Thursday, May 26, 2011


And it’s a difficult one…sales have been getting less and less on my website and it’s getting more difficult to make the decision to close it. It’s getting so I don’t have enough in PayPal to make the monthly payment and when you start putting your own money in to cover it – it’s time to think differently.

So…do I hang on for another month or just bite the bullet now and get it over with.

But I do have a question…if I close my website, I would like to sell a few items on a Selling Blog but I don’t know how to get the BUY NOW button on and link back to PayPal.
My webhost designer did all that for me so I’m at a loss as how to do it.

Now I have my patterns on my website but they are also on the two Pattern sites so that won’t hurt anything (sell from those two anyway – none from mine…lol)

And I’m going to ask a favor if I do get a Selling Blog…
Being I’ve tried with all my might to promote all the wonderful selling blogs out there…I’m asking Would you all please help me and put my Selling Blog on your blogs sidebar if I start one????
I’m asking anyone and everyone EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A SELLING BLOG…If I do this I need all the promotion I can get.

So that’s my dilemma right now…that and that I CAN’T leave comments on your blogs. Blogger is being a BUGGER again and it just keeps wanting me to sign in…and I’ve been signed in!!!

Hope to hear from you with some suggestions here on my website…what would you do?


  1. Can't you just list the stuff you have for sale here on this blog Karen and people can email you if they want something and you invoice them thru paypal? I'm not into technology that much but I see a lot of people doing it this way. Remember there is ETSY as well. You will figure it out. I have faith in you. I will certainly help where I can. Just show me how!

  2. Hi, Karen ~ I sell alot of goods and i don't have a buy it now button. The customer simply emails me and I've never had a complaint. I would certainly put your selling blog on both of my blogs. Best wishes ~
    big hugs,

  3. I do the same as Pam. They just email me with an order and it get an invoice out to them. I will help to promote your blog since you have been a help to me. Good luck.

  4. Hi Karen~

    I haven't sold online so I don't have any advice on the paypal thing. I would put your selling blog on my sidebar for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  5. Karen , I do the "email me" with your order and then i submit them a Paypal invoice.
    I would be glad to host your selling blog link on my blog :0)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I have the same dilemma as you Karen. I had a website a few yrs. ago ~ one of those DIY mini ones and by the time you paid to advertise w/all those craft malls to get your name out there, it wasn't worth it $$$~wise in the end.

    As you may remember I've been trying to decide on a selling blog or Etsy too, but have always wanted that 'Buy Now' button too. I think there is a way to do that if you get on the PayPal site and it shows you what to do. If not, then just email someone who has that button on their selling blog and ask them. That is what I plan to do when/if the time comes.
    Also, like a few mentioned, you can just show a pic on your own blog and sell the item from here. I've seen that on several blogs.
    I would be glad to advertise for you and maybe later on you could do the same for me if I take that route ~ LOL.
    Hope this helps just a little.


  7. I have blogs with buy it now buttons and blogs with just email me and they all work just fine- I will add you to my sidebar if you start a selling blog.

  8. Hi Karen, I'll be happy to put your selling blog on my sidebar if you start one.

  9. Hi,Karen,I have just set up a blog and wanted to make it a selling blog,too. I haven't started
    building up an inventory yet so I haven't asked
    anyone that I follow (168 blogs!) to reciprocate for me yet, but I will surely do that once I have some things to sell. I kinda discouraged though to hear your situation. I had a feeling it was tough out there to sell with the economy the way it is, so I just don't know now. I spent a lot of money on patterns and material and mohair from England and Holland recently so yikes I hope I can make a go of it. My husband is in the process of starting up a home business. He makes High Country,Primitive and fine 18th century repro furniture and accessories. Yikes for him, too!
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B.,Western MA

  10. Dear Karen,
    You can go to the Paypal site and they have the pay now/shopping cart buttons and how to do it...I was going to go that route, but once I realized that doing it that way would pose a problem with calculating a fair or accurate shipping price, I decided to do what most do...The email me with what you're interested in and I calculate shipping and then let you know and then send invoice method..Granted, I haven't sold anything from my selling blog, but that's the way the Policy is set up...and it seems to be the easiest way to calculate shipping doing it that way...My website I do have is at Webs and is just $15 a year but only has 5 shopping carts and I wasn't about to upgrade to have more (so it's more of a navigation website), so this selling blog thing seemed the way to except for Paypal fees...And along with Etsy, you get pretty good exposure--you just have to network alot...I just kind of see what the experienced and successful people are doing and get ideas from them. I'd be glad to help you out any way I can...You definately do good work and have a lot of good contacts, so you have a lot going for you, more so than the average smallfry just starting out like me..And as sinking money into a sinking ship, I've done that already and its a lost cause...I say cut your loses and do what it takes to pinch the pennies! I've been doing this Rhodes Creations thing for 2 years now and yet have made a profit...It more like a glorified hobby..Best wishes, Laura

  11. Hi Karen, I agree with At Home With Amy that you just need to list your items for sale on this blog that you already have. It is very well established, I don't think you would have any trouble getting exposure since you have so many followers on this blog already. Just add some more tabs at the top and set up some pages, I have done that on my blog although I have yet to sell anything. You get 10 add on pages with blogger and may I suggest using Firefox as your browser. I never have any trouble with Firefox. Hope this helps as you helped me get listed on Popular Selling Blogs.

