Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple Decorating – Lots of Stockings -

This week Doug and I took Tuesday and Wednesday and got the rest of our decorating finished.
It was a rough go for me but I would do a little and rest then go back and do more.
And Dan (son) and  Jamie came over Wednesday night and we made candy so now I’m set I think.
Jamie also came over last week and put lights on the trees, did the fireplace and the stairway…she’s the best!!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) our family and my brother’s family will be here for our semi-annual family get together. I’m making the ham and potatoes and they’re bringing the rest. Then of course our whole family will be here on Christmas afternoon/evening.

I mentioned a stockings didn’t I?
Well last week I won a give-away at The Stone House Prims 
Kendra was giving away the cutest Prim stocking garland and I won!!!  it was wrapped so pretty too. I hung it on my fireplace.
She really put a smile on my face….

(Remember you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger)
Stockings winnings 
Thank You Kendra!!!

And…just when I was in the middle of my painful week, another package came from dear sweet Tammy of
It couldn’t have arrived at a better time to pick me up- what a surprise!
I put them on my linen rack until I got the little fireplace up in the screenroom…aren’t they cute???
Stockings from Tammy
screen room fireplace
Thank you Tammy!!!
These girls must know I’m an easy mark for stockings…I have a stocking tree in my screen room so they fit in very nicely.
(This is last years screen room stocking tree but it’s decorated the same this year)
SR Tree

So on with the decorating – simple as it is it’s finished – couldn’t do much more and didn’t want to do much more.
Our back porch…we need some real snow instead of this cotton – it blew in the wind before I could take the picture and doesn’t look very fluffy I see….
Back porch 1  2011
Kitchen Tree
Kitchen 1
Mitten Box
Above cabinets 2 
Candy cane bowl
Candy canes 

Family Room…
family room 1 
Family Room 2011

My dear little Charley Brown tree…I was a bit concerned when I brought the tree home and it sat here all bare…and I wanted to use my Mercury ornaments on it but only had a few so a trip to the shops here proved futile – we don’t have a large selection of stores. So I ended up filling in with Walmart ornaments and some from Target. I must say I am very pleased. It all fell into place as I started decorating it. It’s a combination of Mercury, Gold and Silver.  The people I thought would not like the tree just love it so I think I’m good with it too!
Christmas Tree 2011

Christmas Tree



Dining Room…
Front Door 
Bowl Rack
DR tree 1 
Dinng room 2 
Dinng room 3
Dining Room 1  2011 

Den 2011
Snowman in bowl
desk 1 
Blue table 1

Bowl rack den

Screen Room
screen room scene
screen room fireplace
So that’s my decorating – I didn’t get the yard pictures taken yet…maybe if we get some snow or if Doug will take them I will put them on later this week. And as I look back on these photos I see I use mostly greens and berries to decorate – never really noticed till I saw the photos.

I also received a wonderful Christmas gift in the mail from my friend in PA (Linda).
Gifts from Linda
She sent a huge box full of goodies…Scentsy’s tart melts, Battery Candle, Reindeer, Chocolates!
One thing was a toilet tank box – now I know it goes on the back of the toilet but for now I'm using it on the bathroom counter.

Our family Christmas on Saturday…
Family  1 2011
Aidan wearing his uncles boots…
Aidan boots 

Baby found a basket to crawl into after everything was done…
Baby in basket

Now if I missed anything I can’t really think what it is because not much has happened here lately.
I pray I didn’t leave anyone out of being thanked for something… my head is kind of fuzzy now and then.

Have a wonderful Christmas to all my blog friends, follower and all others that come and visit now and then.

Merry Christmas