take my VISA gift card. I tried three times and it would NOT go through. I'll try again in a day or so.

  24. I don't think we have to worry about you coming unglued!!!! I like the look of the grungy sunflower... it seems to look more fall like.

  25. Hi Karen,
    Bet you are in glue heaven about right now!! Did they ask why you were buying all that glue? At our store, whenever I purchase alot of crafting supplies...they want to know why I'm buying so much.

    My vote is for the sunflower that is fuller on the right.

    Love the pumpkin toppers...too cute!! I got one from a crafter years ago, but mine is just the pumpkin head without any hat.

    hugs, Cindy

  26. Now you need to find a million and one ways to use glue, lol. At that price, I would grab them too, good deal.

    I like the grungy one on the left and your toppers are a neat idea for jars.


  27. well,now we know where to come if we need glue LOL you could do an ad "Got Glue?" LOL LOL both sunflowers are cute & so are the toppers, I've opened a 2nd blog, come by sometime


  28. Oh, my goodness!!! That's great! Only thing is, with the way Wal-Mart works....there will be a lot of kids without gluesticks for school because they probably won't replenish the supply...once it's gone, it's gone..

    I vote for the sunflower on the right. I really like that! I admire the candlewarmers but don't have any of my own. I guess that might be because I don't have any large jar candles anymore since I went to tart But that's another idea for when I want to work with wool again :)

    Have a great day!


  29. Hi Karen. I too went to Walmart about a week ago and stocked up on the glue sticks. I didn't get near as many as you did though! :) Unfortunately, ours is a little bit higher in price than yours...ours was 30 cents for a 2 pack...that's dumb, isn't it?! I use these glue sticks up so fast as penny rugs just eat them up! LOL!

  30. You are the Queen of the Glue Sticks now, aren't you Karen? Good for you...and great deal on them!

    Love your sunflowers especially! I love both of them, but I think my most favorite is the grungy one on the left.


  31. I NEED GLUE.
    RUSH GLUE !!


  32. I would not have thought of using glue sticks for my wool! Great off to Walmart!


  33. We will crown you Glue Stick Queen!
    I sure hope they dont dry out on ya!!
    I like the sunflower on the right..
    really cute!! And I love those lil pumpkin toppers.. awesome

  34. The glue Queen ! LOL I do the same thing . Hubby used to get emabarrassed , now he gets in there and helps . He said that I was being piggy . LOL !
    I love the sunflowers hugger , of course I love sunflowers !
    I love the pumpkin jars too .

  35. Hi thats a lot of glue! lol I like the grungy sunflower myself, and I love those pumpkin cute

  36. 'The Queen of Glue'! What a great buy! And what a great idea...I had never thought of doing that....sometimes my fingers get so sore..thanks for sharing your secret!! And I love both of the sunflowers..but truly, my favorite....the one on the left!!


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