Friday, April 29, 2011

Flowers, Kids, 3-D, Shots and gifts

Hi all,

Been a busy day here. We packed a lot into one day -

First I want to share my Easter Flowers…I had purchased a Pink Tulip plant for my Aunt for Easter.
It was 7 inches tall when I bought it on Tuesday and by Friday it was 14 inches and all buds had blossomed out – so I just didn’t want to give her a plant that was almost finished. Amazing what 3 days did to this plant. (we ended up giving her some wonderful ‘truffle’ candy – and she loved it)
Our son and daughter in-law brought a Daffodil plant on Easter
Took this on Tuesday after Easter
Easter Flowers 
So today I planted them in the gardens. I should have separated the bulbs but I didn’t  want to aggravate my back and hips by bending and kneeling for too long….so they will get a good start in the ground this Summer and then late Fall I can split them up.

Emily and Joe were here for their last day of Easter break and I felt bad because most of the morning was taken up with big people stuff.

They had to go over to the hospital with me and wait while I had another SI joint injection – yes, it’s back good and strong again!
But before I had the shot the Neurologist spoke with Doug and I about me to getting the RF treatment (Radio Frequency – Nerve Ablation). They will zap (burn) the nerve endings in the hopes that the pain stays away longer than with the shots. So hopefully in 2-3 weeks I’ll have that procedure.

Took them to lunch right after the shot, came home and the kids watched a 3-D movie – (yes…he broke down and yesterday he bought the 3-D glasses, 3-D Blue-Ray player).
I’m not real impressed with 3-D but it’s part of the TV even if we never use it.
Em and Joe TV 
The movie was about the Ocean – not too pretty looking without glasses
- but you can see double exposure – this is something built in the sand.
3-D TV

I’m very slow with my Rug Hooking project. I ran out of background green and was going to buy some more but I checked in my big tote of colors and found a very large bunch almost the same green so I’m mixing them and you can’t even tell the difference…but I like the variegated look.
And I like the design as well…it’s going on my black Windsor chair and I think I might purchase another one for my other chair.
Chair Pad Rug Hook

I had the most wonderful surprise in the mail today…a package from Jen Taylor
( )
How she found the time with all that has been happening with her family/extended family is beyond me. She’s such a dear friend and so talented.
Just look at these beautiful Pillow Tucks with HER OWN DESIGNS and filled with the most aromatic ‘Lavender’.  THANK YOU JEN!
Jens gift

I also took my flower pots over to the garden center and picked out plants – they will do the work and keep them until the 3rd week of May so they get a good start in the greenhouse. Last year I did my own and they just didn’t have the ‘look’ that they do.

I’ll leave you with this picture of my two kitties sunning themselves in the doorway today – such a life! If it wasn’t for the sun you would NEVER see them this close…EVER!!!
Baby and Lola sunning

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.



  1. Lovely post, Karen as always.. I pray you will soon be feeling better.. When it is your back it affects everything you do..And then you are so busy:-) I think you need to rest
    I love your pillow tucks..
    Blessings my friend...

  2. Hi Karen,

    I believe I have some SI joint trouble too. It started about 2 years ago..can't hardly turn over in bed, if you step a certain way you get stopped. I didn't realize there were injections for it, I had kind of read that it isn't always recognized as a real thing by some doctors. I've never been immobilized or incapacitated by it, but it can be pretty painful. I'm dieting and hoping that when I get off about 30 pounds I might see a difference, it seems to have started when I put on weight...I'm glad the injections help you.

    Your flowers are lovely...and so are your furbabies....

    Have a great evening,

  3. Karen, Your hooked project looks great. I will have to try it some day.

  4. Karen, I hope all goes well with your injections for your back. Sounds like we are getting the same shoots. I just had my 2nd on on Monday. I got 2 days of relief with the first one... I am on day 4 now, some pain returning but better! I talk to the Dov on the 17th for the nerve burning too! Oh these backs!!! UGH! Love your hook rug & gift from jen! OLM

  5. OMGosh, pretty flowers, pretty rug project, and of course pretty kitty kats. We've got a couple that spitty spat at each other sometimes.
    The kids keep you up to date with the new technolgy I take it:) I had to have son explain HD to me, because I really couldn't see the difference with it until he showed me the finer points. Although I do believe it's something we could live without.

