Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snowy Ride and Whispers of Christmas Past

A few days before Christmas – the 21st to be exact - we had a very pretty snowfall so early in the afternoon I asked Doug if we could take a ride so we headed on out into the country – what a peaceful ride with anticipation of Christmas soon to come and then the New Year. I wasn’t feeling well at all as you all know so I had hoped this would take my mind off of everything and it did for awhile so join me on my little 2 hour ride.

Snow on fence

Water Tower

Gate at B&B by our house


Old Cabin


Just too pretty fence 

Another house in country

House in country

 Country road

We put all our Christmas things away yesterday and today and I really miss the look and feel the greens and berries give. I could have left just those up but then it’s re-arranging everything in the containers to put them away later so just as easy to do it all at once.
My home feels bare now – what I had out before the decorating doesn’t feel right for some reason. Do you feel that way???
In a few days when my eyes have time to reconnect to the old familiar decor everything will be good again.
So I thought I put a few Whispers of Christmas Past for one last time.

Photo 10
Photo 9
Photo 8
Photo 7
Photo 6
Photo 5

Photo 1

Photo 2
Photo 4
Photo 3

Our New Years was very typical of all our New Years Eve’s. We stay home and have a nice evening meal and watch a few movies but this year he watched, I kind of did but read my Kindle – Doug had Steak and Crab Claws and I had a steak and that was our evening. Quiet and very traditional for us.
Today was a very lazy and snacking day and leftover Scalloped Potatoes for dinner tonight – maybe later I will pop some popcorn but it had better be sooner than later, it’s already 7 pm here.

Yesterday and today my discs hurt something awful so it has been keeping me low…but when I think of all those out there that are suffering I feel small – very small.
Some are hurting to the point of no healing so I thank the Lord I have just this bothering me and that brings me to
JEN of Taylor’s Farmhouse Attic
Jen…my heart goes out to your family, your brother, for the loss of his precious little son. What a tragedy. Your brother is strong…bless him and your entire family.
Jen’s Nephew Robby

Thank you to all my wonderful followers and friends – I’m so honored to have met several of you this past year and hope this coming year to meet even more of you. We all seem to be ‘like’ kind of people and that is a good thing.

May you all have a wonderful happy new year.


  1. These are absolutely the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing. I hope you feel better soon. I am heading to that blog that you shared with us.

  2. What a wonderful post , Karen! Your ride in the snow looks just delightful. Snow is soooo beautiful if it would just stay off the roads, for safety's sake. I am glad I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Lititz show this year. How sweet you are! Doug is such a trooper for going to many of the shows with you. My hubby went to Lititz with me this year because my best friend backed out. He had a grand time and wants to go back this year! LOL! I can't imagine what Jen and her family are feeling, right after the holidays. Anyone;s worst nightmare! Your home is such an inspiration to us all...thanks for sharing it with us. I hope your back feels better real soon. Take it easy.


  3. Hi Karen.....How nice of you to post about Jen's nephew Robby. What a terrible thing to happen. I am praying as much as I can for them.

    Your post has been a trip through the country for me. What beautiful pictures. You really do have a wonderful knack for capturing things just right.

    I am so sorry about your back. I wish those darn old discs would give you some much needed relief! My SonIL has had many problems with discs. It is very painful.....I know. You are in my prayers, too. I hope you feel better soon.

    Happy New Year. You are a blessing.. more than you know.


  4. You are so right. My home is drab and not welcoming at all...I so detest taking down the Christmas. I did leave up my foyer garland until I am tired of it.
    I am sorry to hear that your back is giving you so much trouble. I do pray that you find relief even today! Blessings to you, Dianntha

  5. KAREN:

  6. Karen, what beautiful pictures. A new snowfall is such a pretty sight. I'm in the process of getting my Christmas decor down and put away. Like you, I think it's easier to put it all away at once. I don't even leave any snowmen out. My biggest problem is remember where I hid all my everyday things away! Sorry you are hurting. I hope you improve soon. My heart goes out to Jen and her brother's family. Such a tragedy.
    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Karen, I hope you are feeling better soon. Back and disc pain is no fun! I too have been suffering with another slipped disc for about 7 weeks, I am going to have to take it to the next step soon, just dreading it...
    I so understand how it feels after all the deocrations get put away, first there is fall and we jump right in to Christmas, everything seems so...ick after all of that...
    Jen and her family has been on mind as well, just a horrible tragedy.
    Here's to a better New year! OLM

  8. Your pictures are so pretty!! I agree totally that my house looks very drab. My husband has also been hurting and next Mon. he will be getting a new knee. I can sympathize with your pain. Hopefully you will be much better soon. I'm so sad about Robby. I was feeling sad that, after spending Christmas with him, I had left my sweet little Grandson across the whole country. Now, I realize that , while missing him, I'm so thankful for him and his good health. Thanks for the reminder that we all need to count our blessings and my prayers go out to that family.

  9. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Thank you for sharing. I hope your pain stops and you feel better soon. Blessings!

  10. Karen,
    So pretty your pictures are...! Sorry to hear your having so much pain. I've been down also for several weeks, it's no fun. Rest and take care.. Happy New Year


  11. Karen, thank you for sharing your wonderful winter pictures. Sorry to hear that your back is so bad - hopefully it will ease up a little.

  12. HI Karen, I'm sorry your still not up to par. Hope you can be soon.
    You post pistures were beautiful.
    My heart also goes out to Jen's family.

