Sunday, May 9, 2021


I think I'm finally getting my blog posts to happen
more often now - at least it's feeling that way!
Not a lot has happened since my last post and maybe
that's a good thing, not sure these days.

Last month Doug and I took a weekend trip to Ohio to the
 Simple Goods show and Earlier Times show. 
Plus we went to Ginny Curry's open house as well as Linda Millers open house.
It has been a few years since we have gone and it didn't disappoint.  So many wonderful antique dealers and hand mades at all of the places.
Plus we got to see a few FB friends - along with a few treasures.
.Doug and I with Vicki and Mike Zellner (Two of the sweetest people ever)

With Tina Nikkila 

With Sandi Wise

With Nikki Dull

We met up with these wonderful ladies on Thursday before the shows
Debbie Crowe Jenkins, Lynn Erbesti, Nina Meacham, Me
Betty Crowe, Gayle Pope Ferguson.

And a few items we found

I just love this quilt has a diagonal hand stitched quilt pattern

This cupboard is quite large from what it looks here.
It's actually made from an old crate.
We're hoping to put it in the kitchen next to our
upper cabinet where there's wall space

This garland is made from dried leaves of some kind - they are almost round in shape
They remind me of a miniature lily pad shape.

I couldn't pass up this awesome Uncle Sam at Ginny Curry's

This grapevine wreath is quite large and where you see the 
Forsythia it's built out like a little shelf that will hold
things so you can change them out for the seasons

This Bee Skep was from Ginny Curry's as well
It's vinyl and painted so it will stand up in the elements quite well

Found these 5 quilt squares at Simple Goods
I think I'll make some pillows out of them.
The picture is not doing the color justice!
They are like a creamy yellow with a bluish/gray design

This sweet wool bunny was from Earlier Times
as are the next two photos

I love that this picture is wood and wool!!

Doug and I have been busy making
Bee Skeps this week.
I have orders for 7 of them and after that we'll 
make more for our October show.
For some reason each one turns out different
than the one before it - you would think by coiling the Sisal
around in a circle when you are using a definite size
base they'd come out the same....NOT!!!
I do the gluing while Doug guides the rope - it's more of 
a feeling kind of process getting the shape.

Our granddaughter got the nursery ready for
our next great-grandbaby
Kira is due to arrive on June 7th!

Big brother Zayne is so anxious for her to arrive

That's it for this post
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. So many nice items you found, too! Congrats on the son to arrive great grandbaby. The nursery looks adorable.

  2. It looks like you have been plenty busy! lots of great finds.

  3. I enjoy seeing all your treasures. Looks like a great time with so many friends!

  4. Congratulations on your new great granddaughter!! So exciting!! Sounds like you had a great time in Ohio.....Ohio has the best shows! I'm drooling over those quilts you bought...they are gorgeous!! You and your hubby are just about the busiest folks I've ever seen!!! Youre so lucky that your husband shares your interests...makes for a very talented and creative team!! God Bless!!

  5. How exciting having a new great granddaughter. What fun pictures! I love the NW but your pictures make me want to move!


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