Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wonderful Dinner

We had our ‘late’ Father’s Day dinner with my Stepfather and his wife last night and had such a nice time….I know I probably mentioned this before but my mother re-married 5 weeks before me and lived just 5 years after she married…she passed away from Lymphoma Cancer at age 49 but left a very wonderful man to carry on her memory with us – even though he re-married a few years later the both of them still make sure we are part of the family and we do the same for them…
and this has been going on for 42 years!

Boots is 88 and Virginia is 87 and both doing quite well I might say – nothing keeps them down and they go, go, go!

We went to one of our favorite places on the lake called the Buckhorn and as usual had a great meal. This place has been there for 50+ years and I say this seriously – the food has never changed as well as the service and that can’t be said for most businesses, especially a restaurant. The menu is still the same as when we first started going there and their motto is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’….and that is sooo true.

6 of us

6 of us at table

6 of us at table 1

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Now….quite awhile back I posted about a really
sweet, fun blog called Primfills 

Jobeth is just the sweetest Southern gal I know and her posts are adorable and so endearing – please go on over there and visit her…she’s trying so hard to get into the blog world and is also starting up a new website (to open July 4th) and here’s the link:  Even though it’s not open yet you can still go check out and maybe bookmark it for next week!

Guess this is a short post today – not much happening in my neck of the woods so it’s a good day to do nothing but read.
Tomorrow I’m heading on up to Madison to the
Market Square Cash & Carry Show
in hopes of seeing some new and exciting products
for the upcoming holidays – if I find anything special
I will post it next week.

Until then, see ya!  Karen


  1. Karen~

    How wonderful that you and your step-father have continued to spend time together all these years. I am sure your mom would be so happy to know that he is still part of your family.

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

    I hope you have a great week!


  2. My Karen but you are such a pretty lady... You all look like you are having a wonderful time..
    Take Care...

  3. Karen, It's go wonderful that you continue to see your step-father. When my FIL passed away last year, his partner of 10 years had become a part of all our lives too, we continue to see her as well. Thanks for stopping by blog, I am newer to this but I have caught the "bug". I have been reading then following yours for a bit now. I remember when your lovely home was in Country Sampler! Have a great day! OLM

  4. Karen, It looks like you all had a GREAT time being together!!!!! I will let you know you don't look your age, you a truly beautiful inside and out!!!!

    I can see family means everything to you like it does for me!

    Have a GREAT week friend,
    Love and Hugs,

  5. Karen, it is so neat that you have a great relationship with your stepfather and his wife - sounds like y'all had a great time. Love your new pic and haircut.


  6. That is so awesome that your stepfather still wants a relationship with you. You all looked as if you had a great time!

    Oh and the enamel bowl you found is awesome. You have such great displays in the other ones you have.

    And of course the spice jars are another bonus. I have some short glass ones I believe were jam jars I bought at a yard sale last year. They are still in the box. I can't seem to find the right place for them ... yet.

    It's funny I was just looking through my old Country Samplers and pulled out the one with your home in it. I had no idea who you were when I first received it in the mail. But it's really awesome to look at it and say I have "talked" to you. LOL.


  7. Karen, I love that story about your step-dad....He must have been a great step father! Yes, I love primfills blog too, she's a great story teller and always gives me a chuckle. She even bought something from me yesterday so she's definitely one of my favorites. LOL
    Have a great day, Cathy

  8. Karen,
    How wonderful to continue this relationship after so many years. I have never seen you take a bad picture. You are such a pretty lady. Have a great week.

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  10. Karen ~
    What a heartwarming story! Everyone looks so happy. Like Pam said, you never take a bad picture. Lucky you!!!
    Hugs :)

  11. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time together. Thanks for the heads up on Jobeth's new website. I'll be sure to stop over and take a look.
    Have a blessed week.

  12. awwww! Happy people all around! That says it all!

  13. What a sweet story about your stepdad. It's such a blessing to have that closeness with him and his family after all these years. The restaurant sounds amazing. I love to know that there are still things that don't change.
    I always enjoy reading your posts ♥ Have a blessed day, Dawn

  14. Karen, that is such a wonderful story! It's amazing that your relationship didn't part in all these years. What a sweet, sweet bond!


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