Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today was one of those days you just didn't want to be inside....it was 65 today and the sun was shining so bright - lots of wind but that's okay because hopefully it would help the warm temps melt the snow some more and while it's very nice it's just a bit too chilly to sit in the screen room (below).

I went out there for just a bit and relaxed on the sofa with the sun shining in while Doug cleaned the messy cans of soda that froze and exploded in the refrigerator out there....such a mess everywhere - glad I had lots of sewing to do...lol

Here's the beautiful 100% wool I purchased in Pennsylvania at $10.99 a yard....I'm hoping to be able to get a nice Penny Rug from it. I want to make a really traditional one with just pennies. It's not Dougs favorite look but hey, who's doing all the sewing anyway......(she said smiling!)

Yesterday was a day of searching for the right Lego set for our grandson Joe who was 9 on the 2nd....he had some specific ones on his list but go figure, everywhere we went they didn't have them. Unknown to us he got the names from the Lego pamphlet that came with some of his Legos, and I guess they didn't have them anymore......so with lots of back and forth phone calls to mom and dad we finally came up with one he would want...POWER MINERS THUNDER DRILLER.
I'm not sure what he'll want next because he has most of these kinds of Legos...he's not into the Bionic ones, mostly the heavy equipment and machine kinds. He and his daddy have some of the huge remote controlled graders, dozers and dump trucks.....but daddy drives a huge earth moving/packing machine so it's in his blood I guess!

Have a wonderful evening and hope to see lots of your bright faces...I'm off to check on everyone's Blogs right now.

Hugs, Karen


  1. Welcome home, Karen! Looks like you had a very good trip. Have you ever heard of Weaver's north of Lititz? You can find some material and other prims at a really good price...!!

    Did you get to Lititz after the 12 inches of snow that fell during your visit..??

    Love your screened in sunroom..!

    Have a good week...K

  2. That wool is beautiful ! I can't wait to see the penny rug you make with it :-) Isn't the warm weather so nice ? It makes me so ready for Spring. It was a beautiful day here too. Have a great evening Karen !

  3. I only wish that it was 65 out here. But I have to admit after lunch it did warm up but no where as near as your temps.

    I love your screened in porch. That is my dream to have one someday...and it has to be bug free. Bugs just make me cringe...LOL

    The colors of your wool are just awesome. Can't wait to see your penny rug done up in it.


  4. Love the wool fabric Karen, and all those gorgeous things you bought in your previous post. Also love your new header picture. Your blog is always such a pleasure to visit!

  5. Isn't always a challenge to providethe grand children with what they want? We just spent an entire day hunting the red Starfighter only to see the last one at the last Target in the area go to a little boy as we arrived at the Star Wars aisle. As we stepped in his mom was offering him the choice of the red one or another and of course despite all our fervent wishing for him to choose the other he chose the red one we wanted. Time to wait for the next shipment!

  6. Karen,
    Love the wool! I'm so into wool and felt but I just haven't found the time yet!

    Ahhhh...Legos! My brother and I LOVED LEGOS! We built a house every summer and played for days! Shane never really got into them. The thing that bothers me most about them these days is their sold in kits only. Basically each kit makes one or two or three things and that's it. You loose a piece, you're done for. I liked the old Legos that came in a big pack and you could mix and match and use your imagination to build all sorts of stuff.

    Have a great night!


  7. Karen,
    I love the wool that you selected. It will make a beautiful traditional penny rug ~ can't wait to see it. Love the one on your header. Beautiful here too, today. If only it were really spring.

  8. I absolutely love that sun room... it is to die for! And that wool oh my... you sure have an eye.

    Hoping you a Wonderful Week... Blessings, Pamela

  9. I've always loved your screened porch...it looks like such a cheery place to be!

    Love the wool you have to work with also!

    Boy do I remember the days of legos and the lego models...brings back memories! That looks like an awesomely cool one!


  10. Did you really get that warm there??? It has been in the 40's here w/ rain, freezing rain, and icey roads!!

    Do you felt your own wool? I have been cutting up skirts, but have not felted it yet. My crafting hands have been idle for some time, since I opened shop, I dont take time for it. But I loooove wool!

    I chuckled, I think your new cupboard and the framed aplique' is from Handcrafted by Michelle who is up in Brainerd MN. It went out to Penns. and came back to WI. How funny! I love their things. The process they use to finish their wood is a big Q w/ me. I think they might use sawdust in the paint or something, but they do an awesome job. I have sold that cabinet a couple of times. I was always tempted to keep it for myself.

    I have one in my bathroom by them w/ a quilt square in the door which I love...maybe I will post a pic.


  11. Hi Karen,
    I love your sunroom. We've have been thinking about adding one off the dining room.(maybe someday)
    I like the wool you got...great price and colors too.

  12. Good Evening Karen!....your screened room look so inviting!....I would love to have something like that!....both my boys loved Legos when they were little, I've got them all stored away in hopes that their children one day might like to play with them too!....we are having a warm and windy spell here in Central Virginia also, I could do sure do without that wind! Janet :)

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I want a sunporch too!!!!!!!!!
    makes me want lemonade just looking at it!

    Cant wait to see your penny rug...


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