Friday, May 30, 2014

Do bad things always come in 3’s?

Hi everyone – hope you had a wonderful Memorial holiday.
I’ll get to the bad things in 3’s in a minute….
Ours was spent finishing up painting the screen room. 
The painting though is my job – husband does not like it nor does he do a good job (could be his way of getting out of it maybe…lol)

Yesterday our wonderful gal who recovers things for us brought back our cushions for the screen room sofa – she’s so good.
They look even better than the original cushions.
Took a long time to find the right fabric but when I did I had to run all over Wisconsin to get enough of it. 
Janesville had only 5 yards left and we needed 8 yards….so on we went looking.
Finally found it in Kenosha at that Hobby Lobby store.
But then on Tuesday we went back to the Janesville store to purchase that 5 yards for the chair.
Anyway, Debbie brought the cushions in and I knew immediately I loved them.

Here’s the original:
Screen room5

And the new:
New screen room sofa

Closeup of fabric – it’s showing the brown dark in the sample but it’s not really that dark - I’m going to be working with a light Teal and ignore the Green and Brown:
fabric 1 

There are 2 chair also, one will be in this fabric and the other will be done in a strip to pull out the other colors.  I found it on the internet from Amazon/ so hoping it looks as good when it arrives:
Tommy Bahama fabric

So that’s the fun stuff – now on to the bad stuff.
Things seem to come in 3’s they say – well I do believe that saying.
Our kitchen plumbing backed up on Easter Sunday
Our chimney has been leaking unbeknown to us until the last big thunderstorm we had and heard it dripping down the wall in the kitchen….so Able Dave came and checked it out…chimney was crumbled!  So…..Wednesday he came and built a new chimney – it’s beautiful (as a chimney can be that is….our old one was a crummy ole off white.)  We asked him if he could find something in a Colonial style color and he did – that’s why I say it’s ‘beautiful’.
Chimney truck
New chimney

And then on to number 3….our furnace stopped working a week ago Monday!
It was a very chilly morning so I turned it on just for a one time thing to take the chill  off and no heat…no running of the furnace – just the blower kept going.  I tried everything to shut it off and nothing would work so I had to go flip the switch on the furnace.
The air wouldn’t work for me either.
Oh…and Doug was away on a golf trip.  Last May when he went on the golf trip our air conditioner died, remember that?
So anyway – one more repair man later and we need a new furnace – the heat exchanger is dead!!!
So now come Fall we will need a new furnace.
Anymore problems????  I’m sure I can find one…

But the hard thing is all of these ‘repairs’ are coming at the same time as all the ‘re-dos’ we have been doing – not fun on the check book.

And…last night the man who built our fireplace mantle and cupboards and our desk came over to look at the wall  above the fireplace – at some point there was a leak behind that wall from the roof (which has been taken care of with a new roof) – but the wood is all buckled and looks horrible so we always have  a large picture up there to hide it.
Anyway – he’s going to put a maple wall and then build some kind of detail molding/panels on the wall to give it some character.
We are also deciding if we want to paint that wall the same color as the fireplace – which I think would really look very nice.
Here’s how it is now – I am not happy with anything I have on it or on the cupboards…nothing works together and it’s just stuff I have had – I so want some really nice Colonial pieces up there and crocks on the top of the cupboards…not the junk that is there now.  And I would like one of the LARGE old Colonial pictures of a man – know where I can find one?
 Family Room 2014

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Thanks for visiting me and have a wonderful weekend


  1. Can't help you with the picture. I don't know any old colonial men! I agree and think continuing the paint would be nice. Two sconces and a large center piece with your crocks would be outstanding! Sorry about the breakdowns. You should be good for years to come!!

  2. Oh Karen, when it rains it pours! You have done so much already to get the look you're after $$$ I was so sorry to read about the added on repairs( more $$$)
    Hoping all works out for you and I just know finding the right pieces for your mantle
    will make it complete. Love your fabric choices!

    Best of luck,

  3. I'm sorry so much bad stuff is happening but yes sometimes it seems to go that way. I'm sorry friend I have to disagree with you....can we disagree agreeably. I love your fireplace wall the way it looks and you certainly don't have junk up there There are 3 great blue decorated stoneware pieces I spy. So there that's what I'm disagreeing with you on LOL. Anyway it will all work out for you.

  4. is where you will find the portraits you are looking for...I think. Love your new fabric...such calm, soothing colors. You sound like I did a few months ago with the house is a never ending battle. It always seems to come in clusters!
    Go look for an old man to hang above your mantle and have a nice weekend :)

  5. Seems like every time we come home from a little trip....we end up with so many things that need to be fixed....all of a sudden. They were fine when we left! Never rains but it pours!!! I love the new fabric for your porch.....just love it! I can see it out there and it will be very pretty with a stripe. Take care, Karen. You and Doug have a wonderful summer!


  6. Afternoon Karen, so sad to here all the bad luck lately, to bad. Beautiful fabric and love the Header picture, Blessings Francine.

  7. Yikes!!!!

    Love your new fabric Karen.

  8. Life is always interesting even when it comes in three's!
    Very nice fabric on the cushions. Looks great!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE Both fabrics Karen! Sorry the bad luck train stopped for a layover at your place...hope it is back on track now. Have a great weekend!
    Be blessed,

  10. Oh no dear..
    Love your new fabric so much dear..
    Sending you big hugs and love x

  11. Love your fabric choice! It does seem like bad things come in three's. Isn't it odd how that works?

  12. I can tell you at my house, bad things do come in there's and when it pours. One thing after another here and I can never get ahead.
    Love your new fabric. So Beautiful.

  13. The new upholstery fabrics on the couch and chair are both so gorgeous. You really have great design taste. The troubles do always seem to some in batches of threes. We also had the roof, heating, and electrical all in need of repair last year. 'Nearly afraid to call a repair person for fear of what else they'll find that needs doing, lol. A large Colonial painting of a man, there is one at an antique shoppe about a mile from my house. My friend owns the store. 'Want me to check if she still has it? You have my email address if you would be interested in the painting. Prim Spring blessings :)

  14. Oh geez Karen you are as busy as ever and not neccessary with good things! Altho i love your new cushions! Its hard to find someone who recovers well you are lucky! I hope the bad stuff is done now so you can do some fun stuff! Enjoy your day!!

  15. Always pop in now and then to visit. I feel your pain as we just went thru 3 things ourselves. Replaced a toilet that was leaking beyond a simple repair, water softner was stuck between cycles......and the 3rd thing was we now must replace our pressure tank for the water well. ugh So I can totally relate!! As for the 'old man' print........we have LOTS to choose from. Come visit us and click Framed Prints, and click Early Portraits. You take care. Pam

  16. So sorry Karen.. you did get hit hard with lots of repair work to be done.. So thankful you were able to repair what needed to be done and are being blessed with some wonderful handywork. The cushions are just lovely! I hope things stay quiet for awhile so you can enjoy that back porch and new cushions.. Have a great weekend.. Blessings!

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  18. love your style and everything about you...what lovely photos too


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