Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some Punch Needle Finishes

Hello my good friends – I hope this first part of April finds all of you in the throws of Spring like in the poem by Paul Curtis
Its spring time
When beauty is released
Like a hand stitched
Patchwork masterpiece
Nature shows off
Her spring time finery
Spread like a throw
Over all you see

Pretty much says it all doesn’t it?

It looks like Spring just may happen here although I don’t want to say it too loud!

We have been hard at work in the yard – the side yard really needs some attention this year. Our neighbor came over Sunday with his rider mower and thatched it for us….now it looks dead!   But some fertilizer and more rain will do it wonders.
Anyway Sunday was a day in the yard – 68 degree temps and work cloths!
Cleaning out the left over leaves in the bushes – lots of tiny scratches on my arms after that job….there are bushes along the other part of our yard as well that got it.
Cleaning Bushes 1

Knees and seat…couldn’t find a good
comfortable way to clean them out.
No matter how I did it I hurt like
crazy but I was determined.
Cleaning Bushes 2

Other than that it has been quiet here.
I am anxious for a week from today for the next gathering – if all come that said they would there should be about 9 of us here around the table.  If we don’t get to chatting too much I will hopefully get to take some pictures of their work in progress or even finishes.

And speaking of finished….I have been Punch Needle crazy these days.
I did this piece and mounted it on an aged bread board.
I put it on FB and it sold the same day!
It is a Lori Brechlin – Not Forgotten Farm pattern called Coxcomb and Tulips.
Punch needle on board

Then yesterday I finished up these two pieces and framed them.
Brenda Gervais pattern
‘Three Tulips’
Frame measures 11” x 13”
Rabbit Sampler punch needle
And this cutie
Pattern by Threads That Bind
‘Peaceful Prairie’
Frame measures 8” x 10”

Sheep with Clover punch needle

I have the ‘traditional’ Cameo punch needle set that I use all the time but I thought what if something happened to it or I lost it what would I do…so I was at Walmart last week and saw this really inexpensive set of 3 punch needles $5.95 – couldn’t hurt.
Anyone ever used anything like this.  I haven’t tried them yet – thought I would do a few practice punches on scraps.
punch needles

The Thursday night before Easter I went to my favorite little Prim shop for a cookie decorating class.
Every now and then Tracy has something fun happening and this one interested me.
We each got several cookies and all the royal icing to decorate with – the lady showed us a few tips and it really helped.
This is what I ended up with – need practice but it sure was fun….and they tasted wonderful

Saturday we are going to Appleton to an antique show
so maybe we’ll find something of interest to post about.

So that’s it for now

Blessings to all


  1. Your work is beautiful. I need to get outside and do something and will after I come back from Washington. We will be gone a week. I am looking forward to us getting to visit some where, sometime, this summer.

  2. How busy you always are! One determined lady for sure and the punch needle finishes are awesome! Love the one on the board!
    Hope you enjoy more spring like days!

  3. You do beautiful work!! And I think you did a great job on the cookies too!
    Yardwork is needing to be done here too now that it's warmed up. I love the Spring.♥

    1. Hi Melanie - I didn't get a notice that you commented...Thank you so much for your sweet comments.
      I'm glad my part of the work is done! lol

  4. Wonderful work Karen! ... I have not used the Boye needles, but I think they will work just fine as I have seen other using them. Isn't Spring wonderful! ... enjoy your gathering,,,, xoxo ~ronda

    1. Hi Ronda - thank you so much.
      I have a small non-expensive punch needle that I'm going to use it on I have decided.
      That will be the real test if they work. As a 'just in case' though.

  5. Karen so many wonderful finishes ~ and those cookies look so Yummy!!!
    It's so nice that the sun is out and it is finally getting warm ~ I need to get out and clean up the yard too!!!
    Where is there an antique show in Appleton ~ I haven't heard anything ~ I might need to go!!!

  6. Kennedy family of dolls:Hina Dolls Return to Japan
    “U.S. Embassy – Tokyo, Japan “Got it.

  7. Hi Karen, Your needle punch projects are soo lovely. Everything you do is beautiful. even your cookies.
    I am new to needle punch, but I use the cameo ultra punch needle and really like it. hugs, Lecia

  8. I would love to learn to needle punch. I saw a lady demonstrating a project at the state fair. Your work is so pretty. The cookies are so pretty. and you should have seen me trying to pull weeds from my flower beds last week... I'm still sore!!!!

  9. I use the Walmart punch needle the most. I like it better than the cameo. I use the large needle with the full 6 strands of floss. It's a great needle for a great price. Love your cookies!

  10. Hello Karen- What Beautiful finishes you have made!
    Punch Needle is something that I want to Learn. I have it on my long list
    Of things to do, now I just need to find the time.
    Appleton is only 20 minutes from me! Have fun at your antique show!


  11. I just do not have the patience for punch needle but I absolutely love the way it looks! Good job. The yard looks beautiful too! Keep up the good work!


  12. I sure wish I could get down like that to do yard work. My knee wouldn't allow that. How is your cactus doing. Mine looks great


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