    I like the sounds of your new years eve! I sat with a GD while her parents and the Mr and the teen went to a youth activity at our church. can you imagine it's already 2011? Whew! Where have the years gone?
    Happy new year!

  13. Karen, You have such an eye for beauty, I love seeing things through your view of the world. Sorry you are feeling down from the pain, hope you can feel better soon. Wishing you a joyful new year! hugs, doni

  14. Such lovely pictures! I will get around to taking stuff away soon. I am sorry you are still having so much pain.
    I am also very saddened for Jens' family.
    I hope you will have a good day, and stay warm.

  15. Karen, Your pics are beautiful! Hope that you get some relief for your back. I have had disc problems, upper and lower in the past and know that they are so very painful. Take care.


  16. Karen, your photos are beautiful as always. It looks like you live in a beautiful peaceful area with a ton of photo ops. That fence with the garland and bows looks like it came right out of the Little Women movie, which I just had to watch last night after reading your post...LOL

    Hope your back gets better soon. I have back problems too and it can make life miserable!

    So sad about Jenn's nephew. We've been praying for them.

    Big Hugs

  17. I so loved your pictures of the snow in the country,it was almost like being there and that is a wonderful thing for a rural florida girl!
    I pray that your back will be completely healed.

  18. Karen that's why in the good old days when I decorated,after Christmas came down,that's when all the Snowmen came out for the Winter!!! Then the house didn't look so nekked!!!
    We can only feel our own pain,and it's not small. I'm sorry you're hurting.
    My heart also goes out to Jen and family. Such a tragedy.

  19. Hi Karen..what peaceful winter photos those are.
    I love the almost black and white and then that pop of red on the pine roping.....beautiful.
    They would make some great Christmas cards for next year.
    I hope I can eventually meet you this year since I know you will be back to Ohio for some good prim show!
    Take care....I hope your back pain is soon gone.

  20. Joyous New Year Karen :) Such absolutely gorgeous snow photos! Thank you for sharing..they made me smile.

    I'm so sorry to hear your back has been bothering you. I suffer with herniated disk myself and physical therapy, yoga and walking did amazing things for me..(still do) I barely have any trouble now amazingly, as a few years ago..I could barely walk.

    Wishing you and yours a joyous new year filled with happiness & joy my friend.

    Hugs, Doreen

  21. Beautiful photos of the area you drove by. Things are looking a bit bare here without all the greens & such. Prayers lifted up for your back. As we all join in prayer for Jen & her family. May our Father strengthen & comfort them all now & in the days to come. Blessings!

  22. Your pictures are beautiful Karen! No better way to take your mind off everything... I could not put my Christmas away yet. I will take the tree down today but that's it for now. I always get everything up late and want to enjoy a bit longer. Your New Years eve sounds perfect. Thanks for a bit of your Christmas past...
    Hugs! Jayne

  23. Oh Karen, so sorry to read that your back is still bringing you pain. Thank you for the beautiful pics. The snow pics are so peaceful. Praying for your back to heal and you and your family a wonderful new year! My Best ~Kimberly

  24. Karen ~
    Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us!
    I haven't yet started taking the decorations down. It just kind of depresses me to think the holiday season is already gone. It will probably take me all week, but at least it comes down faster than it goes up :)
    My heart aches for Jen and her family. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child!
    Hugs :)

  25. Beautiful! Thank you for the picture perfect ride!

  26. Dear Karen, I always enjoy reading your posts. The snow photos are just gorgeous.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog re: my husband's accident.
    Our Christmas decorations are still up. With hubby only having the use of one arm for now, we aren't worried about putting anything away at the moment.
    I've suffered with a ruptured disc so I can certainly sympathize with the pain you are dealing with. Prayers going up for you.

  27. Karen
    Your captured some beautiful countryside!
    thanks for sharing the beauty!

  28. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Hope 2011 brings healing for you.

  29. Happy New Year to you and Doug too! Who knows, maybe we'll meet again this year - that would be wonderful. Hope you are feeling better soon, Dawn

  30. Karen beautiful pics as always! I hope you have a wonderful New year and may your pain ease soon!

  31. What a beautiful drive, Karen! We haven't had snow yet, I love to see it at Christmas time with all the garland and lights. So I'm glad you took us along on your delightful drive. It is amazing how all the snow transforms the countryside into a beautiful picture!

    I enjoyed your whispers of your beautiful Christmas decor.

    I'm sorry you are hurting. I hope this is the breakthrough year for you and your back pain (without having surgery!). It's good that you can see past that pain and realize how blessed you are. Poor Jen and her family. Such a tragedy to lose anyone but especially one so young. I just can't even imagine the pain they feel. I have been praying for them. I do hope they find comfort in our Lord.

    Wising you a delightful year my friend~

  32. Hi Karen. Hope this finds you feeling BETTER!
    WE did have a good time in the COLD except for the little kids, they got so cold so fast they cried and had to go inside right away. I am SOOOO ready for WARMER weather!!!! I'm a sun loving girl for sure who beggs the Mr every. single. winter. to move to AZ! LOL He just rolls his eyes! Thanks for the visit. Hope you're fairing the winter in your neck of the woods.

  33. Beautiful photos Karen! What a lovely area you live in!

    Hopefully see you on Monday!

  34. Beautiful pictures! I am a new follower!

  35. Hi Karen: my link is on the word MADE, which is a red color... but I will also put it on the pic...I usually do but was rushing...thx for pointing that out.
    patti :)


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