Monday, July 25, 2011

Two New Tabs - George is on the wall!

Good afternoon on this AGAIN hot and humid day.
I turned off the air this morning but it only stayed off for a couple hours...the air coming in the windows was horrible so back on it went.  I was hoping for a reprieve today but guess not.
So I'm doing the best thing on a hot day...posting,
reading blogs and sewing on an order.

I POSTED THREE NEW TABS at the top of my blog.

COUNTRY FRECKLES...a fantastic Prim/Colonial shop in Wisconsin
~ Click the photo to be taken to the page ~

RT. 66 ANTIQUES...wonderful Prim Antiques in Missouri 
~ Click the photo to be taken to the page ~

~ Click on picture to be taken to the page ~


I finally got my GEORGE picture up on a wall - not where it was
intended to go but will do for now - I actually like it here now
But in time it will go over the fireplace

Oh I have to say a huge THANK YOU to MAURINE from Stitchen House of Prims:
She sent me a wonderful thank you package for some books I sent her...naturally I got the best of the bargain!
I now have one of her wonderful hand made bonnets - it's a wonderful rich Brown and those two Herb bags are awesome sizes - the Herbs are cross-stitched on.

And last for today my Penny Runner I'm partially finished with.
When we traveled last week it gave me something to do in the car.

I just have to back it now and it's good to go.

And a huge thank you for those who participated in my sale
It was more than a success...there are only a few items left.
I'll keep them up in the tab for a bit more but then will close it.
Maybe later I will have more things to sell when I unpack boxes.

Guess that's all I have for now