Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A visit from a friend…A tour

This past weekend I had a house guest from Pennsylvania – Linda flew in on Friday morning very early…early enough so that we could use the day to have some fun…but she didn’t expect that we’d be driving directly from the airport, for about 1 hour 45 minutes to a shop!  Yep…all the way to Ripon to A Simpler Time.  I guess I thought as long as she was here we’d go – mainly because she probably won’t be back this way again for ages.
And on Saturday we took her over to Delevan to Millie’s Pancake House to visit some shops there and see the area.
Then a ride through Lake Geneva…tons of people already in this little resort town…we drove through and headed on out…too many cars/people.
Then out to the Northwind Perennial Gardens to see all the gorgeous planting, ponds, water falls and things.
We put on lots of miles in two days!

Linda arriving


We had a wonderful visit…and then Sunday Doug left on his golf trip and so it was just the two of us…and what did we do…NOTHING!  I think we were both bushed and also not much is open around here on a Sunday, so it was a lazy kind of day. Caught up on some things and ate – goodness did we eat this past weekend!  Yesterday I took her to the airport to go back home – I imagine she was rather glad to be getting back home where she could stay put…lol

One of the most wonderful things we got to do was visit Dan Dipaolo’s place…I kept it a surprise for her….I e-mailed Dan earlier in the week to see if I could bring her out to the farm/studio/shop while she was here. His place doesn’t open up until this next weekend but he was so sweet and generous to say yes, we could come on out.  If I didn’t know him like I do I wouldn’t have been so brazen to ask!
Well let me tell you he gave us a wonderful tour of his gorgeous home – the atmosphere and feeling you get when you are in his home is so warm and inviting – like you belong there – very comforting feeling.
Not only did he show us his home but a tour of his gorgeous log cabin studio.
The main floor is used for meetings, guests and relaxing. Upstairs is his studio…I was in awe just seeing how he created some of his beautiful work – he even described some of the process and we got a sneak peek at his newest projects.

I took just a couple photos inside his home…we were too busy taking it all in to take pictures !
front porch 

This is Ruth…she had some burrs on her nose!
Ruth Dan

I only got pictures of the entry and dining room area
House 2

House 1

His studio log cabin
Dans studio cabin

Dan studio cabin

If you are in the Wisconsin area his opening weekend is May 26, 27 from 11 to 5
Check out the dates…maybe you can attend one of the fun weekends
FGT 2012 event schedule

See the sofa in the picture below…it’s on my list of things to look at on Saturday!!!!
When we were out there on Saturday it was all covered with packing paper and plastic…

DDMay12post copy

Check out Dan’s blog

Goodness I almost forgot…my brother is cleaning out my aunts house after she passed and he gave me a doll she had.
Well, the doll itself isn’t important and it could use some tender loving care BUT…the hair on it is important – it is made from my grandmothers hair.
She had very long very red hair…she was very Irish (Rook/Minick) !  She always had her hair in braids. Well one day she had them cut off…still in braids – and she put them in a drawer where they were for YEARS!  One day she was cleaning out the drawers and tossed them away…my aunt saw them and couldn’t believe she would do that – she kept the braids and had the hair put on a doll…MY BROTHER GAVE ME THE DOLL…needless to say I cried!
Isn’t that the prettiest red hair ?  She had the same color when she died at 88.  Never had it colored and it didn’t turn gray.
Grams doll hair 3

Grams doll hair 2

Guess that’s all this week everyone – lots to do so probably
won’t be on again for awhile.
I have a swap package I need to get finished and sent out to Tammy from



  1. What a wonderful time you and your friend had. Is so neat to be able to visit with friends like that. Your doll is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful keepsake and such beautiful red hair. Have a great week Karen.


  2. Gorgeous doll, the hair color is so beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friend. Hugs, Eve

  3. How much fun to spend time with a girlfriend just hanging out and shopping for the things we all love. Happiest of times:) Dan's place looks absolutly amazing. I would be so excited to be able to see a place like that in person. What a great surprise. You are a good friend.
    The doll is so precious. I am glad you got her.

