Saturday, July 23, 2011

Packing Snacks for Trips or Get-Away

Tammy over at has posted a fun post. SNACKS FOR THE ROAD…she is asking “what do you take” and so I’m posting what gets packed in my ‘goodie bag’.  Go over and read her post – it’s fun!

We used to have a Suburban so just about everything we  I could think of went on trips with us but now it’s the Mini Van so we I have scaled back some although what I pack there is a lot that comes back home with us…it’s something about having the ‘familiar’ with you – maybe it’s a ‘comfort’ thing.

These are what I can’t do without on the road
milk duds

And my husband always needs his
heath bar 

And for good measure I take
triscuit crackers
And this to put on the crackers…now I know some of you will go ICKKKKKK but I like it in small amounts – it can get kind of sickening eating too much

So what is it you take on your road trips/vacation get a-ways???? Let us know!

Thanks Tammy for starting this fun topic



  1. Karen ~
    I can't go anywhere without my diet Coke!
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Karen~

    Have to have plain M&M's!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  3. I'm riding with you Girlfriend!! My kind of snacks!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I MUST have a bottle of water (I get migraines and need to be able to down the medication ASAP!!) And ALWAYS something chocolate -- never-ever go w/out chocolate!!

  5. I'm so with Doug on the diet Mt. Dew ~ I'm addicted to the stuff after my morning coffee. Chocolate is a must & junior mints and milk duds are two of my faves.
    have a great weekend.

  6. I just love this post! It is so funny because I just made snack mix for our road trip tomorrow. We will be going down towards San Francisco, (the Bay area as it is called) to our grandsons second birthday party. I thought that the snack mix with peanuts, raisins and a little chocolate, along with corn chex and pretzels, would be a little healthier than some of the usual's. We of course will be having cake and ice cream, so a little healthy something will come in handy. We also bring a carafe of coffee, water bottles and of course junior mints, by husbands absolute favorite. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Sara

  7. Hi Karen:) When our kids were little and we went on road trips, we would take quite a few of the same things you have listed. With a cooler full of ice too:) I love the cheese n crackers too... mmmm.

  8. Loved the pictures of the various foods that you take with you Karen, it was really interesting to see the different brands compared to what we have here in the UK. There was only one brand out of all the pics that we have here in the UK and that was the Extra chewing gum

  9. Hey Karen...miss talking to you! I don't go anywhere without my coffee!! Even making a 5 minute trip to the store it's in my hand ~Kriss~

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  11. Greetings, Karen,
    Thanks for the I'm hungry for snacks! I prefer something salty...and then water, please! My hubby can't drive somewhere without his seeds and diet coke!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  12. Oh my! My pack-alongs don't look anything like this, LOL. Baby carrots, grapes, apples and banana's & some homemade cookies or muffins. And some sandwiches of coarse. Water bottles for me and hubby never gets in a car without diet lime coke.

    I love your blog background!


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