Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple Decorating – Lots of Stockings -

This week Doug and I took Tuesday and Wednesday and got the rest of our decorating finished.
It was a rough go for me but I would do a little and rest then go back and do more.
And Dan (son) and  Jamie came over Wednesday night and we made candy so now I’m set I think.
Jamie also came over last week and put lights on the trees, did the fireplace and the stairway…she’s the best!!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) our family and my brother’s family will be here for our semi-annual family get together. I’m making the ham and potatoes and they’re bringing the rest. Then of course our whole family will be here on Christmas afternoon/evening.

I mentioned a stockings didn’t I?
Well last week I won a give-away at The Stone House Prims 
Kendra was giving away the cutest Prim stocking garland and I won!!!  it was wrapped so pretty too. I hung it on my fireplace.
She really put a smile on my face….

(Remember you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger)
Stockings winnings 
Thank You Kendra!!!

And…just when I was in the middle of my painful week, another package came from dear sweet Tammy of
It couldn’t have arrived at a better time to pick me up- what a surprise!
I put them on my linen rack until I got the little fireplace up in the screenroom…aren’t they cute???
Stockings from Tammy
screen room fireplace
Thank you Tammy!!!
These girls must know I’m an easy mark for stockings…I have a stocking tree in my screen room so they fit in very nicely.
(This is last years screen room stocking tree but it’s decorated the same this year)
SR Tree

So on with the decorating – simple as it is it’s finished – couldn’t do much more and didn’t want to do much more.
Our back porch…we need some real snow instead of this cotton – it blew in the wind before I could take the picture and doesn’t look very fluffy I see….
Back porch 1  2011
Kitchen Tree
Kitchen 1
Mitten Box
Above cabinets 2 
Candy cane bowl
Candy canes 

Family Room…
family room 1 
Family Room 2011

My dear little Charley Brown tree…I was a bit concerned when I brought the tree home and it sat here all bare…and I wanted to use my Mercury ornaments on it but only had a few so a trip to the shops here proved futile – we don’t have a large selection of stores. So I ended up filling in with Walmart ornaments and some from Target. I must say I am very pleased. It all fell into place as I started decorating it. It’s a combination of Mercury, Gold and Silver.  The people I thought would not like the tree just love it so I think I’m good with it too!
Christmas Tree 2011

Christmas Tree



Dining Room…
Front Door 
Bowl Rack
DR tree 1 
Dinng room 2 
Dinng room 3
Dining Room 1  2011 

Den 2011
Snowman in bowl
desk 1 
Blue table 1

Bowl rack den

Screen Room
screen room scene
screen room fireplace
So that’s my decorating – I didn’t get the yard pictures taken yet…maybe if we get some snow or if Doug will take them I will put them on later this week. And as I look back on these photos I see I use mostly greens and berries to decorate – never really noticed till I saw the photos.

I also received a wonderful Christmas gift in the mail from my friend in PA (Linda).
Gifts from Linda
She sent a huge box full of goodies…Scentsy’s tart melts, Battery Candle, Reindeer, Chocolates!
One thing was a toilet tank box – now I know it goes on the back of the toilet but for now I'm using it on the bathroom counter.

Our family Christmas on Saturday…
Family  1 2011
Aidan wearing his uncles boots…
Aidan boots 

Baby found a basket to crawl into after everything was done…
Baby in basket

Now if I missed anything I can’t really think what it is because not much has happened here lately.
I pray I didn’t leave anyone out of being thanked for something… my head is kind of fuzzy now and then.

Have a wonderful Christmas to all my blog friends, follower and all others that come and visit now and then.

Merry Christmas


  1. Your home is very pretty. Prayer lifted you will be feeling better. Blessings!

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well but the decorating you have done so far looks wonderful! Where ever did you get the tapers and holders hanging in each of the dining room windows?! They are so clever.

    We have mercury ornaments on the tree in our bedroom. i found almost all of them at Hobby Lobby.