  6. Beautiful photos & post Karen - Gee - Hope you're doing better with the shots, and that the other treatment will be provide even more long-term relief. I have back/spine issues as well (degenerative disks and curvature) and "I can feel your pain!!" Your furbabies are adorable!! Glad to finally hear that everyone who has more than one doesn't have "cuddlebuds." I have two who are actually cousins - and they spit and spat like you wouldn't believe. Have to make them sleep on separate sides of me in bed! Good to hear from you again. Take good care. Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  7. Hi Karen, I am praying your back feels alot better over the weekend. Your goodies from Jen are primtastic! Jen is a gem and VERY talented.
    I also see your hook rug you are doing. I love it!!
    I am loving the 3-D T.V.!
    I am sure the grandchildren are loving that, for sure!
    I love to see your furbabies! They like the sun. Just laying right at the door, you can see they love the warm sun!

  8. Love the rug, it will be beautiful when it's done! Hope you get your back in control soon, I can also "feel" your pain as I suffer daily too from a car accident many years ago that damaged my back & neck. Don't you hate feeling like you have physical limitations on bad days!! Love to see new posts on your blog, it's so fun to share with everyone! ~Kriss~

  9. A very peaceful post! I always love to talk "flowers"! :-) They always look so happy! The chairpad is looking awesome!!! I have 6 chairs that design would go great with! ;-) lol!

  10. Karen, Sure hope the new treatment will bring some relief to your back pain. I can relate as I have back problems also. It's not a fun thing. Looks like the grandkids are enjoying the movie. I have never watched a movie in 3-D. Looks neat. Love the rug project. Those colors will be so pretty in a black chair. I have always wanted to give rug hooking a try but just can't find the time to learn. Thanks for sharing the photos and you have a great weekend.

  11. Hi sorry to hear that you are having back problems again. Hope this next treatment will help.
    Your rug is coming along nicely. Aren't you just in awe of the rugs that some bloggers post about?
    Please post pictures of your filled flower pots when you pick them up. Take care.

  12. ~love your blog! Praying your body stays strong. Enjoy the kids while they are young~ Sara

  13. Lovely photos and really like the pillowkeeps! ;)

    Feathers in the Nest

  14. Karen~

    Love those flowers & your rug is coming along nicely. Your goodies from Jen are wonderful.


  15. I love your flowers. thanks for stopping by while we are having a difficult time. thank you for your prayers. I pray your back heals. Dianntha

  16. Karen ~
    I'm sorry to hear that you are still having such major back issues. I hope your new treatment will help!
    You are doing a great job on your chairpad!!! Keep up the good work.
    Pug hugs :)

  17. Hi Karen, thanks so much for visiting my blog & taking the time to leave a comment!! I hope you come back for a visit & become a follower! I've admired your blog/home for awhile & would love to offer you one of my samplers as thanks for all your sharing & as a token in the time we take designing!! I'm setting up a new email but for now you can reach me on my blog.Do you cross stitch also? Thanks again!! ~Kriss~

  18. Popping in to say hello, Karen. Sorry to hear about that dreaded painful back. I often wonder if it's all the kiddies we 'lug' around in our youger years.
    I just love the chairpad your working on- you have such clever hands and fingers. I'll be eagerly waiting to see the finished product. Hope you have a lovely day and take care. Maa.

  19. Oh Karen, I sure hope you get some relief. I know my "sweet Hunter" goes through so much pain with his. We are both down this year. I may not get to put in a big garden this year so I am working on container gardening. I have one small raised bed that I may be able to do. I hate pain. I have been praying for you. Love your goodies you got in the mail. Thank you for your bday wishes for my grand!

  20. From 7 to 14 inches in 3 days? Wow! They are very pretty, also the daffodils.

    Sorry to hear the pain is back. Praying the RF treatment will take care of it once and for all!

    I'm with you... not a big fan of the 3-D, could care less but something about it the kids really enjoy. Looks like yours are having a good time with it!

    Oooooh, LOVE your rug hook project! It is beautiful and will look lovely on your Windsor. Aw, how sweet of Jen to send you some of her handmades. She does such beautiful work!

  21. I really like Easter flowers. they are good to decorate at home. Specially when kids are learning that how to set up a room or any other place.

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