Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A little road trip

But first here's the few items I found on the road trip at the Longest Yard Sale.
I need to clean the paddles up and I think I will stain the basket.
These items will have punch needle mounted on them at some point.
And I found a couple old ornaments as well

This past Sunday I went to our local Antique and Flea Market in Elkhorn, WI.
We don't like missing this one because it's such fun
and you see so much and always see friends there.
I went alone this time because Doug was on a jaunt with our son Brett.
Not sure if it was a great show that I found lots or that I was alone.....
anyway I found quite a few items.
The red boxes and the tin I will put some winter or Christmas designs in and the others will have punch needle mounted on them but they all need to be cleaned up yet.
The basket I don't know if it's old - the guy said the 20's - not sure but it was $18
so it really didn't matter - it was mine!

I also want to let you know that I put several new items on my selling blog:  http://kmprimitives.blogspot.com/
And I will be taking orders for my Sweet Potato garlands and also the Bell Hangers.
The garlands shown are 'examples' only

As soon as I can I am also going to start my Gourd Garlands
and taking orders for those as well.
Supplies are very limited so if you want one - order now!!!
So on to the road trip - A little over a week ago we took off on a short
spur of the moment road trip.
It took us through Ohio and down into KY, TN...we stopped along the way at the Longest Yard Sale...yuk for the most part...just junk!  Until we got into TN - there were several places that had some nice vintage and a few antique things.

But oh was it hot!!!  90+ temps and most of the time 70% humidity!!!
And the sun beating down, 
I got a nice tan out of it though lol
I never was so miserable but I did it!!!
Lots of water and cool wipes to my neck.

I did find a few things to work my punch needle designs on so it was kind of a bonus for the road trip...the best part though was stopping for an overnight at dear Betty Crowe's house. 

 We can't get that close to her and not stop.  She's just a dear sweet lady
(with lots of energy I might add lol).
We had a wonderful visit, great supper and comfy beds.

The morning we left there we stopped at the
It's in Clinton, TN - just a half hour from Betty Crowe!!!
If you get a chance you must visit this place.
We didn't expect to be awed as much as we were.
The history and the lives these people lived and basically on NOTHING
and the things they did have,
came from their own two hands and hard work.
Very inspiring and heartwarming.

The Hall of Fame was most interesting and almost made tears reading the
hard lives they lead - but they were a very happy people too
and CHERISHED what they had - so UNLIKE us of today!

I took lots more pictures than are here but can put only
so many on before you get tired of it, right?

Such an amazing step back in time.

(click pictures to view larger
if you want to read the captions)

Hard to believe this is a woman!!!
Her face tells it all.

In the Hall of Fame there were all these wonderful baskets made by hand of course by such talented people.

Gorgeous pie safe - love the punched tin design

For all of the woven fabric people out there I thought this display was intersting

On with pictures of the ground and cabins/structures.
I don't remember some of the names of the cabins but did remember a few.

This exhibit impressed us the most (besides the hall of fame)

This corn crib is from Betty Crowe's
great-great aunt Caroline Cox.

Peter's Homestead
They used a 'dogtrot' style entry for the lofts in the cabins
I loved that there were two living sides.

General Bunch House

Loom House

Can't remember what exhibits these were

Underground Dairy

Very beautiful grounds

Saw several Peacocks on the grounds

And we're on our way out - headed for home!
Thanks for visiting and see you again soon!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your treasures. Museum of Appalachia is on my bucket list!!
    Blessings, Patti

  2. Wow what a fantastic place to visit! Thank you so much for sharing, I want to go there and check it out too!

  3. This is just the kind of place i would love to visit! Amazing how the folks from back then survived and were happy! They were talented too as the baskets are fab!
    You found so many sweet treasures, Karen!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. What a wonderful vacation. I would love to visit the Museum. Great finds too.


  5. I'm so glad you found some wonderful treasures in my home state of TN. I wish we could have offered you better weather, but this is kinda normal for us in the summer. Fall is a much better time to visit. 🙂

  6. OH MY GOODNESS... I need to find the museum. I'm going to look up the address, as my daughter lives in TN, and I would love to visit on one of my trips to see her. I'm always trying to think of what to do to 'finish' little embroideries. When you said you would put your little punch needle designs on those things, my light bulb came on! Thanks!!!

  7. I think I know the original use of the red trays. My dad was an optician and he had trays like that for eyeglasses. The small sections held the lenses right and left and the larger section held the frames and prescription. That was when opticians would still grind their own lenses. He retired in 1989.

    1. Monica - thank you so much!!!
      The lady I bought the boxes from had no idea. She had 2 more I should have bought them too.

  8. What a grand visit you had. I must visit that museum, My daughter lives in TN. You always find the best items. Yes, nowadays it is easy to forget how hard life was back then. Much respect for those people.

  9. What an awesome post! Thank you for taking all the pictures, feels like I was right there with you...I wish!
    Be blessed,

    1. Hi Cindi
      Thanks so much - there are so many more, I wish I could have added more.

  10. You and Doug find the most interesting places! I love, love, love the photos and stories! Now we are planning a trip there!
    I do know about raising my own food. Although I was raised in Buffalo ny, when I was 26 my hubby and the kids moved to a farm. I taught myself everything through the library books and I even drove the tractor! And we were blessed to have a couple old timers as neighbors who knew all about farming and fixing broken things! We raised chickens, beef, and a pig for the freezer, had tons of fresh eggs, goats milk for cooking and a huge veggie garden so I canned, froze and dried plenty. I even had geese.....goose eggs made wonderful baked goods!

    1. Karen.....I can't Fiqure out why you can't reply to me? Any suggestions on how I fix it?

  11. Enjoyed your post today about the museum. It is a blessing to our area. I never tire of going. I remember visiting some cabins as a child or a 2 room house where everyone slept in the same room and the other room was the kitchen. Though these folks were poor, how rich they were. My great great aunt Caroline was such a character. Her favorite by-word, was "shit-fire" I was just awe struck with her. SHe wore long skirts and aprons. She asked my dad to play the guitar and sing at her funeral.lol I always love having you and Doug. You are welcome Through My Back Door any time.

  12. What a wonderful post! I live on the MS/TN state line and Tennessee is such a beautiful state.


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