Saturday, July 23, 2011

Packing Snacks for Trips or Get-Away

Tammy over at has posted a fun post. SNACKS FOR THE ROAD…she is asking “what do you take” and so I’m posting what gets packed in my ‘goodie bag’.  Go over and read her post – it’s fun!

We used to have a Suburban so just about everything we  I could think of went on trips with us but now it’s the Mini Van so we I have scaled back some although what I pack there is a lot that comes back home with us…it’s something about having the ‘familiar’ with you – maybe it’s a ‘comfort’ thing.

These are what I can’t do without on the road
milk duds

And my husband always needs his
heath bar 

And for good measure I take
triscuit crackers
And this to put on the crackers…now I know some of you will go ICKKKKKK but I like it in small amounts – it can get kind of sickening eating too much

So what is it you take on your road trips/vacation get a-ways???? Let us know!

Thanks Tammy for starting this fun topic