Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So many new things…

Not sure what to start with first – maybe the purchases from last weeks shopping.
I have a thing for Chocolate Molds but don’t like to pay much for them so when I find one at a reasonable price I buy it.
I purchased the two molds on my cupboard…the bunny and the chick.
They stand about 8 inches so they’re nice size.
I sometimes want to change out this step back cupboard and put other things in it but then I think I’d miss the look of the Pewter along with the red cupboard. So it’s probably always going to look like this.
I love change but IF I get something
I LOVE, it stays!
Chocolate molds in cupboard

I also found a wood painting for our screen room.
Doug put it up in the peak but after he got it up and I had a chance to look at it for awhile…I don’t care for it there.
So it will most likely go on the house by our kitchen door, above the bench.
Trial and error!
Sorry about the fan blade – no way to get a straight on photo.
Plus you can’t read what it says - “Sunshine Welcome Here”
Picture in screen room

Most of you are busy putting out your Spring goodies…I’m still waiting until the weather says NO MORE SNOW…it still wanted to do it over the weekend.
But  for Easter I did bring up my wire tree and added the
Tin Bunny Chocolate Molds and Carrots to it and then I found my Primitive Easter Grass that I had stashed away.
Forgot about it last year and found it this week.
So I added it around the base and put my Yellow Ware Eggs around. Sometime I hope to find more of the Carrots and Bunnies because it’s rather sparse.
Wire Tree on table

And I added some potted Purple flowers
to a basket and the Mache Rabbit
Basket on bench
And some fun Chicks to the top of my Pantry
Oh, I bought the plate too…thought it went
well with my Penny Rugs – plus I love the verse.Chicks
Better picture of the plate before I placed it
Penny Plate
And this wonderful sheep picture…now not sure where it’s going.
Great size too -  14 x 18
sheep picture

Those are my goodies from last week and a bit of Easter

Yesterday my brother and his wife came over and we went  Antiquing – that’s all that was open on a Monday – the nice Prim shops are all closed on Monday’s but it didn’t seem to stop us.
Doug took my brother over to the fitness center to use up some of our free passes and when they got back we all went to lunch and then shopping.
I didn’t get much except some bowls.
One is an antique Yellow Ware with Blue stripes
The top is rather rough so I got it for $18.00
It’s 8-1/2 inches round x 5 inches tall
Yellow Ware Bowl
And this set of Pyrex glass bowls in a gorgeous deep brick red, even though they show up brighter here, and they go perfectly with all my dishes! Bonus!!!
And they were $18.00 as well.
Pyrex Bowls

Let’s see what else…oh, my twine is always getting tangled up and I found this at our local Greenhouse – twine in a can!
No more tangles and it even has a cutter on it. And it sticks out of the hole so no more loosing ends. Oh and YES, it was overpriced but I had to have it!!



Twine in can

Remember my pattern venture…IT’S WONDERFUL
I have sold so many on The Pattern Cupboard and guess what….I heard from a Quilt shop. Quilting-B’s in Cortland, Ohio. She said she is interested and will purchase my patterns!

ANNNNDDDDD….Ben Franklin in Delevan is  very interested so I will take patterns there this week or next week.
So I guess it’s finally coming around – boy it takes time.

And don’t forget, you can order directly from me just send an e-mail. You can find them in the tab at the top of the blog.
Please wish me luck with it all.