  4. Wow what a wonderful doll to cherish! Dan's place is beautiful, love it. Thanks for sharing your fun with us!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. My goodness...you have so much going on...but isn't it wonderful that it is glorious springtime and we can get out and do things!!!! Karen, I love your doll. Your grandmother's hair was beautiful...just beautiful. What a treasure.. to have and to hold forever! I have my grandma's doll....it has a china head. I hope you have a great spring and your back is good.

  6. Loved the pictures! Sounds like you had a great weekend. The doll (and hair) is priceless. What a wonderful gift. Hope you have a relaxing week, Dawn

  7. I pay good money to get my hair that gorgeous color! WOW!! That is such a beautiful/sentimental gift!
    Wish I was able to make that opening, his studio looks wonderful!

  8. I am needing to repent my dear friend because I am guilty of the sin of envy...Oh how I wish I could have been there...what fun you gals had !!! Talk to you soon my friend and try to get some rest now that you're frined has come back to Pa !!!

  9. You wore me out just thinking about the visit,but I'm sure it was soooo fun.The doll and history such a precious momento to treasure.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Whew...what a busy visit! Dan's home looks like a fabulous place to see and would I ever like to spend some time in A Simpler Time. Beautiful red hair on your dolly...such a special remembrance of your grandmother.
    Glad you had such a fun day!

  11. Looks like you had a great time. Love Dan's studio and the doll!


  12. Ahh Karen.. you are Irish.. No wonder I luv ya.. grin..
    What a treasure.. Do you know I have a long braid in one of my drawers somewhere that I cut off when I was a crazy teen.. grin.. I should do the same..
    The house and studio are wonderful..
    Have a blessed week, my dear friend..

  13. Oh My Karen! It sounds like a mini bags trip! Ripon!!! Millies... I've been there several times, but it's been years.. And your doll. oh my there isn't words for how specail it is! OLM

  14. Karen what a good time!
    I would love to vist that shop in Ripon sometime.
    Cute picture of you on sidebar.

  15. Hi Karen! Sounds like a whirlwind of activities with your friend!! I wonder if she fell asleep on the flight home!!?! What a special treat for Linda to get a tour at Dan's home and studio!! Beautiful pics. That doll is amazing--and to think when your aunt passed her hair was still that gorgeous red!! I hope you are making a lot of progress on product for Lititz. I'm trying really hard to kick things up into high gear!! Keep on plugging away!!--Jan

  16. Wow Sounds like you simply had a blast... especially visiting the Fried Green Tomatoes Farm.. His house from what you shared is breath taking...No wonde you love going to visit your friend!
    I love the Sofa you are interested in ..Guess we shall see just how much you want it...giggle!
    Wish I live close by would love to go hear the Blue Grass music what fun that would be!

    The Doll ..oh my goodness I would have cried too..That is so cool that you cousin put your grands hair on her it is beautiful. Waht a fun memory piece to have given to you.

    Have a Great Week my Friend!!


  17. Oh wow, I love Dan's home and his studio. Love that green paint with the stone.
    How precious that doll is and with your Aunt's hair. I would have cried too.
    So nice you got to see your friend, shop, and get plumb tuckered out. I'll bet you can make a couch like that. Take care and don't over do it :o)

  18. Karen you live such a "fun" life...so many friends and your creativity is amazing! Glad I came for a visit here - and the doll - what a treasure!! XO, Judy

  19. Karen ~~
    Your Doll is Beautiful !!
    What a Treasure how Special to have her with your Grand-Mothers Beautiful red hair.
    You had some Fabulous Girl-Time I bet you were both pooped after all the traveling and shopping !!
    Thanks for sharing the Great photos of Dan's place how Sweet he was to let you come and visit !! Prim Friends are the Best !!
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  20. Wow, what a fabulously fun weekend! You know Dan Dipaolo? That is so cool, Karen! I've been familiar with his work for years now, he has neat pieces. I enjoyed seeing Dan's post (Yesterday Once More) about his visit out to his place. How wonderfully prim it is! I also enjoyed your pictures of his place. That is a beautiful sofa, I hope you get it. =] Do you go to all his special events? I sure would!!

