Tuesday, January 19, 2021


 The country is having many many changes and so are we here at the Martinsen's

All good - first off we are delighted that we are to become great-grandparents again in June.
Granddaughter Alexandra/Jade are having a girl.

Doug and I have been busy here making changes to our basement stairway.
A much needed re-do.  The only thing we ever did was put stair carpet many many years ago.
So it will be complete this time.
The walls and backside of upper stairs is going to be bead board painted an off white.
I wanted a color but really needed it to be bright.
I have been painting the boards (3 coats) and Doug puts them up.
We bought a new light and will put new carpet on the stairs in a brown/cream tweed.
Removing the trim and the hand rail, next the carpet

Next the sidewalls and finishing up the upper part

On New Years day we made a fantastic
standing rib roast - and it was delicious!!
I had only made this once before so I was so happy it turned out.

If you follow my business blog you would know
I have one of my Valentine Punch Needle
patterns available
It is a huge seller this time of year

And...I will be making beeswax hanging hearts
that you can put on your mini tree
The mold is coming in the mail this week
and I can't wait to make them and put them on my website.

I have made and sold many of these woven fabric hearts
I have some fabric left if you are wanting any.
Email me if interested

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. The stairway is looking good. Congrats on the new baby! Love your hearts! Janice

  2. Your home improvements are looking great, congratulations on anticipated Great grandchild. If you have any fabric hearts left I'm interested

    1. Good morning - thank you so much!
      I sent you an email :)

  3. Congratulations on the new addition! Woo hoo!!! I love the changes you're making to the stairway! I would never have thought of putting beadboard up there. Beautiful! You're lucky to have such a handy hubby. Beautiful hearts!!! I have scraps of coverlet fabric tucked away somewhere....Hmmmm.... ~Robin~

  4. Congrats on the new family member yet to be! Your stair well looks great! I cooked a standing rib roast for Christmas for the first time and it was great too. A beefy holiday.
    We have been doing house projects too during this down time I am getting a new hooking room

  5. I love the beadboard under the stairs!


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