  3. Hi Karen,
    First off, it absolutely breaks my heart that you are suffering with pain.
    I'm going to be praying hard and sending you positive thoughts that you get some relief soon.

    Please take it easy and don't push yourself too hard. I know sometimes that is easier said than done, but try.

    Everything looks amazing!!
    Your gorgeous home always fills me with so much inspiration.
    Love the Charlie Brown tree!
    It turned out perfect!

    I'm so glad you liked your little surprise package.
    They look so cute where you put them.

    Congratulations on your win.
    Wow it looked almost too pretty to unwrap, almost.

    Love that snowman on your porch!
    So cute.
    And the fake snow is such a cute idea.

    Big hug sweetie!

  4. Hello Karen-
    Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you can find some relief soon!
    You have a Beautiful home. Love all your displays and decorating.
    Congratulations on all your goodies you recieved. Love those little stockings.

  5. Hi Karen.My prayers are with you that if you have to have surgery it will go smoothly,and you will heal quickly.
    Your home is absolutely gorgeous!Simply gorgeous.I smiled at every picture.
    I thought of you when I got my tree pillow out from last year.It still sits in the bear's arms.Remember the bear is made from my precious daddy's wool army coat.
    I have the skating santa next to me here at my desk in my office.
    The jingle bell tree is in my bathroom and looks great upon a cupboard.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Karen.Take good care of yourself and keep us posted.
    Our son will be in one week from today.He is going to Finland for work then flying on in home for Christmas.I cannot wait to see him...Blessings to you and your family...Becky

  6. Karen,
    I think you need to come and decorate The Stone House! Everything looks wonderful, especially the stockings hung on the fireplace ;).

    I had no idea you were hurting so badly, I am so sorry. I am adding you to my prayer list.


  7. Karen,
    I would like to send healing wishes and prayers for you! Being in constant pain is so hard to deal with. It sounds like you have a marvelous attitude despite it all which will help you through this!
    I LOVE LOVE your decorating and your simple use of greens throughout your gorgeous home! Thank-you so much for sharing! Even though it looks like we'll be having a brown Christmas here too this year..... the decorations help a lot in lending some Christmas cheer!
    Our snow looks like a dusting of powdered sugar!! I guess it's better than none!
    May your season be filled with special blessings and healing!
    Cathy G

  8. Karen,
    Your Christmas decorating is just beautiful!! I love everything.
    What wonderful goodies you got from some great friends.
    Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling very well...keeping you in my prayers.

  9. Hi Karen~

    Lovely pictures of your home. Love that Charlie Brown tree.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  10. What lovely pics of your home~ I esp. love the Santa suit! Cute idea!

    Hope you feel better real soon!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I've been holding you close in thought and prayer my friend....and hoping to hear some hopeful news in all this. I now pause all that and beg on bended knee for you to come and make my home look HALF as gorgeous as yours....and I will be forever a happy crow. Oh my HECK - what you do and how you do it is just GORGEOUS!! Congratulations on your wonderful win from Kendra - and your sweet surprise from Tammy - I'd say you do stockings well-er than anyone. And that tank tray is so, so, sweet...haven't seen those before! Take care sweet friend - and wishing you a joy-filled weekend. Smiles & Best Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Hi Karen, Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you will be better soon. Your home looks amazing, love it!

  13. Praying for healing! Hope you are able to enjoy the family gatherings.You amaze me at what you were able to accomplish! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Wishing you Christmas Blessings with family and friends ~Sara

  14. Sending strong healing thoughts your way! I am blown away by the charm and beauty of your home. Everything is lovely and you make it look so comfy and homey! I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your upcoming celebrations.

  15. Karen , your home is beautiful and you've decorated it in a comfortable and cozy style.
    I would feel so at home there.

    What wonderful friends you have!

    Merry, merry!

