Sunday, July 18, 2010

Barn Quilts


Morning Everyone…when it rains it pours…so they say! lol

As if it wasn’t hot enough outside and all you want to do is be inside…that’s not where I want to be right now – OUR AIR WENT OUT AGAIN but this time it’s really not the air, it’s the fan on the furnace – the air turns on but doesn’t blow any air out– so we tried the furnace and the fan isn’t working. Did all we could to find the problem but nothing!
So…a call to the furnace people…not for $150 an hour am I having someone come out…I’ll use fans!
Hopefully they will be here the first thing tomorrow but we have a feeling that parts need to be ordered…nothing more to say on this subject!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well I was treated with something special over this weekend…I found Barn Quilts…now I’m sure most of you have seen these but I never have…WOW, have I been missing something.

A couple weeks ago while driving up our highway I noticed a quilt square on a barn (the one above)…these are so huge you just can’t miss seeing them and what a glorious site…it must have gone up recently because I never noticed it before.

I was intrigued by it but never said anything to my husband but yesterday when he was reading the paper he saw an article on Barn Quilts and read it to me….WALLA…we have them right here in our own town!

So I proceeded to look them up on the internet and found a blog with all these links to Barn Quilts.

Here’s the introduction to the link I found for my county:
And the link:

“Visitors traveling the rural roads of Racine County in Southeastern Wisconsin this Fall will see even more color than what Mother Nature is offering when they look for bright quilt patterns mounted on historic barns. Fifteen barns, starting in October 2008, along with six new barns in 2009, will be sporting 8 x 8 foot square painted plywood quilt patterns, all visible from the road, to launch Quilts on Barns-the Beauty of Rural Art. The ambitious project, cosponsored by the nonprofit Racine Arts Council in conjunction with the Racine County Convention and Visitors Bureau, will include 45 quilts on barns during the next three years.”

Now I’m not sure just how many more were added since 2009 but I’m sure there are many more.

I won’t bore you with any more ‘words’…just pictures and link so you can see these beauties for yourself and check out the links in her blog for a County in your area.

Lighthouse Drive Mariners-Compass   7 Mile road Square-in-a-Square

Foley Road Churndash   Short Road Black-eyed-Susan

Hwy. 38 Corn-and-Beans   Nicholson road Ohio-Star-Variation

Airline Road Indian-Paintbrush   Borgart Road Lady-of-the-Lake-

Braun road  Bears Paw   108th Street Tennessee Star

Seven Mile Road  Wild Goose Chase   Heg Park Road  Tulip Basket

Big Bend Roaad  Indian Trails   Durand Ave.  Fight

Maple Road Log Cabin   Old Yorkville Road  Swing-on-a-Star

Raynor Ave.  sawtooth   Plank Road  cornucopia

Nicholson Road four-flags-best   Mt. Tom Road  crop-vine-of-friendship

51st Street Mosaic

So how’s that for beauty????  Aren’t they just gorgeous.

Well tomorrow we have the two little ones for the day and we’re going to Janesville to meet some friends from Mesa, AZ who will be traveling through on their way to their sons place in Wisconsin Rapids – we meet every year for this couple hour lunch and then they are on their way. One of these winters we’re going to make some serious plans to go visit them in Mesa.

Mare and Jim have been friends since I was in high school…she lived in Wisconsin Rapid, me in Janesville but we met through my 3rd cousin who worked at a hotel where her mother worked in Wis. Rapids and we were introduced one summer when my mother and I went up there for a visit….been friends since. We were in each other’s weddings as well.
Love ya Mare, can’t wait to see ya!

I can’t find the current photo from last July…this is the year before.

mare, me, doug, jim 

Well guys – not much else to add here.
It’s another hot day and supposed to rain.
I know it’s this way all across the US so we’re all suffering together (or loving it! But not me!).

Hey, I forgot to mention….I changed out the look of my Popular Selling Blog…it’s very Americana and works better with the header/logo…..go check it out.

I might have a short week here because on Friday we’re heading up north to a cousin’s reunion and won’t be back until Sunday night and no computer.

Oh….we get to see Billy ( from St. Kitts) he’s flying in a week from this next Friday to stay with us because it’s my husbands and his 50th class reunion so he’s staying with us through Monday….yeah!!!!
Linda isn’t making the trip because their house is up for sale and they don’t want to miss out on a hopeful buyer. We’ll miss ya kiddo!

I know….that’s information you needed to know, right?…sorry – you know me when I get rambling….things just come out, I can’t help myself.

Hugs, to all


  1. HI Karen, Oh yeah, the barn quilts are beautiful and really pop out atcha. I love 'em. Wow, you have a safe and fun visit and trip. Stay cool! Hugs~Carol

  2. Hi Karen,

    We visited Shipshewana, Indiana last month and they also have the barn quilts as well as quilt gardens. It really is something to see.

    Have fun with the little ones and have a safe trip!

  3. Hi Karen. I just love the pics of the barn quilts. VERY interesting! Looking forward to your next post. i became a follower as well :)

    Take Care
    Lori (Yearning for Yesteryear)

  4. Karen,
    What a beautiful find.Is there a map to see these quilts? I might like to drive by to see them up close and personal. It is too hot to do much else these days. We took a day trip to Kenosha last week to see the Civil War Museum. Well worth the trip.

