Sunday, April 24, 2011

TV, Cancellations, Winning, Dinner

Such a mixed up heading!
But that’s what this week has been – besides the weather being crappy the beginning of the week and causing our ‘first’ of 5 golf lessons to be cancelled there has been a lot going on.
We signed up for a series of 5 lessons to hopefully help me with my golf – I can’t say I’m a ‘golfer’ yet – I’ve gone several times the last couple years but nothing has changed for the better. I swing, sometimes I hit the ball, sometimes I score decent…most times I score lousy. So it’s time to get some help.
Hopefully this Monday it will be nice weather so it’s not called off again.
Doug is taking the lessons right along with me to see just what they are teaching me and also he said the lessons would not hurt him either.

The rest of the week was as lousy as the weather….our TV decided to die, and in our house there has to be a TV – I personally can live without one but there is someone else here that ‘needs his TV’.
That was Wednesday night it happened so Thursday he went and purchased a new one….same size as the old one – Panasonic, 50 inch Plasma with 3D – although the 3D was not what we wanted but it came in the TV – and the extras the TV has is incredible.

Old TV on floor (well, it’s not really old in my mind – 6 years old I personally think it should have more life than that)
Old TV 1

Brett helping get it hooked up
New TV

Basically it works – at least it looks like it works doesn’t it???
It works
But…it really didn’t work properly….the darned thing was blurry so Saturday our other son came over early before our family Easter dinner and helped Doug take it back and they gave us a different one – this one is perfect…FINALLY

So on to something fun….I won a darling Chick from Brenda from 
She drew my name in her last Give A-Way! THANK YOU BRENDA
She does such wonderful work…I’m always in awe at the quality of her products.
Box 3

My Lola had to check her out too!
Look at the Pipe Cleaner feet on this little darling…too cute.
Chick 1

Last night we had our family Easter Dinner here.
Everyone had plans for today so it worked out great this way.
Family at table

Alexandra our oldest granddaughter brought her boyfriend, Tyler, along.
She had gone into O'Hare earlier yesterday to pick him up for his 3 weeks home form the Air Force. Aren’t they cute???
Alex and Tyler

This was the middle of January when she flew down to San Antonio, TX while he was in basics.
Alex and Tyler

Here they are in September at my nephew’s wedding…what a difference 6 months and the ‘service’ does to a young man!
Alex and Tyler 

Speaking of Alex…She turns 18 next month and graduates in June. These are a few shots for graduation pictures, but she didn’t choose any of these – guess I’m going to have to wait until June to find out.
Alex 6   Alex by fence
Alex  Alex 2

Alex 3

Guess I didn’t leave anything out of this post – it sure is long enough - I haven’t been on for quite awhile and had lots to catch up on.

Hope you all are enjoying your Easter holiday!



  1. Happy Easter Karen, your granddaughter is beautiful! My fav picture is the last one!

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours Karen, your granddaughter is a beautiful young woman and her boyfriend is very handsome, what a lovely couple! Deb

  3. I love that chicken you won...! And your grand-daughter is a very pretty young lady..the best to her future! Happy Easter, dear friend!

  4. Happy Easter, Karen! Looks like y'all had some wonderful family time. I'm with you, seems like electronic products just don't last as long as they should anymore. Your granddaughter is beautiful!

  5. Karen,

    Your family get together looks so inviting. You have a gorgeous family and grandaughter. I agree those durn TV's don't last near as long as the old ones. Hope you get your lessons in this week.


  6. Happy Easter! Looks like you had a nice family gathering. Your granddaughter is beautiful and her boyfriend is quite handsome -- what a lovely couple they make! So nice that you could all be together for the holiday!
    Enjoy the rest of your Easter day -- things are quieting here now that we did brunch and our children that live on their own have left. Looks like more rain in our future...... but at least we were able to get outside this afternoon and enjoy some warm air and sunshine.
    Good luck with those golf lessons!

  7. Hello Karen ok first I know TV's are not made to last as long as they used to with all the new technical things they have??
    Great family shot of dinner glad you got to spend An Easter meal with your family.
    Your granddaughter it beautiful what lovely pictures of her and her young man is handsome!

    And now I am so glad you like your chick. Great pictures of her thank you so much for sharing and Happy Easter to you

  8. Hi Karen...Happy Easter to you and Doug! Many times we have our holiday dinner on another day besides "the" day. I like it that way so we can ALL be together.

    Your granddaughter is a beautiful young woman. I think she takes after her Grandmother, for sure! Her boyfriend is a handsome guy, too.

    Let's hope the weather gets better soon. It has rained cats and dogs here in the Finger Lakes of New York. It is getting real old!!!

    Take care.....

  9. Karen - here's hoping this week coming is less crappy! Here, the Yasi's still watch a 32 inch tv that we've had for at least 14 years! I'm kinda hoping it dies so we can get a flat screen, but me - I want it to fit in the cabinet so it's hidden. The boys want a big screen - what to do, what to do!
    Hope the weather cooperates and you are able to get back on the golf course1

  10. Happy Easter..What a nice gathering of family you had..Your granddaughter is beautiful and what a good looking boyfriend she has..Hope ya can have that lesson this week..Our weather here has been pretty nasty with a lot of rain..I know summer is just around the corner..I would be happy right now if it just hit 50..LOL

  11. Karen, it looks like you had a wonderful gathering! You granddaughter and boy friend look adorable together! Here's hoping we both get nicer weather! OLM

  12. Your granddaughter is beautiful! I love all the photos but my favorites are the one with the sun behind her and the last one of her sitting on the grass.

