Monday, July 25, 2011

Two New Tabs - George is on the wall!

Good afternoon on this AGAIN hot and humid day.
I turned off the air this morning but it only stayed off for a couple hours...the air coming in the windows was horrible so back on it went.  I was hoping for a reprieve today but guess not.
So I'm doing the best thing on a hot day...posting,
reading blogs and sewing on an order.

I POSTED THREE NEW TABS at the top of my blog.

COUNTRY FRECKLES...a fantastic Prim/Colonial shop in Wisconsin
~ Click the photo to be taken to the page ~

RT. 66 ANTIQUES...wonderful Prim Antiques in Missouri 
~ Click the photo to be taken to the page ~

~ Click on picture to be taken to the page ~


I finally got my GEORGE picture up on a wall - not where it was
intended to go but will do for now - I actually like it here now
But in time it will go over the fireplace

Oh I have to say a huge THANK YOU to MAURINE from Stitchen House of Prims:
She sent me a wonderful thank you package for some books I sent her...naturally I got the best of the bargain!
I now have one of her wonderful hand made bonnets - it's a wonderful rich Brown and those two Herb bags are awesome sizes - the Herbs are cross-stitched on.

And last for today my Penny Runner I'm partially finished with.
When we traveled last week it gave me something to do in the car.

I just have to back it now and it's good to go.

And a huge thank you for those who participated in my sale
It was more than a success...there are only a few items left.
I'll keep them up in the tab for a bit more but then will close it.
Maybe later I will have more things to sell when I unpack boxes.

Guess that's all I have for now 


  1. Karen.....George looks good there.
    Love your new bonnet and herb bags.
    And your penny rug is so great. Love the colors you chose. I am thinking of hooking one about that size. Finally got my first rug done, I posted a pic today.

  2. Love your George!! I have my eye on one, but no clue where I would put it at this point - it's pretty large, and we have little wall space here (mostly windows!) I'm gonna keep thinking tho!! Your new penny is awesome - and HUGE!! Yikes....that would have taken me a lifetime to do! Gorgeous colors! Hot and humid there? We are cool and breezy and no hint of humidity today...the air almost has a feel of fall to it. Hope it blows your way....Have a great week! Off to check your new tabs. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Hi, Karen
    George looks great with that display!! Love your Penny~ wonderful job!!

  4. I think your George photo looks great there, too! How nice of Maurine to send you such lovely gifts! Love them!
    I especially love your penny runner -- the colors are just beautiful. I so wish I was able to stitch while in the car, but it makes me dizzy and nauseous to do anything other than look out the window. It seems like such a perfect opportunity to get things done. Can't read anything either, so I just sit.....
    You do great work! Have a good evening....

  5. Hi karen! Your George looks pretty darn good in that spot! I just love your penny rug runner. It looks like one that would sew up pretty quickly.
    Thanks for sharing your photos!

  6. Hi Karen.. You always know just how to arrange things even your George... smile..
    Love your penny rug... Soooo much stitching... Wonderful..
    Sorry it is so hot down your way..

  7. Hey Karen,

    Love your penny rug runner...such rich colors! That's so pretty!

    And George looks great there!


  8. Karen I love that new penny rug runner! Your stitching is always so neat.George looks wonderful where you have him.Hugs,Jen

  9. Hi Karen...
    I live about an hour away from the Route 66 Antique Mall....I didn't even know it was there...I am going to have to go and check that out ASAP!!!

  10. Your penny rug is BEAUTIFUL! what a useful way to make good use of car time!! I wish I would be that organized next trip I make!

  11. Karen,

    behind on my blog reading, but the penny rug, love it!!!! OLM

  12. Hey Karen!! I got your getting back to you and hopefully this time we'll connect!!
    Love that George Washington print, George & Abe are favorites of mine. I made a set of cupboard prints of them that I have together on a wall in my living room...they just say colonial!
    You're penny rug is great, wish I could stitch in the car but I'd get sick! I'll talk to you later ~Kriss~

  13. Karen, I love George where you have put him. Love the bonnets, too. Maureen is so sweet. I'm off to check out the links you posted. It cooled off a little here, I'm hoping it did for you as well. Love your penny rug, the colors are great.

  14. Ooooh Karen, do you have a crush on George too ???? I love him and I love your penny rug...gorgeous. I gotta learn how to make those. What a great take-along for a long car trip !


  15. That Penny rug is awesome! Question: Is that felt or what? Just curious!

  16. Hi Karen,
    I finally had a minute to check out the Country Freckles tab you put on. I have to say I love the story about you looking at your own penny rug and thinking the stitching isn't that great. That is too funny! What a great story and what an amazing store. And I love the name, too!
    I think George look great over your prim cupboard. :)
    And your penny rug made me drool on my keyboard a little...
    Have a great day!

  17. I just love the penny table runner. All the colors in it allow the runner to go in any room. :)



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