  5. Hi Karen.

    What great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Barn Quilts, what a great idea!

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Karen those barn quilts are awesome! I've seen where people make them only as big as needed to go on their porches too.


  7. Karen thank you so much for sharing all of those beautiful barn quilts.
    Makes me want to have one of my own!


  8. Love the Barn Quilts Karen...we lived in WI for a few years (Up near Black River Falls) and loved it. I think WI is the most beautiful state there is.
    Hop on over to my blog when you have a few min..I am having a sale and trying hard to get off the red dirt road and go home to IL.
    I am definately going to pain a quilt square on plywood and display it somewhere when I get moved. I think it will be fun :)

  9. I love the barn quilts!!! They are awesome and I bet something to see for real.

  10. Hi Karen... Love the quilt display... Each one so different from the other.. You sound like you are going to be a busy girl but it all sounds like fun, too.. I think that is the nicest thing about summer.. It is even hot here in St. Martins.. (first time in the last 14 years we have summered here!!)

  11. Karen ~
    I had not heard of barn quilt, either, but they are wonderful! Is it just a Wisconsin thing?
    Pug hugs :)

  12. Karen,
    Beautiful photos of the barn quilts. I've taken photos of some in Kentucky on our way to Tennessee. I also found out that the county next to us has 40 barns quilts...we hope to take a day and drive through that county and take photos. There is house near mine that has a small one on their chimmey, which I thought was pretty cool!!

  13. Gosh, I've never heard of or seen these barn quilts before. I will be going online after this post to check it out and see if there are any here in Massachusetts or the rest of New England. Thanks a bunch for sharing this, just one reason why I'm so thrilled to have found out about blogging! I am checking your new selling blog out as well. The flag is a nice touch.
    Best Regards,

  14. I really enjoyed this post. I have always been drawn to barns even as a child. I have always dreamed of what a nice fixed up barn made into a house would be like. Such large open spaces and large beams. One of these quilts on the outside would be grand. Sorry to hear your A/C is out. I have never had A/C but would love it. Hope you get all fixed up and cooled off very soon.

  15. Wow Karen, those are amazing!! What a nice way also to draw attention to those lovely barns!! It is so nice to know that some people really appreciate the art of quiltmaking and the history of architecture too! I live in WA State and we have actually had pretty cool weather, so I would gladly send some your way if I could!!
    Take care and thank you for the lovely photos!

  16. Karen, you always have the neatest things!!! So much fun to check your blog out.

  17. Karen, thanks for posting these beauties! I would love to see some of these in person. I have toyed with the idea of putting on our storage shed, smaller in size, that can be seen from the street. Not sure how it would go over in the city!

  18. So sorry you are w/o air again. We would have to move out of our home if it happened to us right now with the triple digit heat index we've been living with all week... nothing more to say on this subject!!

    The barn quilts are gorgeous! I have never seen them or heard of them! I love them, so neat! Such a fitting name too... beauty of rural art. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

    Sounds like some wonderful plans you have. Family and friends... what else do you need, right?

  19. Karen--thank you so much for sharing the Barn quilts!! I LOVE them!! I want to make one for the side of our house. I mentioned it to the hubster and he just rolled his eyes at me. Kill-joy!!!

  20. Hi Karen,

    First of all I hope you aren't roasting today and the a/c is fixed. And thank you for sharing the quilts. Just fascinating!

  21. What a fun post today! I've heard of barn quilts and have even seen a picture or two but these all are awesome! How lucky you are to have some in and around your county. I'm going to check out the blog next. Thanks for the link.
    Sorry to hear about your a.c. I hope you get it fixed soon and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.
    Enjoy your little ones tomorrow.
    Blessings~ Birgit

  22. Hi Karen,
    LOVE the barn quilts; how gorgeous. We are used to seeing "Hex" signs on barns in Pennsylvania, but I've never seen quilt blocks before. What a grand idea.

    Barns are beautiful anyway -- and now, some are more so!

  23. Barn Quilts are awesome, I just hung one (small one)on my home outside. I stained it some so it wasn't so bright & sanded it. I love looking at all the neat ones they have on all the web-sites too.
    Hope you get your ac fixed. Enjoy your trip!

  24. Karen, I haven't seen anything like those quilts on the barns, I think they are beautiful. I love all the pictures you put up!
    I hope you are no to HOT, I don't like the HEAT at ALL!!!!
    I hope you enjoy your trip and be safe!!!
    Lots of Love,

  25. I love finding beauty in unexpected places! Thank you Karen, for sharing this!

  26. Hi Karen, Aren't they gorgeous?? I did one of my own a couple of years ago. Not quite as big as the ones shown, but about 1/2 that size. Put it on the side of our old chicken coop that hubby keeps his tractor in. Quite eye catching. Nearly broke my back bending over the table painting it tho.........ha Pammie

  27. Oh Karen...You have so inspired me with this post! Guess what I'll be making for my barn this weekend? Just have to choose a design...I'm thinking Bear Claw...Then paint colors, etc...
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  28. This was an awesome post!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!

  29. Oh I"ve wanted to do that drive and see those. I live so close and just never find the time. Do you know where I can find the trail to follow? I so enjoyed your pictures.

  30. OH What a wonderful Post Karen. Thank you so much for sharing the link with me!



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