    Sorry to hear that your aunt passed. You and Doug were so good to visit her often and spend these last few months with her. I just know they were very special to her!

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe how beautiful your grandmother's red hair was! Never colored it and never gray? Wow, that is truly amazing! I wish I took after a grandmother like that but I'm already graying, lol. How neat to have that doll!

    So good to be back over here for a visit. I have missed you! =]

  21. I had never heared of Dan Dipaolo before. I'll have to check out his blog.
    What a wonderful story about the doll. My grandmother is still alive, but she has put her hair in a drawer many many years ago. I think when she was in her twenties. She has Spanish roots, so the hair is totally black.


  22. What beautiful hair your grandmother had! And the color of hers. Imagine all the money she saved from NOT having to color it!! LOL My grandmother saved snippets of our hair from our first haircut but it wouldn't fit in a thimble.

  23. Ok....Now I am all KINDS of green with jealousy (yes, I know that's a sin...but it is what it is!)

    You KNOW Dan Dipalo??? You've been keeping this from me? And am I the only one to NOT know he lives in Wisconsin and has a blog??? Yikes!

    And, add to the list of envy monsters the fact that I have NEVER been to a Simpler Time EVER!! :o(

    Ok....I'm done with my temper tantrum now. What an amazing keepsake you gained there Karen - the doll is beautiful - but that hair - oh that hair is absolutely, positively, GLORIOUS!!!

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend so far - dreary, rainy, and COLD here!! But guess it's better than the tornadoes we had on Thursday.....Smiles & Red, White & Blue Hugs ~ Robin

  24. PS - I am so sorry. I think I just put two and two together to realize that your aunt passed away. Sorry to have been so disrespectful and neglectful of your loss. Wishing you peace and comfort and many wonderful memories.... Robin

  25. Ohhh to be in Wisconsin. I had an Aunt Lil that had a farm in Merrill. Visited once back in late 80's ... yes a long time ago. What an outstanding trip you had and to know Dan is just too mind boggling for me.
    Anyways, I love your Blog and "I'll be back"...
    Much Peace and Blessing to All America especially our Beloved Warriors ... Have a splendid weekend,

  26. friends are such a blessing aren't they... loved looking through your blog and see all of your pretty work!!

  27. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friend! So sad when it goes by so fast.
    Oh my gosh a Simpler Time is about 45 min from my home ~ love to go there and see what new things she has.
    Going to Dan's place is on my must see list! Loved the article about him in the Primitive Place Mag.
    Speaking about swaps I just saw all the wonderful creations you made for Tammy ~ fell in love with the sheep cupboard hanger ~ do you have any for sale??? Let me know!
    Love the doll ~ such a wonderful treasure!!!
    We'll have to plan our get together!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    Cyber talk to you soon!
    Prim Blessings

  28. Karen: What a wonderful post, (again!) Love, love, love the doll with your aunt's hair added. So beautiful! And that sofa from Fried Green Tomatoes look yummy...is it wool? And I am sure your friend from PA. loved every minute of her visit with you. I know I would! How far is it from Minneapolis to Burlington? I will be there this summer for a great grand-baby, due May 30th. Depending on how long I am there, possibly could drive down.
    {{HUGS}} Joy

  29. How exciting, your friend coming to visit and staying a while. :-)
    That log cabin is my dream place for a sewing studio! Have wanted one for ages.
    Happy Thursday, even tho I'm a week behind in reading / commenting.

  30. Karen,
    WOW you have been busy! Sounds like you had such a good time with your friend. The log cabin and all of it looked wonderful. Also the doll and the Red hair....How sweet
    and aren't you glad you have it? I love the sofa by the way. Have a good weekend.

  31. hi, Karen~
    oh, you girls had a blast~I say you did it up right~ and what a nice surprise to take her to Dan's place~ just beautiful photos~the cabin is gorgeous~( FYI~ can you tell I am behind on blogging, giggles)


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