Friday, June 30, 2017

Preparing for a show!

Good morning this last day of June!
I wish I could say summer was here but again the weather just doesn't cooperate - 
hot then cold and 'repeat'.  
Summer decorating here has been sparse - didn't put out as many geraniums this year as 
I usually do. I lost my mojo for some reason but that's not a bad thing...
less to take to the basement in the Fall.
We didn't do much for outside potted plants either and the few we did buy are getting pelted with downpours - I like rain for the flowers but it really beats them down.

I may change out some of my 'placement'of geraniums each Spring/Summer season but this one will always be in our long wood trencher on the dining room table - 
it is my favorite grouping.

Normally I would put real geraniums on this bench along with the birdhouses but couldn't find a potted one that looked nice - may have to assemble one myself.

I love this arrangement of flowers that we bought at the Mukwonago flea market a few weeks back.  When the sun is out it is gorgeous but the rain pushes it right down!!

Last week a very dear friend and I had a wonderful lunch and visit in our screen room -
I love this lady with all my heart.  We worked together for 20+ years and she's part of our 'former' co-workers  'luncheon' but this time I wanted it to be a
one on one with her and so did she.
She lost her 16 year old grandson on Memorial weekend in a horrible car crash that claimed his life and 2 of his friends.  The car hit a tree and exploded and they literally burned to beyond recognition.  Her heart is so broken and she needed to talk, so we did.
This community was so awesome - it pulled together for these 3 families - the high school held the visitation and funerals and the local food market donated the have no idea what this community did for these was beyond amazing.
I love you sweet Darlene Lemmon!!

Last month we went to the huge flea market near us and for some reason I was taken in by this beautiful pine is actually a fruit crate
and I loved the patina on it and will use it at the show we are doing
in September as a display prop....isn't it great!!
For now I have it sitting in the dining room next to a cupboard and I'm putting my 'finished' penny rugs and other smalls in it for safe keeping for the show.

It does have one crazy screw in the handle that Doug will most likely take out and try and replace with something not so ugly....but I still love it anyway even if he doesn't get it fixed.

And this past Sunday we went to the same flea market and FINALLY bought a weather vane for our now, 10 year old screen room cupola - it's a weathered copper...
isn't she a beauty and just in time for the 4th...she flies high!!!
It was worth the wait.

All of this month I have been making canvas board prints for the September show.
These are two of them that we tried over our fireplace...a tad small for the space (16" x 20") so I am in the process of making two larger ones with an older looking couple (20" x 30").
So far I have made 14 different people.

Here are some of the ones that I have finished

These are the two I am making for us for over the fireplace as a 20 x 30 -
plus there is a pair in the 16 x 20 size for the show.
Even though their backgrounds aren't the same I still like them together.

Last week we celebrated our grandson Aidan's 9th birthday and tomorrow we will be celebrating our granddaughter  (his sister) Miranda's 4th birthday.
(Darren and MaryAnn's children) 

Here's the show we will be vending at.
I will post updates every now and then and when it gets closer
I'll hopefully have a list of vendors.

I can't think of anything else to chat about today so I'll say good bye for now and hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!!


  1. Good luck with your show! That fruit crate was an incredible find and will enhance your display beautifully.

  2. I've had co-workers and neighbors lose their sons and grandsons. Devastating for loved ones and my heart goes out to your friend and her family. Your weathervane is fabulous, nicest one I've seen.

  3. Hi Karen, Haven't said hi in quite sometime, but I love to come visit your blog and catch up on your busy life!
    Simple pleasures

  4. Karen, You have such a lovely home and are a wonderfully talented lady.
    All the best this 4th,

  5. I'm so sorry about your friend's grandson. I cannot even imagine! I love your photos, everything is always so pretty. The canvas prints are incredible!

  6. I do love the way you are using the flowers. We have had weird weather too. I am so sad for your friend. I can't even imagine the pain of loosing a grand child. Enjoy yours. We spent a week in Alabama in June celebrating a 4th princess party. We loved every minute with the children! Your canvas pictures are wonderful. Will you be selling any at your web site?

  7. I do love your canvas board prints. I think my favorite is the little girl in the red dress with her cat.

  8. Hi Karen and Happy July. Oh how I wish we could have some cooler weather to offset these hot and humid WEEKS!!! WE planted flowers outside but the heat has become so punishing that even with daily rain spells or old fashioned watering, they are struggling. Typical Florida in July sometimes.

    Your old pine box really does have a great patina and it will make a useful and attractive display item. I bet you get some people wanting to purchase it!! LOL!!

    Your large canvas prints are quite nice and I hope they are popular at your September show. I am glad you got to spend time with your sweet friend too. The photo of smiles says it all!

  9. Your canvas prints are amazing, you are very talented. I feel so bad for your friend's loss, I can't imagine the heartbreak. Thank you for being a loving and comforting friend to her.


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