Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So many new things…

Not sure what to start with first – maybe the purchases from last weeks shopping.
I have a thing for Chocolate Molds but don’t like to pay much for them so when I find one at a reasonable price I buy it.
I purchased the two molds on my cupboard…the bunny and the chick.
They stand about 8 inches so they’re nice size.
I sometimes want to change out this step back cupboard and put other things in it but then I think I’d miss the look of the Pewter along with the red cupboard. So it’s probably always going to look like this.
I love change but IF I get something
I LOVE, it stays!
Chocolate molds in cupboard

I also found a wood painting for our screen room.
Doug put it up in the peak but after he got it up and I had a chance to look at it for awhile…I don’t care for it there.
So it will most likely go on the house by our kitchen door, above the bench.
Trial and error!
Sorry about the fan blade – no way to get a straight on photo.
Plus you can’t read what it says - “Sunshine Welcome Here”
Picture in screen room

Most of you are busy putting out your Spring goodies…I’m still waiting until the weather says NO MORE SNOW…it still wanted to do it over the weekend.
But  for Easter I did bring up my wire tree and added the
Tin Bunny Chocolate Molds and Carrots to it and then I found my Primitive Easter Grass that I had stashed away.
Forgot about it last year and found it this week.
So I added it around the base and put my Yellow Ware Eggs around. Sometime I hope to find more of the Carrots and Bunnies because it’s rather sparse.
Wire Tree on table

And I added some potted Purple flowers
to a basket and the Mache Rabbit
Basket on bench
And some fun Chicks to the top of my Pantry
Oh, I bought the plate too…thought it went
well with my Penny Rugs – plus I love the verse.Chicks
Better picture of the plate before I placed it
Penny Plate
And this wonderful sheep picture…now not sure where it’s going.
Great size too -  14 x 18
sheep picture

Those are my goodies from last week and a bit of Easter

Yesterday my brother and his wife came over and we went  Antiquing – that’s all that was open on a Monday – the nice Prim shops are all closed on Monday’s but it didn’t seem to stop us.
Doug took my brother over to the fitness center to use up some of our free passes and when they got back we all went to lunch and then shopping.
I didn’t get much except some bowls.
One is an antique Yellow Ware with Blue stripes
The top is rather rough so I got it for $18.00
It’s 8-1/2 inches round x 5 inches tall
Yellow Ware Bowl
And this set of Pyrex glass bowls in a gorgeous deep brick red, even though they show up brighter here, and they go perfectly with all my dishes! Bonus!!!
And they were $18.00 as well.
Pyrex Bowls

Let’s see what else…oh, my twine is always getting tangled up and I found this at our local Greenhouse – twine in a can!
No more tangles and it even has a cutter on it. And it sticks out of the hole so no more loosing ends. Oh and YES, it was overpriced but I had to have it!!



Twine in can

Remember my pattern venture…IT’S WONDERFUL
I have sold so many on The Pattern Cupboard and guess what….I heard from a Quilt shop. Quilting-B’s in Cortland, Ohio. She said she is interested and will purchase my patterns!

ANNNNDDDDD….Ben Franklin in Delevan is  very interested so I will take patterns there this week or next week.
So I guess it’s finally coming around – boy it takes time.

And don’t forget, you can order directly from me just send an e-mail. You can find them in the tab at the top of the blog.
Please wish me luck with it all.



  1. Love everything Karen. Those candy molds are just so fabulous. I must start looking for some when I am out. Sounds like you have been very busy lately. How is your back feeling?
    Great news with the pattern sales. I wish you the best of luck!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Karen~

    Love your new chocolate molds!!

    It's nice to hear you're finally getting some interest from shops on your patterns.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  3. Good luck with your patterns!! I love all the Easter goodies you have!!

  4. Love ALL your new goodies, but especially like the molds! They are so expensive here on the northeast coast -- I haven't yet found any at a reasonable price. Your's are just lovely.
    I must look for a twine can like you have! It is perfect, and we sure could use something like that here.
    Good luck with your new pattern venture -- sounds like it is taking off!!

  5. Oh Karen, that is just fantastic news about your patterns!! I know that you will do well with them but I will tell good luck anyway!! That plate does go well with your penny rugs...good find!


  6. Well you are just a busy little shopping bee Karen! Love eveything new you picked up! And so happy for you that your patterns are taking off like they are! You deserve it!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Hi,Karen-
    Congrats on the pattern business. The decorations
    look awesome. I love the yelloware Easter eggs
    around the base of the tree. The chocolate molds
    are marvelous, I have a small collection. Look to Ebay, that's where I bought mine. There are stillreasonable prices from some people. They can be expensive,but like anything you can bargain hunt.
    Did you change your graphics? I like the new page if you did. I haven't been on in a while,
    I've become obsessed with the live Decorah Eagle web cam on live tv.Waiting for the 3rd egg to hatch,the eaglets are just grey balls of fuzz!
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  8. So many wonderful goodies!!
    Congratulations on your pattern sales.
    Even though it doesn't surprise me, your designs are amazing.

  9. Terrific news on your patterns & so many new goodies! BEAUTIFUL
    Thanks for sharing Karen .. I have missed the inspiration from your shopping trips

  10. Looks like you found yourself some great new goodies! I bought myself a big old mustard shelf in Columbus, but I still have to get Dick to hang it for me. I love those chocolate molds, I have a collection of the smaller size ones. Hope you have a great week, Dawn

  11. Hi Karen..........well I just love everything that you just showed us.
    I still can't find my fabric homespun eggs that I made last year.........don't know where I could have stored them.
    I think your pattern venture is just great and you are the perfect person to do it. Great news on your success.