    You are always so busy with something going on~!

  13. Good luck with your golf lessons. Looks like a nice tv...glad you got it straight. I can live without tv too but somehow it's always on when my other half is home. Men and their toys! You had a nice easter gathering with lots of family. It's gorgeous in Md. out for some much needed yard work. have a great week!

  14. Congrats, Karen, on the win from Brenda! That little chick is perfectly adorable!!! You have a beautiful home and even more beautiful family....It looks so warm and inviting there! Love little Lola too! Here's hoping for warmer weather...I's been crappy! Easter joy & blessings ~ Robin

  15. The best golf advice I ever had was to "swing with your hips, not your arms"... in other words, start the swing with your left hip and let your arms follow. Oh... and relax too! The worst you can be is nervous when playing golf. Alexandra and Tyler make a great couple! My dh in the tv person in our house... in fact, since we had a big Easter dinner, he's sleeping in front of the golf that's on the tv! lol!

  16. Hi Karen.. Happy Easter to you and yours.. Your granddaughter is lovely. I imagine it seems as if time as flown since she was born..
    Love your winnings..

  17. What a nice post and such lovely pictures! Happy Easter to you!!

  18. Happy Easter Karen - you have a LOVELY grandaughter. Enjoyed seeing all the photos.

    prim hugs

  19. Looks as if you had lots of activity at your house this week-end. Happy Easter to you and your family. Blessings!

  20. Karen:
    You have a beautiful family and seems as if you all have such fun just being together.. Families are the best !!
    Your Granddaughter is such a beautiful young lady and a handsome boyfriend..
    Love your giveaway chick you won.. Isn't it fun to win...

  21. Hi Karen...Happy Easter to you and yours. Love the Chick, so cute. Very nice pics of your family.

    Hoping your game improves with your lessons. I myself am a ball chaser. Would not have a clue.

    Marlene :)

  22. Karen ~
    What a beautiful granddaughter! Must take after grandma :)
    That chick is just too sweet.
    I am not a TV person and have not had a working one in the house for a couple of years. People think me strange, but it doesn't bother me in the least. Even when I had one that worked I never turned it on.
    Happy Easter to you.
    Pug hugs :)

  23. Hi Karen!
    Your grandaughter is GORGEOUS! What a perfect little couple. It is amazing what that 6 months did to him. He looks like a great guy for her.
    Easter dinner looks wonderful, and I think I would have lost it on the TV! You did better than didn't complain, and complain about it having to go back!
    Take care...Dale

  24. Thanks for sharing all your pictures, it looks like you all had a wonderful dinner. Glad the TV got taken care of... we all know how those men get with out their tv's...LOL. Your granddaughter and her boyfriend make a very cute couple.

  25. What a beautiful family you have!! Your grand daughter is beautiful, so sweet to see her with her young love, makes you think back doesn't it!! Keep up with the golf...just spending time with your hubby will be fun no matter how well you hit the ball! ~Kriss~

  26. Wow Karen I think you said it all.. sounds like you had one of those weeks like I have...LOL.
    Glad your hubby has his new TV working and willnow be a happy man..Amazing how men must have there TV...I don't have a man or a TV guess that works out perfect..
    Beautiful family looks like you all were having a great time together..
    Beautiful grand daughter..she and her young man look very handsome together. He looks totally different..all grown up looking.
    Hope you and Doug have fun spending time together learning the game of Golf..even if you never get it perfect you are spending time together and that's waht its all about!
    Last but not leaxt that Chic is just to cute..Luv her!!

    Have a great week even if it is still rainy!!


  27. What a cute couple! LOL, all that gorgeous hair gone, but I do love a serviceman with a buzz cut! Looks like you had a busy week. :) Happy Easter.

  28. Karen,
    What a busy lady you are, and now taking golf lessons! You go "GURL." Maybe we'll see you on TV at some point. How is your back handling this?
    Your gd is beautiful and nothing like an A.F. boyfriend. Do you think this is a serious relationship?
    How great to have all of your family together in one room.
    Glad Doug/boys got the TV issue fixed. Seems like it is always something.
    We had to have 4 new sky lights replaced. Waiting now for the first rain and hope/pray they don't leak. LOL.
    Have a great week. Hi to Doug.
    Linda in FL

  29. Hi Karen, congrats on winning the adorable little chick from Brenda. You have a beautiful granddaughter - love all of her pictures, especially the one with the sun shining behind her.


  30. Happy Easter Karen. Thank you for inviting us into your home. Blessings to all the family. Maa

  31. Well I just found you on Maa's blog and this was an interesting post. We just bought a TV and were watching the same show last night. Your family looks very happy. Your Granddaughter is gorgeous and they look like a sweet couple. Take care enjoy your wonderful family. B

  32. Loved catching up with you. Beautiful pictures!

  33. That is a mixed up heading and has me curious about this post, lol! What do you know... our tv died the same time. My hubby went shopping for one the next day while I was out antiquing with friends. He kept texting me and I was worried about what he was going to bring home... you know how men are, lol! I could do w/o one too but yes, there is someone here also that just couldn't do that.

    Brenda's chick is adorable! It amazes me how that girl can whip something up in no time and it is always darling.

    How nice to see everyone around the table for a big ol' meal and time of fellowship... it just warms my heart! Alexandra is so beautiful, Karen! But you already knew that. You have a beautiful family!


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