Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More treasures from friends

I have had a wonderful week so far – nothing but ‘good’.
Can’t say that every week but I can right now.
The weather has been gorgeous one day and rainy/windy the next….but as long as the sun peeks out once in awhile I’m okay.

Although Sunday night we had some awful storms (as did many areas). We were fortunate to just have trees falling on wires causing outages all over our town.

I had mentioned to a ‘friend’ that it would be good to be Amish right then…
I would have gas lanterns
I would not have TV or radio to worry about
I would have a gas generator or propane for my refrigerator
I would have a wood cook stove
Now tell me...what more do you need????

Sometimes I think they have the right idea – depend on yourself and the Lord and not the outside influences that only frustrate us when things go wrong.

On with the ‘treasures’!

Last week I received some beautiful ‘wax bowl filler Pansy’s’ that I ordered from Misi at http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/
Aren’t they real looking? And you should smell the gorgeous aroma they give off.
Wax Pansys


Then on Monday I received a package from Kriss at Kountry Porch Primitives:  We did a swap and knew what we were swapping…she saw something I had and I saw a cute pillow she made.
It came in a large box and all grunged up…grunge story follows!  package 
Pillow and Pin Keep
Okay…so here’s just a little bit of what Kriss e-mailed to me that she went through at the post office trying to get a ‘grungy’ package mailed:
”When she looked at the paper on the box (okay...I realize only us prim people get THAT) she said "what is wrong with this!" I laughed and told her it was fine, it's SUPPOSED to look that way, she INSISTED it was leaking and couldn't be mailed! I told her it was a staining process...decorative...she looked at me like I was crazy and wanted to know if the person receiving the package would be happy receiving it THIS way. By this point I was honestly getting angry. I asked her if she could send it priority so I could just get out of there!
Sooooo, you and I get it but she didn't and obviously didn't appreciate my handiwork LOL!!
Talk about going postal LOL”.

I think people that DON’T like Primitive or Grungy JUST DON’T GET IT…am I right? But I did have a good giggle over it.
Thanks so much Kriss…I love it!

Kriss has a give away going on at her blog too…
See what she’s giving
Kriss giveaway 
Little Blue Saltbox Sampler Pin Keep
This little pillow is from my pattern line and measures approximately 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 and is rag stuffed.
So give yourself a treat and visit her and sign up – you just may win.


I haven’t been on the internet much lately – I’ve had a bad case of Bronchitis. Caught it a week ago Saturday and it’s still hanging on even after antibiotics and cough medicine. I think it hangs on no matter what you are given for it. Some things just need to run the course. But I don’t have time for feeling sluggish!!!bees I’ve been selling my patterns quite nicely…mainly through the Pattern Cupboard. Haven’t sold any from my site. How ironic. I make and sell them but sell better on someone else’s site…strange.

I also have two huge orders from a couple quilt shops that will now sell my patterns…yeah! It took a long time to get them to reply but when they did…WOW.
Hope they re-order and order Christmas ones too.

And…I’m in the process of getting some of my designs made up and patterns too to send to IN GRANDMA’S ATTIC (just outside of Lancaster, PA) for their show which is on the 10-13th of June…go on out there if you live near by. She’s having a Wholesale Cash & Carry as well as a huge sale.
3545 Lincoln Hwy. (Rt. 30 )
Kinzers, PA. 17535
(717) 442-4337


Made a new design last week – it’s my Pansies in a Watering Can
Pansy watering can
Close-up – the flowers are not stitched down on this design
Pansy closeup wishday



  1. Hey busy lady, sounds like life has been good. I LOVE those wax pansies, just beautiful. Hope you have another wonderful week, Dawn

  2. Love your new goodies Karen .Wish the computer had scratch and sniff option. LOL! That is a sweet little pillow .Karen your new design brought a smile to my face. Hope you continue to feel better. Hugs,Jen

  3. Oh Karen what wonderful goodies you got! I just received an order from Misi a couple of weeks ago! Everything was gorgeous! She tucked one of those little pansies into my box & you are right, they smell amazing and look so real! Swaps are so fun, the pillow is just darling. And your Pansies in the watering can are BEYOND beautiful!! I love it. You are so talented! Have a great day, rainy here, but perfect for indoor crafting! Take care. ~Sarah~

  4. Karen..love all of your treasures.
    Kriss's postal story is too funny. I bet they had a long talk about that after she left. wonder if they x-rayed her package?
    Hope you feel better soon. Congrats on all of your sales too. How is your rug hooking going?

  5. Hi Karen~

    Love your new goodies & the post office grungy story is too funny!!

    Glad to hear your patterns are selling well for you. Sounds like the pattern part of your business is starting to "snowball" for you.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  6. Hey Karen!! So funny you shared my post office story! Bet Linda is right, this might be a story they'll talk about at Christmas parties! I think I decided that ALL of my packages will be like THAT from now on!! I'm hoping to put pictures on my blog today of your wonderful goodies!. I tried to take pics yesterday but my camera wouldn't stay on so as long as my camera decides it wants to work I'll be good I love the new pattern, bet you'll sell a bunch! ~Kriss~

  7. What sweet gifts. And I adore your new penny mat. You are so talented.

  8. Wow - that's a jam-packed post - and lots of gorgeous goodies!! I too, got the little pansies from Misi and am loving them ~ gee, bet they look adorable with your wonderful new pansy mat - too sweet! And I love Kriss's little pinkeep pillow - I just recently found her blog and love her things! Hope you get to feeling better quick - spring has to be here soon and you don't want to miss it! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  9. To Absolutely one of the Most Talented Women in Blogland! How honored I am to "Know" you, Karen! Your patterns are to die for and I am so happy you are having success with them. I hope you get rid of that bad throat quick!
    I'm traveling to IA and MN next week for "The Wedding" Keep Smiling & have a happy June. Hugs, Joy

  10. Karen,
    OMG! LOve your new pansy design!!! Love the colors. Misi's creations are so nice..I need to order some of her fruit!! Have a great weekend! LOL about post office clerk..I can see my Hubby's clerks acting in much the same way!!!


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