  12. Hey Karen.. I agree with those who suggested to put your items here on your blog and anyone interested can just email you. I too am going thru some inner turmoil today about which path to take with my future. We just opened our new shop last Aug. and things are getting slower and I have an opportunity to get my old job back.. now what do I do, keep following my dreams or follow my pocketbook. Plus my health insurance is going sky high because of my upcoming birthday I jump to the next age bracket. I am scared I cannot pay my premiums if I depend on what we are making from the store.. times seem to be getting tougher instead of an economy they say is on the upswing. I will post your selling blog on my sidebar if you go that route but I do think you will do just as well posting your handmades on your blog as well. Good luck with whatever path you choose!

  13. Karen, If you'd like to give it a go over this neck of the woods, I will gladly add your button for a selling blog on my sidebar. You never know do you?

  14. Hi Karen, I'd gladly talk you through putting a buy now button, I've used them, you can even create buttons to match your website, but to tell you the truth, it is more of a hassle than anything. Creating the buttons,...then as a security feature, if you open the html code or even if you edit the post again, let's say, on blogger,...the stupid button gets disabled. Then you have to create a new one. AAAAArgh. You know what I think, it's a paypal advertising gimmick more than anythin else. I use email now, and invoice through paypal. Instead of advertising, I spend A LOT of time networking, not just for the business, but because I love people and want to share the love of prims. ANyways, let me know,, I can walk you throu it if you like.

  15. Hi Karen, Funny you should ask! If you read my next article in Down the Primitive Path, that comes out on June 1st, I tell how to put "Buy Now" buttons on Selling Blogs!

    Also, I do "Blog Roll" exchanges with people, which is just like a link exchange! So, if you would be interested in that I would gladly post your Selling Blog on ORP's Blog!

    As far as your sales on your website go, could it be the time of year? I think that everyone is slow this time of year!

    Let me know if you need anymore help!


  16. Hi Karen! I think I'd close your website and continue selling your patterns with what's working. Why stress yourself out and worry about it when you're doing so good elsewhere. Wish I knew how to help you with paypal buttons for the links. I'll be coming to all of you for advice myself. You know I'll put your link for your patterns on my page for ya! ~Kriss~

  17. For the Buy Now button all I have done is create the button and paste it into where I am writing about my product. I haven't promoted my selling blog in a while, it's not doing much business either.

  18. I had to shut down my web site also, the fees where getting out of hand. I did set up a selling blog, and I'm still working on it. To add the buy it now, or shopping cart buttons, go to pay pal. Up at the top are some blue buttons, click on merchant service, they click which button you would like. Enter info, make the code, and copy and paste back on your blog. You will need a couple of windows open for this. Very easy to do once you make the first one. Good luck! Everyone was going to my web site for show listings and not buying. Best of luck, and if you need help, ask, and I will what I can to help out.

  19. Hi Karen,
    I would use this blog for selling since you have so many followers already. Leave the patterns where they are since they are doing well. Etsy might be a good place for selling also-much lower fees than ebay. I use ebay only because I don't sell that often. Vicki, Lucy and the gals at Prim Chat have some very good hints about using Etsy. Check out their archived shows if you missed them. Debbie

  20. Hi Karen,
    I would be happy to add your selling blog to my blog. I understand what you are going through. I had the same problem when I had my site and finally realized it just wasn't worth it. Etsy has worked really well for me. You can get the Buy It Now buttons through PayPal under merchant services. You fill in all the information and then it gives you the code to place on your blog.

  21. Karen I think you would do VERY well just selling your wares right here on this blog. It is well established so you will be able to reach a lot of people and it will be won't have to pay those high prices for a web domain. Everyone can just email you for orders. Good Luck, I know you will do great with what ever decision you make. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!! :)


  22. Karen,
    I was thinking of the same thing, however with the perks I get through my webservice..we opted to keep the site open.I know you can do a craft store online thing through them for more exposure and a mini site, I know that a lot of "well known" ladies do me if you want more info.

  23. Hi Karen!
    I would be more than happy to add your selling blog to my blog.I also have been interested in starting a selling blog.I wasn't quite sure how to do it either. I'm glad s to see a lot of info from your blog readers about how they do it.
    Be sure to let us all know when you start your new selling blog!


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