  16. Hi Karen, Your home and decor is so warm and inviting. I so enjoyed the visit. Sorry to hear you are still battling that pain. Will send up a prayer you will be able to enjoy your family and the holiday. Love your winnings from Kendra, and your gift from Tammy and your friend. Love the toilet board. Haven't seen that one. Such a great idea. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Karen your decorations were well worth waiting on. Everything is beautiful. I used more greenery and berries this year too. My holly tree outdid itself for me.Those stockings from Tammy are so neat.(I have some too) Love them. Praying your pain will subside.

  18. Your home looks lovely Karen. I love the mercury glass, gold and silver ornaments on the Charlie Brown tree.

  19. Karen~ Your decorations are gorgeous , as always! Such eye candy! I will come back and look again and again! Thanks for the inspiration! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday! Hope you enjoy your family time and that it;s painfree!


  20. Karen I am so sorry that you are in so much pain.Praying that you find some relief and are restored back to your old self soon!As usual your home is absolutely stunning!Love the different variety of trees and decorations that you use.Great goodies that you received in the mail too.Christmas Blessings,Jen

  21. Hi Karen,

    I am so sorry your back is still bothering you. It's no fun being in pain all the time.

    Your home looks wonderful as always - how nice to have some help with it. I love how fresh greens add so much!!

    Wishing you and yours the wonder and magic of Christmas!!


  22. Karen,
    My Christmas wish for you is to be pain free.

    Your home looks beautiful, I loved the post it was better than any Christmas mags I have seen. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your Christmas decorating.
    Merry Christmas,

  23. I love all your trees! Your pictures are just wonderful, you have a beautiful home.
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Hi Karen,
    I'm so sorry to hear you still in so much pain..Your in my thoughts and prayers and if I could I would gladly take the pain away..Your to much of a sweetheart to be dealing with all that pain..Praying it subsides so you can enjoy the holidays..
    Love all your Christmas decor,absolutely beautiful as always....
    Best wishes and take care..
    Merry Christmas,

    Prim hugs,

  25. Love you wonderful decorating..inside and out. Glad you got to use your beautiful mercury ornaments.

    I wish you and Doug a very Merry Christmas with many wonderful blessings for the new year.

    Here's hoping your back will be better for all of 2012.


  26. Just Breath Taking Karen..I hope that you find time to sit back and enjoy your work.
    I'm sorry to hear that you too are suffering with pain. My thoughts & prayers are with you.. Thank you for stopping by and sending prayers my way..

    I absolutely love the Fire Place with Santa's Bag and Outfit how adorable is that!!

    Have a wonderful time with your family.

    Christmas Hugs & Blessings

  27. Karen, I just loved seeing your home all decked for the holiday. Just beautiful!! Hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy your holiday with your family!!!

  28. karen,

    everything looks great! I am right there with you, it took so much more time this year to do things! UGH! they lied to us, 3 years, my butt... back is killing me these days... I don't know what I am going to do. I so hope you are feeling better and have a Wonderful CHRISTMAS! my friend! OLM

  29. you must be a special lady to get so many wonderful gifts! :)
    If I bring gingerbread coffee cake can I come over and sit and stare at your beautful home? :) tee hee
    Today I visited a 3 story barn (prim store) and ended up in the top loft just sitting and staring at the primliciousness ! (that and i had to nurse my baby! haha)
    Your home is gorgeous!

  30. Hi, Karen, I'm sorry to hear that you are still having so much pain. You certainly wouldn't know by looking at all your wonderful decorating. I love everything! and hardly know where to start...the Charlie Brown tree with ornaments is so neat, I see you have that neat 1806 print on your couch, I wish I had that. I also like how you have created an entry way by using that neat pie safe/cupboard. The way you stage everything so prim is just perfect. Love it!!!!
    Merry Christmas,

  31. Such Christmas love!!
    Beautiful Friend.
    Saying a little prayer for you and hoping you are feeling better.
    Christmas Love

  32. Your home is just so beautiful and warm. I want to come live there!!! Love the family photo!

  33. Everything looks amazing Karen. SO pretty!

    What a lovely family picture you took!