  12. I love all the 'goodies' you bought. You have a good eye for treasures. Good to see your patterns are making it and I wish you all the best. You decorations for easter are lovely. We never 'do' anything for this time of year so it's very quiet here. Have a lovely day. Maa

  13. Hi Karen!
    What good finds!
    I'm really loving your stepback cupboard with the pewter and molds.
    Wishing you much success with your patterns too!

    Hugs, Audrey

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  15. oh karen....i love your goodies...the red cupboard looks great with your pewter...i wouldnt change a thing....now you are getting me itchy to get home and play with my house...i am really missing it

  16. Karen ~
    Lots of great new/old goodies. I love the blue-banded bowl.
    Great news on the interest in your patterns. Your hard work is paying off. Congrats.
    Pug hugs :)

  17. Karen,
    Love your bunny and chick molds and all of your other goodies.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  18. Hello Karen.. Everything looks so lovely and prim ... And Easter like, too. I love those eggs and the tree...
    I am sure Spring will discover where we live soon, eh..
    Your patterns are gorgeous and I know you will do well as you do in everything..

  19. I love all of your spring touches, Karen! I'm still holding out a little longer. I'm afraid if I put things out, I'll get more impatient for warmer weather to come! It was trying to spit a little snow today!! I am SO tired of this cold weather.
    I'm so happy for you that your pattern venture is taking off! Good for you! I wish you the best of luck!!

    Take care,

  20. Love your easter/spring displays. Those yellow ware eggs are precious! Great news on your patterns!

  21. Karen, I love your Easter Tree! Wow, I have to get one of those twine cans....You should see the tangled mess I always have to fight with. What a time saver that would be!

  22. Wonderful new goodies - especially the chocolate molds. Great Easter decor. Congratulations on your pattern sales!

  23. Beautiful Karen! Love them ALL!! You're my kind of gal! Love pewter, love red cupboards, chocolate molds, yelloware, papier mache bunnies, little yellow chicks, and, and, and... (But...waiting until no chance of snow???! Yikes Girlfriend - you'll be decorating for Easter in July!!!) ;o)
    Smile & Hugs ~ Robin

  24. Karen, you burgandy cupboard is striking! It looks wonderful with the Pewter. Most all of my cupboards are that color.
    Congratulations on your success with the Pattern Cupboard!

  25. Everything looks wonderful & I am so happy for you for your success with your patterns!! Hope my venture goes as well! I know what you mean about the snow...it's snowing AGAIN here right now, is there no end?? Congrats Karen! ~Kriss~

  26. Oh, Karen, such wonderful treasures. I love those chocolate molds and adore the yellow ware eggs. Where did you get them? So cute for Easter. It certainly looks like you had a great shopping trip.

  27. Good Morning! (since its morning here in my home) I hope you don`t mind I copied down the saying on your plate. It is so befitting for the situations we encounter in our lives. Learn to dance in the rain of the storm. I like that! Want to do something with it for my newly married grandson and wife. He just found out he will be deployed in two months to Afaganistan for how long , not sure. This will be his second deployment. 1st was Iraq. Love the yellow ware bowl with the blue trim. I almost bought one the other day but too pricy. Have fun getting ready for Easter. It will be special this year for us for our grandson has a small leave before deployment and it looks like it will fall at Easter time. Love your blog.

    Prim Blessings,

  28. Hi, Karen
    Everything looks wonderful~ So excited for you on the sales~
    enjoy the day

  29. Karen,
    Everything looks wonderful. Love all your new things. Don't do away with the Red cupboard as it is perfect with your things.
    So glad your new selling venture is going well, BUT don't let yourself get burnt out.
    Been busy in FL as usual. Doesn't seem like Easter as has been in the 80's!
    Will shoot you an e-mail.

  30. Karen...Love all your new purchases. The twine in a can is super net...and can really come in handy.

    Again, Congrats on the success of your Pattern Adventure. :)


  31. karen you found some wonderful goodies! i love those tins and the yellowware eggs are amazing. had no clue they made eggs. thank you so much for sharing, it was fun to read! jill

  32. Cute molds! I love them too and always on the lookout for them but I don't own any that tall. I'm the same as you girl... when I find something I really LOVE, it stays that way and doesn't change. I can say that I agree with you. The pewter looks striking against the red, I think you should leave it.

    I remember your darling Easter wire tree from last year and have been on the lookout for one ever since. They just don't have those wire trees in my neck of the woods but I won't give up the hunt, that's most of the fun anyway, right? The tiny molds are so stinkin' adorable!!

    Beautiful bowls Karen! Love the deep red ones, how wonderful that they match your dishes! That twine in a can is an awesome invention, haha! What a great idea to have a cutter right on the can. I have to check out that link, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    Fantastic news about your patterns!!! Congratulations! I was looking through the tab and found so many I would like to purchase... wish I could buy the time that it takes to make them too, lol! Best wishes on your new adventure~

  33. Hi Karen... thanks for stoping by my Blog...good to hear from you..

    A huge congrats on the pattern selling that is way awesome.. I know how hard we work to get things going and when it does it is such a blessing.. I'm really happy for you!!

    Lots of nice goodies you picked up.. sounds like you have had fund decorating with the ne stuff..

    Have a great week!


  34. Love that sweet chocolate mold and the rest of your Easter goodies. I hope you are having some spring by now. We had some and today was very cold again. Mother Nature seems very confused this year!!

    I am so leased for you that your patterns are doing well..though not the least bit surprised! I hope they continue to do well.

    Happy Easter! hugs!

  35. Your decorating is just awesome, I love looking at your pictures, you are such an inspiration!! I love your bowls that you found, I love old mixing bowls, I would take one of those anyday over depression glass. Love your chocolate molds too. Have a great day! Lecia

  36. Beautiful place and a lovely decorations. Really like it!

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