    LOL at Baby in the basket. Happy kitty.

    Merry Christmas!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  34. Karen: WOW! What great decorating! I LOVE IT! Everything from the stocking garland, the Charlie Brown Trees, the stockings on the D.R. chairs and the entire Family room, not to mention the rest of the house. Thank you for sharing and showing us some new areas of your beautiful home: especially the prim cabinet in the kitchen - don't think you'd want me to try it in my house would you? I'll pay the shipping! LOL
    And your little Aiden: I have a similar picture of my (only) grandson in his Grand father's boots when he was only 3 or so. So cute! (We got him his own boots that Christmas along with a "Cowboy" belt buckle and I made him a suede vest and plaid shirt.) What fun those years are. (He turns 20 this year!) LOL
    Have a happy and blessed Christmas and enjoy that wonderful family of yours!

  35. Karen ~ I'm still praying for you...just believe you will be completely healed. I am. You are truely blessed to have so many wonderful friends(lovely gifts). Hugs to Doug and the rest of the family for all the help in make your home festive for the holidays. GORGEOUS, indeed it is!!! Love the simple greens and berries. They really brought out all of your Wonderful prims throughout your home. I truely Love it. Your home is one of my favorites.

    Aidan is just Adorable in those BOOTS!!! :D Wonderful family too.

    Thanks so much for inviting us into your Beautiful home once more. You never disappoint.

    Wishing you and yours a Blessed CHRISTmas and a NEW YEAR filled with Love Happiness and Remarkable Health.

    Marlene :)
    p.s. I'm taking notes on the mercury....Love this look. ;)

  36. Karen, everything is beautiful! So glad you had some help. Your Charlie Brown tree turned out awesome. I think of you often and have been keeping you in my prayers.
    Christmas blessings,

  37. Beautiful photos Karen. It is hard to believe we have NO snow isn't it? !!

    Wondering how you doctor up your photos, do you use picnik?

    I like the softening. I am inspired to pull out my trencher. I forgot about it. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  38. Karen ~
    Everything looks lovely ~ so warm and inviting.
    LOVE your family photo. How wonderful to have so much family!
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugs :)

  39. Your home is beautifully decorated Karen. I hope you are feeling better soon. Merry Christmas! Mary

  40. Oh, your house is so lovely. I love every piece and corner of it. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas. -Steph-

  41. Karen your home is so beautiful!!! Everything is just prim perfect. I'm so sorry to hear your back is acting up I hope you feel better soon. I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!! :)

    Christmas Blessings,

  42. Karen, I'm so sorry to hear you're still suffering so much pain! You would never guess by looking at your decorating. I apparently have a thing for stockings too. Didn't realize until this year that I've accumulated quite a few over the past couple of years! Your decorating all looks so perfect and festive and it looks like a fun and memorable family gathering! ~Roberta

  43. Oh, my your photos of your home and decorating took my breath away.
    I've got to show my DH the family room for when he starts downstairs on the renovations. It's just the kind of home that says "family" and "love" when you peek inside.
    I hope whatever you're going through passes and that you get over your pain.
    Merry Christmas,

  44. Sorry you haven't been feeling well! Glad you had some help with your decorating. I would love to have some help other than my 6 year old but he does have fun and enjoys spending time with me so I try not to complain too much, haha.

    Adorable stockings and they are perfect for your screen room with the stocking tree!

    Karen, all of your Christmas decorating is beautiful! I see lots of pictures I need to "pin". =]

    What a wonderful family picture! I'm sure that was a fun time with lots of laughs and memories being made.

    Take it easy now. Relax and get rested up for the next gathering. Merry Christmas, my dear friend~

  45. Karen, you sure do have a beautiful home!
    Sorry to hear that you have'nt been feeling well.
    I hope all is well with you and you are feeling better by Christmas. Take care and enjoy the Holidays.
    Merry Christmas!


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